Ken Russell’s oldest son ALEX was an occasional attender of London Class War meetings in the 1980s.  He was a council communist with situationist deviations and a big lad. He also had an implacable hatred of lefties. He came with us to wapping one night during the strike and threw the WRP stall complete with literature over a high wall. That’s the last I saw of him…..offering three WRP ers out for a fight….and they were quite tasty but thought better of  taking on the windmilling  council communist before them. Good decision.

Ken once tried to buy one of the fantabulous Crystal Palace dinosaurs to stick in his garden in Church Road but luckily  was refused so if you aint seen these wonders of  Sarf London take a look – kids will love ’em.


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10 responses to “SON OF KEN RUSSELL – BUT WILDER

  1. Keith

    I wasted a lot of my youth watching & thinking that Ken Russell films were cool & in retrospect some still are entertaining; the big lie is that of the specialness of artists (especially capitalist rock stars). Much better is having a son who took on the Healyite cultists; pity he couldn’t smash Trotsky’s death mask at the same time.


    RIP old Ken, I generally used to think his films were ripe and overblown cobblers, until I saw ‘The Devils’, which I now think is an unrecognised masterpiece of radical film-making (and Oliver Reeds best ever performance). Blasphemy, hypocracy and the insanity of religion and power served up with lashings of ‘deviant’ sex (Vanessa Redgrave using a crucifix as a dildo-best thing she ever did politically)…what’s not to like? With any luck the original version will now be released without the censorship…

    • Keith

      The Devils is a great film, but see Lisztomania as one of the worst films ever made.

      • INCUBUS

        I’ll raise you with ‘The Lair of the white worm’…But that’s what was so great about Russell- He’d make awesome fuck-ups and then some great stuff-(like finding a diamond in a pile of turds) -and it made him very human…

      • Keith

        I’ll raise you further with “Fall of the Louse of Usher”‘ although it doesn’t feature a young Hugh Grant.

  3. dap

    As obituaries go, this was so random it actually made my brain itch a little bit.

  4. Ned

    Glad to hear the Crystal Palace dinosaurs are still there… happy memories of stumbling round the undergrowth to see them. RIP Ken.

  5. Did you devastate the avenues where Alex’s father lived? Or are you, by any chance, a total hypocrite?


      How could Mr.B be a hypocrite? Both he and Ken Russell are/were both self-confessed, shameless, self-publicists, who they need to stick togetherin solidarity…and anyway, the idea of ‘devastating the avenues of the rich’ hasn’t been monopolised y’know. Lazy.

  6. Dora Kaplan

    Michael Winner gave the funeral eulogy. Like watching Jeffrey Archer giving a speech at the death of William Burroughs. Can’t think of any other figure like Russell. England’s not supposed to produce auteurs, and no one’s quite explained how Russell managed it against the commerical odds.
    Here the man himself, buying a motor!

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