It looked like the ALAMO or the last minutes on the roof at the  STRANGEWAYS MUTINY..the resisters bravely  made a makeshift barricade and climbed on top and held out to the last. Solidarity to you all who have chosen action rather than  words. (no doubt the barricade will be reassembled and in an art gallery by the en of the year). Actually it reminds me of barricades of the PARIS COMMUNE –  VIVE LA COMMUNE!


Joint approach: Police joined bailiffs in dragging tents from the scene ¿ many of which appeared still to contain belongings


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  1. martin

    Respect comrades!!

  2. Keith

    This is just the beginning.

  3. U+24B6

    A huge explosion of class anger?

    All I saw was middle-class capitulation. Occupy is nothing more than a middle-class consumer group.

    Like the SWP and CP and all the other shit political groups, their management and beuaruacacy is built to neutralise the working class, not work with or for them.

    The working classes will wonder what Occupy has acheived and done for the working class. One good thing might come out of this and that’s for the working class to abandon LSX Occupy methods and start doing things on our own terms.

  4. Northern A

    I’ve got to say I was sad to see Occupy evicted but I was even sadder to see the chants of ‘peaceful peaceful peaceful’ as the police dragged them away. There was barely any resistance. What’s the point in standing up to the state if you’re not actually gonna stand up to the state. Too much of trying to look good to the BBC and Guardian readers and not enough actual resistance.

  5. Conan the Librarian

    Is that Rekkkah Brooks on top of the barricades (colour photo that is)…?(probaly horsin’ around.Ed)

  6. Anonymous

    Something odd about that colour photo – the people standing at the back top right look much bigger than the people in front of them – especially the guy with the red thing in his hand. Two photos crudely merged into one?


    GA 7pm- 2-300 people on the steps, visible City Police presence. No PA or loudhaler -‘mic checking’ is being used…First thing, one man calls out for the election of a representative, then the ubiquitous Mark Weaver (one of the unofficial leadership clique) facilitates the start of the meeting. He introduces a woman to lead a two-minute meditation (I was beginning to lose interest already). Hand holding fatuous exercise of ‘spirituality’ over with, there was a quick feed-back on last night- those arrested- 6 charged with obstruction, 4 for affray pending video evidence. Another speaker detailed how the School of Ideas was illegally evicted, and demolished today. Apparently the eviction was, highly unusually, authorised by Ken Clarke, ‘Justice’ Minister. Weaver then set forth the subjects to be discussed in working groups- the events of last night, and the next occupation (Weaver had already said that they were planning to ‘take’ another space). The GA broke up into about 12 groups. I couldn’t be arsed to join them. The cops came up the steps and stood around the columns as the groups took place and then slowly infiltrated themselves into the still standing people in a move designed to intimidate and to mark their territory. I listened to some earnest discussions about ‘bad behaviour’ and ‘positives and negatives’. Much fruit and many nuts were in evidence…The groups broke up for feedback,much of which was inauduble and tedious to listen to due to the fact that it was so disjointed through the ‘mic-check’ system. One man spoke by saying it was positive that a ‘biblical space’ had been used for ‘critical thinking…A woman read out a pretentious poem that had been collectively written… At this point I thought ‘fuck this, I’m off’.

    My conclusion: the UK version of Occupy isn’t so much a movement as a navel-gazing exercise conducted in a veiled and manipulated hierarchical manner(who chooses the subjects to discuss?) by bleeding heart liberals, mystics, neo-hippies and assorted cultists, using university-style debating techniques. I chatted to a pretty clueless elderly academic who talked about how he had just been interviewed and misrepresented by the BBC at their studio and the distortion of television (Duh) he then went on to babble about how his car had been clamped (Oh, the humanities!)…

    My verdict: The same as U+24B6 above.

  8. b

    Shouldn’t call them “Occupy St Paul’s”. I wish they had occupied St Paul’s, though. The authorities would have been less willing to have a battle inside the cathedral. Such an action could also have inspired others – there are poorly-defended symbolically important buildings everywhere.

    A lot of students got wound up at the Sorbonne in 1968 when the enragés and situationists called for ‘dechristianising’ the place and treating the church like any other building in the hands of insurgents.

    It’s easy nowadays to criticise ‘the City’ and ‘capitalism’ – well what about the City’s main fucking church? The respect shown for the Church of England’s hierarchy has been one of the worst aspects of this.

    Step forward William Blake…

    Is this a holy thing to see
    In a rich and fruitful land,
    Babes reduced to misery,
    Fed with cold and usurous hand?

    Is that trembling cry a song?
    Can it be a song of joy?
    And so many children poor?
    It is a land of poverty!

    And their sun does never shine,
    And their fields are bleak and bare,
    And their ways are filled with thorns:
    It is eternal winter there.

    For where’er the sun does shine,
    And where’er the rain does fall,
    Babes should never hunger there,
    Nor poverty the mind appall.

    • Occupy Interior? Yes indeed a good point. Having said that I have no idea what security is like at the entrance to St. Paul’s. At the moment I assume there are no leather jacketed Establishment/Tory extremist bouncers at the doors, no ID’s needed, fingerprint checks, body searches or compulsory photographing, but come the warmer weather occupying the interior of the Cathedral sounds like something that should be given much thought.

  9. b

    It’s about time for ‘innocence’ to give rise to ‘experience’!

  10. Keith

    All right, it was a dead end & the OCCupy movement was full of wishy-washy liberals who don’t think through. A stronger working class presence would have given the whole thing a shot of realism. I would still call the occupiers “comrades” with some qualifications – there were some working class voices there on the tv news report & the children of white collar workers/professionals are disadvantaged in struggle by their background, but there is hope that they will move over to something more tangible. Just as there had been hope that those idealistic youngsters cut down last year in Norway might have sidestepped labour party careers.

  11. Mr. Cosypie

    Looks like a bunch of middle class ‘professional revolutionary’ types to me, not the commune. Ofcourse such people will certainly think that anyone else not involved is doing fuck all- and such people will point a gun at the back of your kneck come the ‘revolution’. U+24B6 is spot on- SWP type Capitalist bullshit. They haven’t done themselves any favours by behaving like a cult and I fail to see what has been achieved. This is all a distraction from Anarchism and real class struggle. I’ve come across these middle class fuckers in Occupy, moaning about their future and their debt- these people have got a fucks sight more than people like me and will benefit from the system one way or the other. Fucking mother Tereasa shit. I’ve heard what they think of Mark Duggan and seen their facebook petitions about Syria- bollocks!


    An ‘occupation’ we can believe in- Spanish comrades giving it some today in Barcelona- The second photo below is the most telling- Masked proletarians in direct confrontation with a bourgeois Banker…



    Full force of tory repression measures here:-

    ‘Complete with redacted text, Kenneth Clarke MP signed the warrant of possession for the Occupy London School of Ideas building’


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