The new commander at the Met really is doing his best to ensure violence. Commander Pountain has now said the Met will DISPERSE demonstrators at London Wall at 5.30pm. This is bound to lead to trouble – so blame COMMANDER FUCKWIT POUNTAIN and his boss. Swaggering bullies with their bullets ansd armoured cars determined to show off too Theresa May how tough they are – no nonsense types. Well..they’ll have to do the same on November 23rd and 30th – by which time the cracks will show.


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    If this is the case, then the game plan is to attack not only St.Pauls but also Finsbury Square- because where else will thousands of people disperse to? In the Met’s ‘Information for Businesses’, they plainly state the demo will end at 6pm…However, London Wall is a fucking rat run, so I doubt if the demo will even get that far, the cops know this, and know that we know it, so expect trouble earlier…

  2. b

    3 minutes ago: “At present there is no intention to use baton rounds on today’s demonstrations”, say the Metropolitan Police on Twitter.

    What – you mean as if we might think they brought them with the intent to use them? Talk about protesting too much.

  3. martin

    Protest,dispersion,violence, moral outrage, enquiry, commons statements,new laws and then protest etc etc this is exactly what thwy want!!! you are correct Ian what a fuckwitt he truly is…..

  4. i hope people get the police intimidation and violence filmed.
    i suppose they will be beating people about the head as usual.

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