And the name of this cunt is GREGG WALLACE of MASTERCHEF who has opened GREG’S at THE BERMONDSEY SQUARE HOTEL

The Bermondsey Square Hotel is in the heart of one of London’s most vibrant ‘villages’ with its own weekly antiques market right outside the hotel door. The newest venue on our doorstep is the White Cube Gallery



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  1. John Merton

    Good price, if they are as good as bird’s eye

  2. Gitane

    I’ve got French relatives who are regular visitors. One of the foods they insist on eating is fish fingers ( they prefer the Lidl pollock version) splashed with malt vinegar! When I served mushy peas with fish fingers and malt vinegar my French foody sister in law and her boyfriend ( both working class) had a fuckin’ “Harry meets Sally” moment.
    Pie, mash, eels and liquor had them reaching for the sick bags unfortunately.

  3. Anonymous

    When i was a teenager i worked as a kitchen porter in a 2 star restaurant. They once had turbot and chips on the menu – £16. They wrapped it up in newspaper, which i believe is known as (air fingers) ‘ironic’?

  4. Docks Soul

    There’s a restaurant in Cardiff Bay charging £12 for faggots and peas!
    ‘Traditional Welsh fayre’ it’s claimed.
    Proof you can sell any crap if you dress it up and convince the terminally stupid that it’s ‘fashionable’.

  5. Dora Kaplan

    Surely it’s pomme frites, peitit pois and cod au gratin. Served by la gran chatte!

  6. Ed

    Off topic but pussy riot have just been on bbc news

  7. Curry sauce

    Fair play to him for ripping off the posh wankers stupid enough to shell out for fish fingers and chips

  8. anon

    All chip in for a burger van and park it right outside “Greg’s” and pinch all his customers. Also get onto the real “Greggs” and get them to sue him.

  9. scherben

    Harry Ramsden’s has been taking the piss like that for years
    This has made me hungry now

  10. Peter Good

    In 2009 we put on a Anarchist cordon bleu lunch in Bradford’s 1in12 Club. Three courses, all beautifully presented, white table cloths, black & red serviettes, waiter service and lots of (donated) bottles of wine. We costed the meal at £2.50 a head. A part of the meal was a roving microphone. The 40+ Diners were expected to sing for their supper by speaking to the gathered comrades. Speeches were greeted with toasts/hurrahs/hear-hears/snubs. Drinkie-poos in the bar afterwards.
    No soviet-style cafeteria anything-will-do service here.
    All thoughtful and decent Anarchists should meet like this.

  11. Greg

    Love it Ian from political knife through butter to Derek and Clive. Must be quiet day in Blog Towers. Actually those cunts down Magnet Fish bar arent far off that, and what is ‘Rock Salmon’ anyway ?

  12. Ray

    Greg. Rock Salmon or Rock Eel is dogfish. Ask me another.

  13. Keith

    That’s what you get when you put a greengrocer above his station. Apparently in his early tv days the BBC realised that he wasn’t a cook & gave his presenting job to the “proper chef” Anthony W-T; I think there’s bad blood there. Idea: as there’s vicious rivalry in the celeb chef world, there should be gladiatorial contests – the merits of sabatier knives vs global can be ascertained. Here comes Heston with his latest Asahi zirconium dioxide blade – Fergus Henderson will have to do something creative with his own offal for a change.

  14. Fish Fingers

    That’s nothing, Ian – that cunt Jamie fucking Oliver charges fifty fucking quid for fucking beans on fucking toast!

  15. Keith

    That’s not fair – I’m sure that the beans are from a biodynamically grown heritage variety, cooked sous vide in a light broth of St Marzain tomatoes, gerona basil & crooked-neck garlic, all served on 7 day sourdough grilled over olive twigs, lit by the methane from Jamie’s own arse.


    My deranged and nympho mum used to boast how she shagged the original TV Captain Birdseye…
    I’ve never been able to look at a fishfinger in quite the same way since…

  17. alan on tyneside

    I met Darth Vader on the train back from Edinburgh once, but I never shagged him; honest. Shit, I think I’ve told that story here already…

    Meanwhile, and only slightly off-topic, the latest on the Tyneside ‘Squirrel Wars’:


    But then £12.50 is peanuts compared to the shithead yuppy trader who spent £203,948.80 in one night at the Liverpool club PlayGround – included a £125,000 bottle of the world’s most expensive champagne, Nebuchadnezzar of Armand de Brignac Midas…Crisis? What crisis? Austerity? Starving African kids? Meh, more champagne! CUNT.

  19. mark

    Re the burger van – have a sign calling it ‘Authentic Street Food’ and you will be able to charge more to irritating dumbass Grauniad-luvin fashionista foodie-types.


    Meet Alex Hope, the Cityboy FX Trader who happily spunked that £203,948.80 drinking with his yuppy pals-

    Why not pop over and say ‘Hi!’

  21. Anonymous

    Did I see some sausages in Tescos with a phoyto of hum and underneath
    “prick with a fork” ?

  22. Anonymous

    You don’t pay for the food in a restaurant. You pay for the chair you’re sat on, the area you’re in and the view out of the window. If you want to take someone out for fish and chips in some scummy chippy down the road, crack on.

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