Here’s the annual plug for my autobiography  ‘ BASH THE RICH’ which I’m fucking amazed some of you lot aint got round to reading yet. Comrades – it aint heavy going polemic – its as funny as fucking fuck. Don’t take my word for it look at this clip from Peter Linebaugh  talking about it  ‘ I laughed all the way across the Atlantic’. 

Video – Forever Blowing Bubbles: A Walking Tour with Peter Linebaugh and Fabian Tompsett (2008)

Bash the Rich


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  1. 161UNITY

    Too many words.


      ‘Too many words’!? (although the proofreader was probably pissed) I say not enough! Besides which there are loads of photos of Comrade Bone in funny glasses, cunningly disguised as a freaky hippy, wearing a wig…I was a wig, wasn’t it…?

  2. Anonymous

    I love the way Fabian Tompsett is clutching a cup of Starbucks throughout the walk. Irony?

    • Leaf Blower

      What else can you say about a man who once belonged to Class War but is now a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce?

  3. Ted Bovis

    Do you think that Fabian has forgiven you for dumping that pint over his head yet ?

  4. Tom Cullen

    annual plug!!!!! your years must be in three monthly cycles

  5. martin

    I enjoyed it Ian whens the classwar coloring book coming out!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Did Mr Tompsett give out any Green Shield Stamps to listeners?
    How is the family dynasty going anyway, Fabian?

    • even I, a long-time cynic

      What’s that about Green Shield Stamps and Fabian’s family dynasty? Even as a long-time cynic, I was surprised to learn he’s now a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. RETCH!

  7. One think I’ve wonder since readying your book is that you must have had a fucking dull life after after 1976 since you really only cover about four years of your life in the book which isn’t much for an autobiography.
    It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting when I first picked up the some years ago.
    But don’t get me wrong I did enjoy reading it and have recommended it to other people to but I’ve always been left with the question. What happened next?
    I do if somewhat vainly hope that you write another autobiography at some future point that will answer that question.
    Like it or not your still and will probably will always be the public intellectual face of anarchism.

    • Keith

      Ian, you could become the Katy Price of anarchism. An autobiographical volume out before Christmas each year covering just a few years of your life to compete against the tomes of celebs describing how to “independently” explore Greece or Route 66, or tantalise our taste buds with home butchered rare breeds.

  8. Robert Smitheringale

    I’m doing my best to promote it Ian. Whens the T- shirts / teatowels and mugs coming out.

  9. Responsible Citizen

    OT (sort of):
    The anarch origins of OWS:


    Best bit is when you dive behind a car because you think the press photographer outside your house is pointing a gun at you. Heady days indeed.

    When’s the next installment coming out; ‘Ian Bone – “The Bristol Years”‘. The glorious memory of the deposition of William Waldegrave and the incarceration of John Astley for fraud and child porn. Ahhh yes!

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