*******Latest info from same source suggests rather a merger of EDL and BFP with EDL being the street organisation and BFP  its electoral wing:
Interesting article from Mathew Makhno on the Working Class Self organisation blogspot: I think Robinson has long wanted to enter electoral politics and would have taken a long look at UKIP before deciding the BFP was the vehicle in which he could remain top dog.
Tommy Robinson to leave the EDL for the British Freedom Party

It has been a badly kept secret, but Tommy Robinson is about to announce he is leaving the EDL to join a group of fascist cranks, the British Freedom Party.

Rumour has it that on Saturday 19th December at a meeting in Birmingham, Tommy Robinson the leader of the EDL is to announce that he is leaving the EDL to join the British Freedom Party. This has generally been a poorly kept secret and has been widely discussed EDL circles.

Apparently Robinson wants to get involved in electoral politics, and clearly does not see the EDL as the vehicle he needs. I will be very interested to what happens to the EDL name, rather than the individuals within in it. As Robinson created the EDL, I presume that he owns the name, website etc.

So, what becomes of the organisation? Robinson’s position within the EDL has appeared to become more and more untenable over the last few weeks. There are divisions withdrawing from the national organisation and calling themselves something different.

It is difficult to say what has led to Robinson abandoning the EDL. I suspect it is combination of two things. Firstly. The fact that the EDL going absolutely nowhere due to increasingly shrinking numbers on their national demonstrations. There was only three hundred at the last one. Secondly, the arrogance and grandiosity of Robinson, believing he is some kind of ‘man of the people’ and will have enough supporters and charisma to get himself elected.

After several years of denying being a fascist, he has gone and joined a party of fascist cranks, with a logo that Oswald Moseley would be proud of. Great stuff, he will fit into the political establishment perfectly as he is a bare faced liar.

The biggest implication of this for us is that several of the EDL divisions now appear to be pleased that they can lose the shackles of Robinson’s leadership. There are many who have made statements suggesting that now “we can be openly racist, and become “the street movement that we wanted to be”. The Liverpool Division have now left the national organisation and are vowing to change their focus. They are talking of an aggressive street campaign against the far left.


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  1. woodsy

    A quick whois look-up on reveals that the registrant is an outfit called Identity Protection Service who have a P O Box no in Godalming.

  2. b

    I hadn’t previously heard of the BFP. Another outfit that has a very shiny and well designed website, but shame about the content. They back the Jerusalem declaration. All about supporting Israel and upholding international law. Shurely shome mishtake? The whole site reeks of ‘ad agency’, probably written by students, including perhaps some whose first language isn’t English.

  3. martin

    i wish i had something witty to say Ian regarding this but the best i can come up with shit sticks and they are well suited “Tossers”………

  4. Anonymous

    Been watching the BFP for a while. They seem very keen on Geert Wilders and his VVD…

  5. Keith

    He’ll have a smaller, but much more ideological family of nutters. He might not spend as much time wallowing in the pub now. He has his liver to think about. He’ll have more time now that he’s delving deeper into crackpot obscurity.

  6. Spotted Dick from 'ackney Wick

    The chairman of the British Freedom Party is former UKIP candidate for City & Westminster Paul Weston, who describes himself as a ‘natural Conservative voter’ were it not for the Tories’ membership of the EU. Weston and Robinson appear to be mates already because Weston describes the ‘unflappable and indefatigable’ Robinson in glowing tones on his website in a diatribe about how the BBC is responsible for fascism rather than mass murderer Anders Breivik …

    “The BBC is only too aware that Breivik’s views on Cultural Marxism, mass immigration and Multiculturalism are shared by millions of Europeans and Britons … by getting the EDL leader Tommy Robinson onto Newsnight, (they hoped) the poor little lamb would be soundly taken apart and exposed by their Attack-Dog-In-Chief, Mr Jeremy Paxman.
    The gurning, grimacing Paxman (on Newsnight) went down all sorts of disingenuous trails in his quest to expose Tommy Robinson and the EDL as being somehow complicit in the actions of Breivik, but was bulldozed by the unflappable and indefatigable Tommy Robinson who took Paxman apart Here was a chance for the BBC to sit down and discuss a matter of supreme importance with an articulate and knowledgeable man who, unlike the gilded socialists, actually lives within a Muslim area, and who represents the views of millions of working class people the BBC class warriors profess to embrace, but unfortunately so rarely get to meet in the bijoux cafes and latte-drinking establishments of Islington, Hampstead and other such liberal environs.”

    So all typical UKIP-style sub-Clarkson toilet book obessions with liberal socialists, the EU, the BBC and multiculturalism … shame he couldn’t have slipped in something about petrol tax. The truth is this ‘new party’ like UKIP itself, and the Christian Party, the Jury Team, the English Democrats, Workers for England Traes Union, the National Bus-drivers Union, are all ‘paper-lantern’ political movements floated by secretive hedge-fund managers like Crispin Odey, whenever you read the manifestos of any of these parties you always find the same thing … a commitment to dismantle the NHS (because Odey Asset Management Hedge Fund owns vast private healthcare interests and want the NHS scrapped in favour of their investment vehicles).

    Not that anarchist groups are any better, for a long time they all got their funding secretly solely from rockstar moron EMI assets Chumbawumba rather than from a mass base amongst genuine working class people.

    • HammaDan

      All anarchists got all their funding solely from Chumbawamba?? fuck me I missed that handout.

      • INCUBUS

        No you didn’t, you probably benefited from the subsidising of the London Bookfair and AK Distribution…Which can either be seen as an epic subversion, or the completely obscene, hypocritical, unethical use of blood-money…But then again all money is tainted with exploitation and war…’We are all prostitutes ‘ etc. etc…

  7. I’m not sure if Tommy is damaging to the BFPs credibility or if its the other way around.
    I hadn’t heard of the BFP before this – i wouldn’t be surprised if some ex-EDL followed Tommy, cos the BNP seems to be on its arse at the moment.

  8. Dora Kaplan

    Robinson reckons the breakdown of the BNP has created a gap in the market, and he’s hoping that a re-branded, ‘user friendly’ fascist party will attract a larger constituency. I doubt it, though it largely depends on how much money he can lay his hands on. The whole thing’s probably funded by MI6 via Searchlight. There’s a lot of money and career milage (UK intelligence) tied up in keeping a formal, fascist movement going, not to mention the lucrative world of Trot/stalinist anti-fascsim. Anyway, it would be very interesting to get a list of Tommy’s donors.

    • Gitane

      Hit. Nail. Head. Dora ! The EDL has always had the fragrance of MI5 about it. The targets too convenient, the politics weak, the punitive reprisals half hearted, the rigorous absence of fascist paraphenalia, the Stella’d up white man in a van. Limp wristed british fascism hardly stands up to the real thing as in Italy, Sweden, Germany, Russia, France, Latin America etc. The pompous self importance of Searchlight. Definitely staged managed to identify political activists and anti state propogandists. Fuck me it don’t take a bloke in a raincoat or a Danish woman in a nice jumper to work this one out.

  9. Anonymous

    His MI5 handlers have got all they can out of the EDL.

  10. some info

    EDL Endorse British Freedom Party

    EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon has this afternoon endorsed the British Freedom Party and has stated that he will not be leaving the English Defence League.

    The BFP which mainly consists of disenfranchised BNP members, announced the tie up this afternoon after the EDL’s ‘way forward’ conference in Birmingham.

    Stephen Yaxley Lennon who use to be a fully paid up member of the BNP can now no longer deny links with them.

    The BFP is headed by ex UKIP member Paul Weston and their policies are not too dissimilar to those of the British National Party:

    The objects of the Party shall be to defend and restore the freedoms, traditions, unity, identity, democracy and independence of the British people, to establish full sovereignty over all our national affairs via restoring the supremacy of the British Parliament, to withdraw from the European Union, to promote democratic British nationalist principles, to promote the social, economic, environmental and cultural interests of the British people and to preserve and promote the ancestral rights and liberties of the British people as defined in the British Constitution.

    Weston recently tried to rationalise the actions of mass murderer Anders Behring Brievik on his blog

    Breivik was driven to mass murder in his own mind because he felt he was no longer represented by the political process; that his opinions either counted for nothing or that he could be jailed for even voicing them.

    From Malatesta’s blog from last year:

    The BFP website, featuring what looks like a Gap advert, appears to be promoting a kind of ‘fluffy fascism’ and is registered to Simon Bennett who famously pulled the plug on the BNP website the day before the general election, much to the amusement of anti-fascists everywhere.

    He has since been attacked by most of the British far-right websites. The fluffies claim to be ‘Cultural Nationalists’ but are BNP by any other name – they just don’t have the baggage of holocaust denial, violence, corruption or criminal records. Yet. The Fluffies pledge financial transparency and have laid out their immigration policy. Batty Barnes has also made up a policy about political correctness for Old Bill. No more PC for the PCs he says sternly.

    Apparently, setting up a new party was Plan B for Bennett and Eddy Butler following the failure of the BNP leadership challenge and the unlikelihood of reforming the constitution. It will be no surprise that ‘The Expelled’ from the BNP will scramble onboard in the hope of regaining their sense of worth and a much coveted title. Batty Lee Barnes has been puffing it on his bilious website as well as on the British Democracy Forum

    More as we get it.
    Thanks to @bantheedl & Malatesta


    • b

      to preserve and promote the ancestral rights and liberties of the British people as defined in the British Constitution

      You what?! I must have missed that clause. In fact, I must have missed the entire document. Still, any excuse to get the word ‘British’ twice into a sentence, along with the word ‘ancestral’.


    Yeah, have to agree with Dora, simply a re-branding of fascism with an eye to the future death-spasms of capitalism, and judging by ‘some info’s’ comment, they are hoping to drag EDL knuckle-heads with them along with the more ‘respectable elements’ of the BNP, and exploit the whole Daily Mail ‘Englishmans Castle’ ideology against the surveillance state ( Speed cameras, Bin Police etc, etc), the EU and islam, coupling with general Anti-PC’ism…There is a gap in the market alright with Cameron being too wet, and the BNP being too populist and ugly/stupid/nazi/crim…The BFP’s website is indeed as slick as a freshly laid dogturd- and their 20-point plan reeks of Hitler’s ’25 points’…the single most vile point is right up the Permanent Government’s street to “Promote morality, marriage, the family, the community and the Nation State”…Keep a close eye on these rancid pigs comrades…

    • Keith

      In the end apart from any black, gay, traveller, disabled person, activist who falls victim to hate crime, the main use of a fascist is to serve the power elite in general. There are enough reasons above to stamp them out.

  12. The Executrioner from Class War

    The only good facist is a dead one…….SIMPLES

    • bob

      spoken like the facist you are the facist of the future will be the “anti-facists” lol clown

    • mag

      Whether it was or wasn’t a quote from Churchill doesn’t change the fact that to go around killing people because you disagree with their views, fascist or not, does kind of make you the exact same thing as a fascist.

      On a side note, and correct me if I’m wrong. But, isn’t the role of an ‘executioner’ totally opposite to the basic ideas of anarchism? To execute somebody is surely a form of exerting power over them, which isn’t very anarchist at all is it? Under whose orders will you be executing people? Peter Sutcliffe’s?

      • Keith

        Well anarchists have assassinated & executed in the past; most obviously during the Spanish Revolution & not always in the direct & desperate heat of war. In as much as their actions replicated the state & promoted power, then they would take responsibility & not anarchists in general. I would not condemn ideologically individual violent action that isn’t defensive, though it cannot be without some negative consequences. Again the power elite are capable of far greater indiscriminate or ruthless slaughter. Also the more systematic killing of junior clerics (contemplative sworn to poverty monks & nuns for e.g.) during the Spanish Civil War was instigated by the Stalinists. & the post war slaughter of anarchists & others by the Francoists.

      • INCUBUS

        Personally I believe that the death sentence is just in certain given circumstances- Serial killers, predatory sex-offenders, rapists and paedophiles, fascists and those who would deny freedom to others or permanently damage the bodies or minds of others, ought to be destroyed, (i.e. permanently removed from society). Luckily I’m not hamstrung by the ideological baggage of classical anarchism…

        Executing an individual who is a threat to the community can be seen as removing their power over other people as opposed to ‘exerting power over them’…We shoot rabid dogs don’t we? Proletarian or revolutionary justice has always used the ultimate sanction, and historically, nothing would have changed without it. Any post-revolutionary, libertarian society would require mechanisms of justice to be devised on some level- It would be ‘nice’ to think that such harsh measures would not be needed, but ‘nice’ is not realistic, it’s utopian.

      • Keith

        Well, it’s gonna happen Incubus & the innocent always get caught up. I like to think that the Caring Revolutionary (by the way I’ve copyrighted that as the title of a feel good book/movie/lifestyle magazine) wouldn’t slaughter the innocent & reformable. Even toryleninistlibdemlabfasctrotteapartycriminal scum can change.

  13. Anonymous

    Seems the EDL & the BFP are now bestest buddies and Tommy’s not leaving the EDL at all! – warning the link is to the BFP website – use TOR to connect if paranoid
    Like someone said “Fascism doesn’t start with concentration camps but that’s where it ends.”

  14. Internet Hat Machine

    From the BFP Manifesto under Crime and Justice:

    “6. Offenders found to be illegal immigrants or asylum seekers will be immediately deported back to their place of origin. If necessary, DNA tests will be used to establish their place of origin.”


    EDL and trade unions- It’s a health and safety issue, (like heavy lifting and trailing cables?) according to Dave Prentis, the wealthy general secretary of Unison-
    “”We take any threat to our members’ health and safety very seriously. As a matter of course, ahead of a major day of action, we work with the police to assess risks, and our many stewards work hard to keep people safe.”

  16. Keith

    I looked at the nasty little site. Since dna studies have found such interesting facts as the supposedly indigenous population of Britain being predominantly Iberian with local variations (a significant West African input into Yorkshire folk for example), the fascist fringe are emphasising “culture”, as if it is great to be straightjacketed by their little Britain. Well, Land of Hope & fucking Glory, these Nunazis still want to subject our kin (that is the whole of humanity) to the laboratory. I hope they have a fraternal bloodletting war with the BNP.

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