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17 responses to “JUBILEE STAMP DESIGN

  1. JJ

    Would be nice to see 1000’s of these stickers plastered all over London in the coming weeks.

  2. ldev

    Totally agree with JJ.
    Lets get this available in sticker format. – I’ll defnitley buy some as soon as they are available and start sticking them over Manchester.

  3. Oh bugger, just wasted some time creating something very similar 😦

    Oh well, waste not want not…

  4. mark

    Would defiantly buy these in sticker form to echo earlier comments quality pic!

  5. Northern A

    Always good to have sticker campaign. Should get onto some ACAB stickers for ballot papers for the police commissioner elections too.

  6. Do we know who’s design it is?

  7. ianbone

    No Warren – we dont – Alan from tyneside posted this link to it
    anyway very well done to whoever did it-top work…..if you want stickers you’ll have to do them yourselves comrades.

  8. climate action

    we will all shit on thatchers grave
    and maybe a mighty oak will grow
    or better a syndicalist sycamore

  9. b

    A 77-year-old man has shot himself outside parliament in Greece. He makes
    his reasons absolutely clear:

    “The government has annihilated all traces for my survival, which was
    based on a very dignified pension that I alone paid for 35 years with no
    help from the state. And since my advanced age does not allow me a way
    of dynamically reacting… I see no other solution than this dignified
    end to my life, so I don’t find myself fishing through rubbish bins for
    my sustenance.”

    The ‘Socialist’ Party leader reacts by saying let’s refrain from making
    political comments. I didn’t make that up.

    The rulers and their lackeys are always extremely united when they need to be.

    Meanwhile the Torygraph quotes someone as saying Barack Obama is a
    “slave of Wall Street”…and the person is Charles Manson – and who
    would get their opinion from someone like that?

  10. London Class War - Patrick

    Very nice, I’d pay 48p just to post it to someone. lol

  11. Ray

    Not selected for the Maundy Money again this year Ian?

  12. ldev

    Neither of those links are working. -(
    Somewhere I can get these from- need them stickers desperately

  13. Alan on Tyneside

    New link for sticker sheet pdf; hope this one works!


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