Top work by the comrades of the BRHG to open a new radical bookshop in Bristol…..http://www.hydrabooks.org/   …34 Old Market Bristol………..I can’t recall the last opening of a radical bookshop as opposed to closure. HYDRA opens on Saturday November 26th and to mark the event I will be doing a talk at 3pm – 5pm………………’1919 – year of revolution’……..I will place seven revolutionaries in that year……….Maria Spiridonova, Jaroslav Hasek, Gabriel D’Annunzio,Percy Fisher,Simon Radowitzgy, Gustav Landauer, Max Holz.

A huge crowd would be greatly appreciated comrades!  


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  1. Great news – best wishes to everyone there. Other shops that have opened this year include People’s Bookshop in Durham, specialising in second-hand labour history, and the nearly-opened Book Bloc in New Cross, expect they’re having some issues with their landlord, hopefully resolved soon.

  2. Guy

    Hopefully see you there on opening day.

  3. They have a website … http://www.hydrabooks.org/

    The photo is from the Old Market riot of 1932

    On February 23, 1932 some 3,000 unemployed engaged in running battles with the police as they tried to march down to the city centre, led by the National Unemployed Workers Movement. Police baton-charged protesters outside Trinity police station and along Old Market (according to Wikipedia)


      Very cool- It always strikes me how little info there is, visual and otherwise, of riots in the thirties, since all we ever get is the Jarrow workers trudging along hoping to upgrade their own exploitation…Well done Hydra Crew!

  4. Yes, ‘we are experiencing an upturn comrades’? Or is it ‘don’t count your chickens’? overall it’s a great contribution and very welcome, but there’s lots more to do. I’ve just been looking at auctions of property for Sunderland – so if anyones got a spare £40K let me know;)

  5. anonymous coward

    Good talk yesterday – Ian, I think you did well in a crowded, room with a very mixed audience. Not an easy environment to give a talk in.

    Best of luck to the Hydra bookshop – I’ll be popping in again soon and maybe there’ll be space to sit down next time!

  6. Anonymous

    anyone record the talk?

  7. harry

    and video for Ian Bone talk

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