DAVID  OSLAND who was  deputy commisioner at  Scotland yard and in charge of the original police investigation into the Stephen lawrence murder is presntly a Tory councillor for  Coulsdon  West on croydon council. Osland instead of persuing the murderers at every step tried to put the attack back on the Lawrence family. In 1993 he wrote to his boss the Commissioner…’our patience is wearing thin with the lawrence family’ and advised police officers to sue Doreen and Neville lawrence for libel when they said the police were racist. He even condemned the arrest of the suspects st the time saying it was ‘premature’ though apparent that earlier arrests could have discovered much more forensic evidence. OSLAND has shown himself a bungling racist who has been a persistent irritant to the Lawrence family. Cameron tolerates this  vile piece of tory scum the while shedding crocodile tears for the Lawrence family. David Osland needs to be given the order of the boot.


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  1. A racist, tory, copper??!? Come on Ian, pull the other one………..

  2. White takes black's pawn.

    What about this Diane Abbot thing?
    She says that whitey plays a divide and conquer game, and everyone goes apeshit but fuck me if she isn’t in a parliament full of white, and now brown too, imperialists busy reviving colonialism all over Africa and the middle East and playing the time honoured divide and conquer games.
    Didn’t she just tell it like it is?


      Abbott has risen to power through faux-(black-leftist) radicalism, and while she snuggles up to that Tory arsehole Portillo on TV, and off, (reputedly they are more than good mates, as a result of the old parliamentary ‘pairing’ system), she is happy to go along as token representation for the black community and suck up the same privelages as the rest of them, the political bourgeoisie, for whom dividing and conquering is part and parcel of the Punch and Judy Show in Whitehall. Just another dogshit politician to scape off our shoes.

      • Harry White

        they have been mates not because of the parliamentary ‘pairing’ system but because they went to school in harrow, portillo at harrow county boys school and abbott at harrow county girls school. jonathan aitken was abbott’s ‘pair’.

      • INCUBUS

        Corrected I stand…apparently the thieving, lying, corrupt, Jonathan ‘I’ve got Jesus now’ Aitken is godfather to one of Abbott’s kids…Cosy or what?

      • She Stoops to Divide and Conquer

        Ah, posh girl’s school, that may explain why she has that habit that a lot of patronising, small minded and pig headed women have of closing their eyes while they are reprimanding someone.
        At least she voted against the Iraq war crimes – which to my mind is a redeeming action from any MP of any stripe.

        BTW, I did enjoy Mr Bone’s slapdown of Harman and that other creep on TV calling them, quite properly I think, war criminals. That’s good youtubage that is, lovely, succinct, from the gut.

      • You div! Hide Her Conkers!

        In fact here is that little nugget

    • Paul Cardan

      White takes Black’s pawn, Everyone in power plays divide and rule: parents, school teachers, political groups, and village councils. Nothing to do with race until you accuse one race of doing it. Now Abbott has done well out of race issues, so it is bit of schadenfreunde when the PC crap is turned on her.

  3. Barbara Nash ak Roberts

    What about Darcus? He has had a suspect career. He is always trotted out these days to play a media game. Dinosaur comes to mind.
    The Institute of Race Relations evidence suggests at the least 96 racist related deaths have occurred since Stephen Lawrence was murdered. This does not include a number of Police associated deaths. Which we need to ask questions about.

    • Tough Love

      Darkus always seems pissed and rambling on TV these days – time for the BBC to find another phoney “community spokesman”.

      Hate crime is defined by the feelings of the victim (or if dead, witnesses/family) – is anyone aware whether this this data is recorded and stored, and is it available?

  4. j read

    (96 racist murders since lawrence one) does this include the racist murder of Polceman Patrick dunne in October 1993

    • Harry White

      racist murder? i haven’t seen anything to suggest that, and you’d have thought it might be mentioned at gary nelson’s trial

      • J read

        not Really even Mcpherson report accepted blackelocks death was raicist and the fact his murder was racist wasn’t mentioned at the oringinal trial either

  5. Jamesie Aaron Cotter

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  6. Delenda France

    I’m a field negro


    @ ‘J read’-PC Blakelock’s killing was only ‘racist’ insofar as he was calling rioters ‘Niggers’ and doing so-called ‘monkey chants’ along with all the other coppers that night in ’85- a riot that only happened because the Police deemed it somehow necessary to brutalise somebody’s mum on her own doorstep to the extent that they gave her a lethal heart attack…Was he a terrorist, a murderer, or a ‘gangster’? No, he had what they thought was a dodgy tax disc in his car, so they raided his fucking home and killed his mum. Oh, and it was a black family’s home…That’s what we call fucking racism in the real world.

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