Brilliant moment in the Commons finance committe yesterday when Labour MP John Mann asked Osborne  ‘When did you last eat a pasty from Gregg’s?’   Osborne was like rabbit in headlights then helpless grin and eyes imploring get me out of here. ‘ER….UM..I CAN’T REMEMBER’ It was of course a coded class war question and Gideon knew it. Having created the opening Mann should have followed through with the killer’WHEN DID YOU LAST EAT CAVIAR GIDEON?’  But to be fair he later said this:

‘George Osborne is the Marie Antoinette of Whitehall. With him it’s a case of let them eat cold pasties. That sums up George Osborne. He is out of touch with ordinary people and doesn’t even seem to realise it.

‘He has put taxes on cheap lager, caravans and pasties – all the things George Osborne doesn’t use himself. It’s almost as if the Budget was a personal tax plan for him and his friends.’

It’s my impression that this government of Old Etonians is making the rich more unpopular than ever. Osborne can dealwith all the high falutin questions but yesterday ws floored by a well aimed pasty. We should adopt the pasty as a symbol like the Bush thown shoe…….and wave or pellt him with them wherever he goes. Lets make sure Gideon remembers his next pasty comrades. Ridicule is a mighty sword.


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  1. HaHaHa excellent!! Eton boys your time has come…now could you all fuck off!! I LOVES pasties even more now..

  2. Keith

    It has been suggested by privileged foodies in the past to socially engineer people towards better products through taxation. Duty in particular is flat rated, so if it goes up £1 then it’s the same on Asda red as it is on Château d’Yquem. However, if you need that glass to forget about a shit day, you would reluctantly stub up the extra £1 on the Asda red (or BYO – I could imagine Osborne taxing that more). Proportionally the rich will pay less, but their police have the plastic bullets ready.

  3. Conan the Librarian

    Time for a poster of Shite & Gob with pasties shoved in their mouths. Good product placement, methinks! I was dozing when I heard the exchange on the box, entering the twilight zone of coalition smolitics. I note the many portents of revolt posted on this blog with keen interest, even little Davey Lammy reckons on more ructions despite the amazing A level results least year in Tottenham, ho-hum…

  4. Anonymous

    Indeed, Ian – ridicule is a MIGHTY sword !

  5. rogerglewis

    Classic One I was going to write a limerick it seems to have all the ingreidients . Gidoen MP for Tatton funny his site doesn’t mention Eton.
    HIs wife wrote a novel called the Bolter it seems. Not about indegestion from wolfing down the odd Pasty.

    At Cambridge with Millibands Wifey too, yep these assholes sure know how to keep it in the Family.

    Tatton late of Martin Bell and prior to that the media darlings Neil and Christine Hamilton.

    Tatton MP George Osborne claimed £47 expenses for DVDs of his speech on “value for taxpayers’ money”

    You really couldn’t make it up Ian.

    An old etonian Toff
    was often noted to scoff
    Whilst Brosiering His dame
    Economical Actualite the name of the game

    I’ll tax the upper Crust off your pasty
    now your all Fagging for me
    I always preferred Cheshire Pork Pies
    In Cuisine and in Deed you see.

  6. Porkbeast

    I love the idea of the pasty replacing the raw egg as the dissenters missile of choice…pasta la vista baby…..


    Well, if a loaf of bread was used as a flag during the French Revolution and the Commune, and Skittles have become a political symbol, then we should raise our pasties high for the coming battle…

  8. guy

    I fucking kid you not –

    Cameron has just revealed that he last bought a takeaway pastie at Leeds railway station.

  9. some bloke

    New Olympic event – PASTY THROWING – you score 1 point if you hit a Liberal, 2 for a Tory and double points if their a millionaire as well. Does anyone know how to make computer/mobile games?

  10. Kelly

    In relation to the pasty saga the words “class war” were uttered on a radio 4 lunchtime show, not about the superb disorganisation that most of us Bone-heads sign up to (and I mean praise by that, as in fans of Philip K Dick being dick-heads), but regarding the re-emerging class discourse. It’s the sort of talk we need, now we just have to add the action.


    If this isn’t off-topic, I don’t know what is- Yes, let’s divert the class struggle to having a good old bitch about muslims shall we? After all, scapegoating worked for Hitler didn’t it? Christ Ian, as if you haven’t had enough of all the fascist smears, then you let this bollocks through. WTF?

    ****** Missed that one -now deleted -busy day

  12. harryT

    This is not Labour taking a stance in the class war.

    It is Labour responding to lobbying by Greggs PLC. Greggs PLC are happy to use the class war to support their commerical position.

    There is no parliamentary political party which supports the people over the corporations.

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