Well it turns out some sherpa will climb the last 8,ooo metres to the summit but let’s not quibble over a good news story –  is there nothing these etonians can’t do?

Eight Eton schoolboys are preparing to travel more than 4,600 miles to Everest in a bid to fly an Olympic flag from the mountain for the first time.

The group — the youngest member is 13 — will leave for Kathmandu on Thursday. They will be greeted by the British ambassador in the Nepalese capital before beginning an 18-day trek to Everest base camp.

There the flag will be handed to sherpa Phurba Tashi, who has completed the challenge 19 times. He will then attempt to carry it to the summit, 8,850 metres up, by early May. Expedition leader Serena Brocklebank, an Eton “dame” or house mistress, said the idea came about after the boys said they wanted to go an expedition to Everest.

When they heard that the British embassy in Nepal wanted to take a flag to the top of the mountain they decided to combine the two ideas.

Miss Brocklebank, who used to live in Nepal where she worked as vice consul for three years and as an expedition leader for two, said: “The boys very much wanted to do an Everest base camp trip anyway but we thought ‘what better way to celebrate London 2012 than by taking a flag from a low altitude venue to the highest altitude in the world.”

Eton’s rowing centre at Dorney Lake near Windsor is the venue for the rowing and kayak events in the Olympic and Paralympics.

Tommaso Cuniberti, 15, Ned Kenwright, 14, Alastair Revell, 15, Benedict Burgess-Smith, 15, Olav Dyvik Henke, 15, Magnus Burgess-Smith, 13, Timothy Rawlinson, 14, and Fred Parry, 15, are due to set off on the expedition.


I have decided to mount my own rival  classwar eXpedition so it’ll be Amundsen and Scott allover again. this morning i telegraphed eton with the chilling words ‘EVEREST OR DEATH’  to alert them to a fair fight. After that i posted the class war flag to a sherpa in Katmandu with a fewquid and askedif he could pop upto the summit with it. SORTED.



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  1. Looking forward to the friendly Sherpa doing his bit. For years now, whenever the conquest of Everest and its appalling colonial propaganda is in the news, and comments are allowed, I always remark as follows or in a similar way. “Good to see the conqueror of Everest Sherpa Tensing standing on its peak, with his secondary ‘helper’ or assistant – that white man. What was his name?

  2. darren

    Are there not any violent Maoist guerrillas in need of a good ransom who can greet these brave young men?

    • climate action

      Last I heard the Nepali Maoists became the government, banned strikes and then lost control of the government again. There was a comment here from about the Kathmandu Anarchists but the expedition will be under heavy guard from the Nepali Army.

  3. Ned

    Notice Sir Henry Rawlinson’s progeny is on the list too…

  4. Jed

    What’s wrong with a few young schoolboys having a trip and helping out with the olympics?


      We’re just worried that the silver spoons in their mouths will encourage frost-bite you see…and we wouldn’t want their preciousness damaged because we want them to grow up to be utterly ruthless, money-grubbing, spineless, privelaged little Tory cunts.
      I hope they fall down a fucking crevass, one pulling the rest down as they go…

    • Anonymous

      In what way do a bunch of over-privileged tory scum going to Nepal and paying one of the locals to plant the butcher’s apron on top of Mount Evarest help out with the Olympics?

      • Anon.

        Such fucking immature comments, have you ever been to the Himalayas and realise what a challenge it actually is to get to base camp? No, because you are stuck behind your computer ranting about how you have never achieved anything in your entire life and that it is unfair. Stop whining like a baby and grow up.

  5. Conan the Librarian

    So, a bunch of rich whipper-snappers wander about the big mountain with all their accompanists and lackeys dropping more litter…ye gods!

  6. FGS

    What exactly is wrong with these boys doing an expedition? And not to mention your clear envy of these clever, fine young men going about their business. Grow up.

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