I joined the electricians at the Shard. Amazing how long it’s been to be in the middle of workers taking industrial action – very pasionate speech from some Liverpudlian miltant who all there seemed to know and love! Huge numbers of cops changing into riot gear and being well and truly mocked by construction workers on the Shard. All the cops seemed to have been issued with tons of gadgets and glucose drinks and sweets. I get the impression Hogan Howe is going to be a big hit with rank sand file copper by looking after them.

Watch the march come through Trafalgarsquare surrounded by phalanxes of cops at back and front and led by the mounties…….the mobile kettle refusing to let people leave the march. Most of the march seemed to be university students – there was a noticeable absence of the younger school students who’d made the earlier demonstrations so vibrant. Could be that the EMA issue no longer resonates- they realise it’s not coming back and the other slogans about privatisation of education are too vague to inspire.  I think also most school students didn’t even know about the march and little work was done outside universities. I also think it wasn’t the rubber bullets that kept people away but the prospect of getting 18 months – 2 years for violent disorder for just kicking a fence or throwing a piece of placard in the direction of the cops – as happened last week. See the plaintive comment on here from a mum woriied sick about her 17 year old in prison for first time, getting beaten up. Most people will know of someone similar. On a positive side the class content of lots of slogans about Etonian cabinet ministers destroying education  maintains my belief that the Eton campaign will resonate next year if we can match it with imaginative tactics.

It’s been a funny year of ups and downs. This was a downer – Hogan Howe won hands down. But happily theres a re-match on November 30th  with many more people on our side. I also think Hogan Howe will make sure there are no more occupations leaving St.Pauls isolated and unable to grow. But its still there as some sort of focal point of resistence. I listened to Billy Bragg waffle on about ‘accountability’ and sing the Internationale. I missed Peggy Seeger – shame – and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine turned up to play. Bianca Jagger cant be far off.

We’ve all got some thinking to do comrades………but old thinking involving surprise, staying mobile and keeping off the main demo didn’t evolve for no reason.


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    A workmate tells me that there was a set-to between the Sparks and the Old Bill..Any word on this one, possible, redeeming feature of yesterday’s events?

  2. rogerglewis

    Thanks for the Thoughts Ian I watched a live stream from the St Pauls occupation last night seems the corporation are getting Legal and eviction process could start fairly soon. The students were evicted from an attempted occupation of Trafalgar square all broadcast live on the Live stream of LSX and Russia Today. I hope to join with you on one of the marches and make the trip over from Sweden If I can make the 30th I’ll be there.
    “Tierra y Libertad”

  3. UuOoBb

    Regarding staying mobile and keeping off the main demo.
    At the beginning of Fleet Street where the demo was supposed to turn into Fetter Lane there was a massive police barricade with horses behind it. It was set up there becuase the pigs knew the people would want to go to St Pauls and Blackfriars to meet with Sparks. Even if 10000 turned up as was expcted that barricade would be impossible to take. Yet the demo decided to push in that direction.
    At that point the police also stopped the horses at the head of the demo in New Fetter Lane and kept people there for an hour. Pressure, intimdation. tiring out. Black Bloc finally broke through that line and run through Holborn – great!
    But at that time narrow part of Fetter Lane straight up north was open to HIgh Holborn. The ketlle wasn’t completely closed. Seems like a waste of energy to push on a police line when you can just go around it.
    All in all, I think that point on the route was set up by the pigs to provoke the demo, contain it and tire people out and it worked.

  4. climate action

    “Numerous undercover police (dressed, badly, as protesters) within the body of the march extracted, often violently, those they want to arrest. This change of tactic may be due to a new top cop in charge, may be a one-off strategy to prevent another Millbank or maybe the first outing of a new and potentially far-reaching approach to policing major demonstrations”

    • plod

      They are NOT undercover if they are openly making arrests and willing to display badges. Undercover means you assume a new identity and occurs over many months and not on a one off demoa. Undercover means youre there to gather evidence and not to make arrests. Plain clothes police? yes, as plain clothes will happiiy identify themselves as police and are there to arrest anyone breaking the law. Frankly if you don’t expect there to be plain clothes police anywhere there is a crowd then you would have to be pretty thick and thus would deserve everything you got.

      • plod, just a kettling has gained currency over the official technical term containment, i don’t think we should be afraid of designating all coppers in plain clothes as undercover regardless of the technical role. Undercover suggest their activities are covert, pretending to be something they are not and with a disguised proactive agenda. Freedom is happy continue to use the phrase undercover for all coppers on demonstartions in plain clothes. Although the article you refer to was actually written by N9 Anarchist Bloc
        Original article here:

      • INCUBUS

        On Secret Policemen and history being terribly unkind towards them:-
        ‘The AVO (Allamvedelmi Osztaly) was Hungary’s State Security Agency a much hated and much feared secret police. The work of the AVO was one of the main causes of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising. During this uprising, men known to be in the AVO were publicly lynched in Budapest in front of large crowds and money stuffed into their mouths. ‘
        Romania 1989:-
        ‘With this, the army swung violently against the Securitate, and just after Milea’s execution, soldiers began to lynch Securitate members in the street.’

  5. Anonymous

    clever tactics from the cops and this demo was worth them smothering with a costly policying operation – it was going to be a trigger and momentum gatherer to further demos and unrest if it was big enough, fun enough, free enough etc.

    i don’t think they’ll throw these sort of resources at every demo from now on though.


    Hmmm…On Nov 30, Man City will be playing Arsenal at Highbury, and Liverpool is also due to play another London team…The Met will be stretched and Kenny Dalgleish is worried….

  7. mcauter

    in the morning sparks pushed through police lines to leave the pavement and block the road by the pinacle, bit of argy bargy again to continue off afterwards, then the cops ‘facillitated’ i.e tight mobile kettled the march.

    after the blackfriars sparks went to join the students, police tried to stop, was argy bargy which resulted in a hundred or so sparks being kettled. for at least an hour id say.

  8. Anonymous

    Sounds like the thin blue line is spiralling out of control into obesity – which according to wikipedia may have an adverse effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy.
    At this rate its unsustainable and by round 7-8 the towel will need chucking in, unless they succumb to to a KO beforehand.

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