Next Thursday Channel 4 is showing ‘the Queen’s cousins’  – about Katherine Bowes-Lyon  and her sister the  queen’s cousins incarcerated in an asylum in Surrey since 1941, one now dead but the other aged 85 still living in a care home in Redhill – neglected and never visited and declared dead years ago by Burkes peerage on information supplied by the royal family.
 Here’s a photo of Katherine Bowes-Lyon showing her likeness to the queen herself. Until 2002 the Royals did not even provide their close relative with her own underwear leave alone visit her.

In the late 80’s I wrote an article for Class War  – entitled ‘Is this the real queen’ about Katherine Bowes-Lyon saying their was some evidence that Katherine  – born the same year as the queen –  was in fact the real queen and had been swapped at birth when the royals -Queen mother and future King george  – realised that their own child was – in their words – ‘mentally defective.’  The two cousins were borne ten weeks apart Yes yes – I Know  – sounds bonkers. The story was ignored of course and I’m not one for conspiracy theories but the story is worth a look in the week of the documentary. It is included in ‘ Decade of Disorder’ the Class war  compilation book published by Verso — if anyone can can download and stick online that would be great. It might yet be the scoop of the century – or not!You can still pick up copies of’  Decade of Disorder’ from Amazon.

The Bowes-Lyon family had form for this type of thing: Thomas Bowes-Lyon directly related to our future Queen Mother was borne with great physical disabilities and imprisoned in Glamis Castle for the rest of his life

News of  his survival appears to have started in local villages as the result of an account by the midwife (whose name was not recorded). The  child was alleged to have been in rude health when the midwife left, causing suspicion when his death was announced a day or two later. The child Thomas has no gravestone, a matter which tends to support the initial rumours. (Thomas had been baptised as a Christian on birth.)

He was said to have been nursed through infancy in secret and later confined in one of Glamis Castle’s many (and several are known) secret rooms. This part of the story of Thomas did not become current until the 1960s, when family accounts were first published.



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  1. Keith

    Royalty/Higher Nobility until recent times were shipping off disabled kids/relatives to out of sight care villages (now Self Unlimited), Steiner schools, properties in the remote Irish countryside. The shame of it – cannot have a repeat of Georgie 3.

  2. Dave

    I’ll scan the story from Decade of Disorder later Ian, when my hangover has subsided…

  3. y


    is quite interesting on the beast story. A clan slaughter at the castle getting re-told as a monster may be more likely.

  4. Spotted Dick from 'ackney Wick

    I am the father of a disabled child, and I love her more than my own life. So this story has always been one of the most unhappy aspects of British culture for me, the Royals are responsible for perpetuating shame and guilt towards the parents of special children by their reprehensible treatment of their own children. The whole of British society has consequently hated children (like the offshore banking-haven culture it is); look at Barnardo’s, set up to illegally snatch children (‘philanthropic abduction’ ) and send them off to Australia to be abused right up until the 1970s, now it has stepped forward to help the government detain asylm-seeker’s children in ‘family removal camps’ despite every other charity refusing to have anything to do with the scheme. There are so many easily accessible protest targets for us everywhere right now; children’s charities doing nothing to speak out about benefit cuts; housing association boardrooms falling over themselves to evict their tenants and jack-up rents; regulators queuing up to enact class hatred laws for the Coalition; all of their offices can be picketed, but instead of any constructive discussion on here about selecting and rallying outside them and ramping up the pressure, all I’ve seen on here is pixel-ink wasted by the cyber-bucketload on discussions about ‘Carry on Middle-Class Camping’ outside St Pauls (and they’re not even protesting about St Pauls or the Church of England!) – with the honourable exception of Ian himself leading a protest against the Eton AGM.

    • Keith

      I recently saw “Oranges & Sunshine” about the aftermath of kids snatched & sent to work camps in Oz (it cost the state 10 bob a day per child instead of 5 quid in UK orphanages). Gut-wrenching.

  5. fluffy kittens

    The child rearing practices of the upper classes, such as packing them off to public schools, leave no great example for the rest of society..
    It’s like they hate themselves.

  6. Ma\y

    How cruel to shut away and hide the disabled as if they are a secret to be ashamed of. The only ‘monsters’ in the Thomas Bowes-Lyon case were those who shut him away. I’ve no problem with packing the Royals off to the Tower for their crimes against us but not because of disability.

  7. braap braap

    Institutionalising the mentally ill or infirm was common place until the care in the community revolution, let’s not be too pious.

    • Dave

      And was telling Burke’s Peerage they were dead also common place?

    • Keith

      Facilities for the working class mentally/intellectually disabled were like apartheid townships largely until the 80s, although some exist as broken up semi deserts with occasional modern units constructed amongst the ruins. We know about the pre-war toxic treatments (mercury), Eugenics influenced sterilisations & ECT, about how children went to school within these communities & the random indifference to individual need. One psychiatric hospital was the terminus of a branch line. I’m not suggesting cattle trucks, but the approach to this final terminus has similarities to the approach to Auschwitz.

  8. Greg

    Identity theft of a person with learning difficulties. Can they stoop any lower ? Then again spot the difference. We need the Royal Mental Defective Correspondent ‘that dreadful man’, Nicholas Witchell on the case

  9. Anonymous

    I worked as a porter in one of the asylums in the 70s. I got a bit involved with an anti-psychiatry group there. We had any number of women who’d fallen pregnant in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and had been locked up ever since. I haven’t thought about this for a long time but by god I’m still fucking angry,


    Capitalism, wage slavery, patriarchal and matriarchal power are the engines of mental illness, silently damaging thousands of minds…Forensic psychology has a new product with which to stifle dissent- ‘Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) includes excessive, often persistent anger, frequent temper tantrums or angry outbursts, and disregard for authority’…

    Let’s not forget the revolting Institutional paedophilia that goes on in so-called ‘special schools’ and ‘care’ homes involving freemasons, cops, magistrates and local businessmen up and down this country…

    Nor the work of the comrades of M@Dpride:-

  11. Greg

    Lydon knew and gave us a clue

    And our figurehead
    Is not what she seems

    Oh God save history
    God save your mad parade

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks for the madpride link Incubus. Edgar Broughton still around? Bless him, It’s been a few decades but I feel it may be time to exorcise the Houses of Parliament once more. OUT DEMONS OUT! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce-v2EyG52Y

  13. The Executrioner from Class War

    Bollocks to all the fucking Royal parasites, let em all be publicly executed by me

  14. Anonymous

    I dont know why im shocked at this maybe because its so upsetting and sick, the royals are always saying they are trying to help people who are suffering but clearly they dont care, these Freemasons need to be stopped oh more widely exposed for what they really are and all the sick things they do !!!

  15. yan tree

    i’m a registered learning disability nurse – and where i work is slated by local media, by management, by everybody…staff morale is the lowest its been for many a year…(and seriously, its always been low)…but the people with learning disabilities, brain damage, mental retardation….etc etc whichever label – have always been cared for with selfless determinism, and highest quality by the healthcares, and nurses…within and/or without asylums, large institutions….don’t believ all the pro ‘care in the community’ hype you read & regurgitate it.
    true there were some apparent flaws with larger institutions but there were some amazing opportunities they offered that can and will never be matched. by inclusion within the community.
    for my part I’m talking about those with severe learning difficulties often extreme challenging behaviours and possibly mental health issues also.
    rather than rant more I’ll carry on my night shift.
    here’s a link to the recent shit storm we’ve been attracting…btw most of the ‘news’ is a corrupted collage of disparrate stories cobbled together to make one news item! but what they say about the managers though….lolz


  16. Keith

    The vast hospital complexes & epilepsy colonies employed working class people, many trying to do a good job, but many caught into cycles of low wages & commodification of human beings. Cretin, idiot, lunatic, moron, imbecile & mongol have all be official pathologising terms in these institutions & pre-dated Social Darwinism (read proto-Nazism) & formal eugenics. Working people work in arms & “crowd control” technology factories also. Granted – Supported Living schemes are often near to being scams with the power relationships between support staff & isolated service users being unaddressed; personalised budgets are often sided to a professional working in the care needer’s “best interests” & that individual employs isolated minimum-waged personal assistants. It’s all part of Capitalism & the states & oppressive power structures that it owns & uses to war on the class interests of the masses, including those disabled, not so much by society, but the power elite.

  17. why is it after one of the royal parisites have a kid it takes six or seven hours till it is broadcast to the public are they checking to see if every
    thing is in place if not they are sent to the tower like those poor girls
    I have less time for the royals now.

  18. Peter

    The royal family knew fine well of the incarceration of their cousins a sin and so god will judge them they are not that high up are they. Peter

  19. Zainab

    Times change and so do attitudes. The royal family are the only ones who know the true story about Nerissa and Katherine. l watched a documentary on channel 4 about Nerissa and Katherine and l was horrified. l do hope that the remainder of Katherine’s life is spent, with the Royal family….Surely she
    deserves to be happy. The Royal family have the means to take care Katherine. l burst in tears when they said Nerissa and Katherine, would curtsy when they see the queen on tv.

  20. Joy Symmonmds

    I always knew the Queen Mother was self-centred, and covered up all of her mis-demeanours. She is not the only one of course, but I do think and hope the young men of today are more genuine. There are many truths to come to light given enough time. The Royals are renown for cruelty. Just remember Princess Margaret, King Geo.VI3. Why did they choose to smoke themselves to death??
    We should curtsey to Katherine, Not her fault, and seemingly a true LADY.

  21. L

    There are only three comments I wish to make here – firstly, there is no way that Elizabeth II was swapped at birth. She looks so much like her father. Secondly, I’ve watched the recent documentary on the sisters, and it is true that many years ago, that being put away was exactly how people like them were treated – I’m not saying it was right to do that. And finally, I’d have been more likely to take this article seriously if the spelling had been completely correct…

  22. Anonymous

    People’s reaction to this story is very strange. These girls were kept at home for far longer than was usual for severely handicapped children in those days. They were not royal but simply had an aunt who married into the royal family. Their father had been dead for over ten years when they went into a home with three of their cousins. Their mother continued to visit them during her lifetime and visits from people they didn’t know or recognise seem pointless and possibly distressing for them. As far as I’m aware these five cousins had no comprehensible speech at all and have been cared for by professionals throughout their adult lives.

  23. Bajan

    If you MARRY A MEMBER OF THE ROYAL FAMILY AND HAVE CHILDREN – THEN YOU ARE A ROYAL – –OFFICIALLY that’s what those pieces of paper are for OFFICIALDOM and legality. Those girls were treated horrendously!! but that’s indicative of the royal family -PERIOD and the Victorian era. Queen Victoria knew that her bloodline was full of child abusers and f**gots! they were told to hide and not to use their real names, just like their real names of saxburg gotha -german, ie Hitler etc. Under this era, queen Victoria not only made a woman’s world harder (tight corsets that disfigured women )but also made women the property of men through marriage. So men were allowed to be f**gots and dealing with little boys a-holes, have extra maritial affairs etc but also that a woman’s place was in the home! hence every time a woman had an idea for business it was given to a man and when a woman had the guts to set up on her own she hit the proverbial glass ceiling!
    Just look at the house of commons and the house of lords as proof! Every head of state in your country is a member of the royal family, and it started mostly with Henry the 8th sleeping with whores and having many wives, whose heads he cut off, changed the religion from roman catholic to church of England so he could carry on abusing women and children. before that it was prince eddy, queen Victoria’s grandson who was in fact jack the ripper, a fool and a f**got who slept with a whore and made her pregnant and from whom he claims gave him syphilis, so to get even he went around killing whores in the east end of London. We already know that Christopher Columbus had syphilis – this disease, shows up as green eyes, its blood born, it causes madness and deformities in children. Hence the madness of these two girls, Henry the 8th, Charles the 1st, George the 3rd and so on. They gave this illness to the black flying Tuskegee airmen in WW2 and many many native people around the world, DISEASE LEFT BRITIAN,coming from the bubonic plague,and given to the native american Indian, Aboriginies of Austrilia and all the other places the ROYAL FAMILY has conquered with their WARS!!.all the biblical films are from Roman times with the CRUSADES conquering other lands and peoples, Crucifying people on the crucifix (the cross) the sign in the English flag, the symbol of the red cross of off the war zone, the same cross that Jesus carried and died on.GET THE PICTURE! the old and defunct language of Latin is all over the highest courts in the land and they sentence anyone who doesn’t agree with them or fighting for their rights and lands, call them insurgents, terriorists etc while they invade and transplants their people and businesses in there. They always pay salve wages, their prices go up and your wage doesn’t -thats how we all stay poor in your own country. Now Hugo Chavas, Che Guavra, Fidel Castro all saw through this -the Queen and her minions and organisations (church, schools NGOs and even Hollywood)are still trying to find a way into these countries and tear them down. All original native people are still on the reservations with bad housing, food, medicine, drink and illegal drugs to make them go mad, shoot each other and keep them in a lowly position while ignoring their needs. British education is a farce, it never existed because it was all about WHITE SLAVERY, from the time the Romans came to England and named London, Londinium they have robbed and killed off the original clans and tribes of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. They transported the poverty stricken children to the colonies and abused them along with the natives. Then they gave the white man and woman power over their black, red and yellow counterparts and he abuse was horrendous. There were harsh and terrible conditions in England, child poverty and infant mortality was high and children as young as five had to work in coal mines and factories. Then it was wars, WW1 and 2. While taking taxes from everyone to build more weapons and technology for spying on the citizens of the colonies. They keep showing Robin Hood and Oliver twist on the TV showing even white children what used to happen in England but they still haven’t grasp the nettle. Now we have taxes on everything. Now you know why you can work forever and never get ahead. The royals are looking at you in your own home through the TV and tracking you with the mobile phones and your computers and all the information they get from it. As well as your mis-education in schools and the photographs all through school, as well as being born in their hospitals. All this information they have on you and your forebares, thats why they know WHO YOU ARE and where your wealth went…..and its all written down in legal documentation in their institutions!!!!!
    The Royal families and friends are parasitic lechees!!! from the top down.
    Thats history 101 for idiots

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