Video: I last ate a pasty at Leeds station

Cameron claims to have eaten ‘BIG PASTY’ on Leeds railway station at west cornwall pAsty company stall. I HAVE TO INFORM MY READERS THAT NO SUCH STALL HAS EXISTED SINCE 2007  – ANOTHER CAMERON LIE.



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    So that’s a porky pie over a pasty!? They have definitely eaten ‘all the Melton Mowbries’ then…

  2. Fabien Tempest

    There is one in Leeds City Centre – it’s right next door to Greggs !!

  3. Conan the Librarian


  4. Keith

    Even if it had been true he’s talking about an added value product for the moneyed. “We ate Pacific Rim last night, so today let’s eat Peasant”.

  5. Tod Palin

    Good fun this pastie stuff, but it reveals that the Government are out of touch and incompetent. Just heard that the idiots have caused panic buying at the petrol pumps, and better still, some garages are selling hot Ginster pies to motorists in the queue. Evidence of Government incompetence makes me regret that Incubus/Ian censored out my attempts to discuss the role of the army in the petrol strike: I am saying that the government might be heading for serious trouble and WHO KNOWS the soldiers might not be the best means of defeating the strikers. After all, the soldiers, like many others will be looking at their redundancy notices and feeling pissed off. Time was when anarchists realised that a revolution may need support from disaffected sections of the army. If I were an anarchist boss, I would be instructing comrades to find ways of communicating with those forces who will be expected to take on strikers. You never know, these are unprecended times and we have halfwit pastie heads in control of te government, who have shat on the soldiers.

  6. Oggy

    I do remember there was a pasty shop right outside the station, near the bus shelters, pretty sure that was within the last couple of years. I used to get my pasties there after the train journey.
    Maybe he sent a flunky on a pasty errand, round the corner, but waited inside the station for his delicious, steaming, flaky treat.

    Definitely another pasty shop in the city centre like Tempest says, I’ve scoffed their satisfying and tasty product several times.

    If any anarchists decide to start a delicious, filling pasty type product collective – but they will have to respect Cornwall’s claim on the name – I would be sure to sample the comestibles, especially on a cold winter’s day when they are just the thing.

    And Osborne can fuck off.

  7. Oggy

    And the void guy is right, Osborne was fucking forced into uncomfortable and weak body language, and draw on reserves of dismissive smugness when he was asked when he last bought a Gregg’s pasty.

  8. Oggy

    Aha, my memory served me well, like an assistant at a tasty pasty shop in fact.
    Guardian says
    “But the West Cornwall Pasty Company outlet where he thought he enjoyed his last pasty closed two years ago. There was a Cornish Bakehouse booth at the station; that closed last week.”

    So 2007 is too far back, and I definitely got my pasty from the West Cornwall Pasty Company a couple of years ago, probably shortly before they closed.

    I don’t know nothing about no Cornish Bakehouse booth though, having not been to Leeds for a while.

    So I think Cameron’s gaffe is not so much of a gaffe, really.

    As to the price of a quality pasty, I don’t know how they justify the price for a big specialist pasty, but I do know that the price of food commodities like wheat is rigged and fiddled like fuck by middlemen and assorted profiteers.

    I’d love to see this pasty debacle as the little lantern that lures the Tory ship onto the rocks in great Cornish wrecking style!

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