What is to be done by the few of us that want to do? A series of ‘ INSOLENCES’ – calculated insolences……full of effrontery. Over the last year a few of us have closed George Osborne’s cashcow shop in the Kings road for  a day; forced the cancellation of the  OLD ETONIANS AGM ;  forced the closure of Stephen Hester’s Broughton gardens website; had an delerious  provocation to Eton College leaving hubbub in our wake; chased Danny Alexander from college Green; confronted Digby Jones/Norman Lamont/Kay Birley/Adam boulton outside parliament and demanded the return of the Norman yoke on an electoral reform rally.  These have all been  fun. Sometimes there’s been two of us – sometimes a dozen. They are all marked by intruding onto other peoples territory, invading their space, being where we had no right to be, chased away by irate  lords of the manor or the  exasperatedPR girl with the clipboard. Except we didn’t oblige by being chased ‘You can’t go there was music to our ears’. We confront our class enemy on their teriitory – not ours. We make it very personal.

We intend to continue these insolences under the name of  CLASS WAR because CW  has top brand recognition amongst our class and because we hope the insolences will give confidence to our class to wage all out  class war. We could be even more insolent with 20 – 30 of us. So I invite you to be insolent with us.  We plan more effrontery. Sometmes publicised sometimes not. Some will happen – some won’t. Some will be cancelled – then appear again. WE ARE ALL INSOLENT so don’t wait for us – get on with it. interupt tv interviews, abuse the local lord of the manor at the village fete, be where you shouldn’t. E-mail me off blog if you want to be with us or about what you’ve done. What’s an insolent action look like?  Well take the Boat Race – an insolent action would be to pull out from the banks a few hundred yards from the end with BOG STANDARD COMP  on yer gunnels and win the race or ram the other boats or just jeer the fuckers. ‘  ‘Stupid action….could have endangered lives’…………meanwhile  our class chortles. A certain jauntiness in their collective gait which wasn’t there in the morning. FORWARD TO HESTER COMRADES – WE ARE ALL INSOLENT.


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  1. Anonymous

    The boat race is the start of the “London Season”.

  2. The Voice

    Some might argue that this is gesture politics or acts of flippancy compared to the hard slog of agitating over really crucial political causes. However, this ignores the fact that the insolences that Mr Bone speaks of are cutting across a cosy politcal concensus which has lasted throughout the long postwar period. Nearly all politicians and politcal parties speak in this language of concensus which is optimized by the phraselogy of Parliament. In practice they avoid saying anything too controversial or anything which will cause too much offence. This might be the price for a quiet life but it clearly isn’t a price that Mr Bone or his comrades are prepared to pay. Expect fireworks!

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  4. Anonymous

    Yeah Voice, as the political class get more bogged down in the detail of the shrinking middle, the unifluenceable oddities have growing impact and the absurd has punch.

  5. All hail the CWIF (Class War Insolent Front)!

    I was gonna say the ‘Class War Insolence Movement’, but CWIM might be taken the wrong way 😉
    Not that being associated with Saxon slang for female genitalia bothers the Christian Women In Management… http://www.cwim.org/
    And it does come with a ready-made theme tune…
    “You ain’t seen nothing like the Mighty CWIM!”

  6. Anonymous

    Why stop at insolence? Insult is more gratifying and memorable.

    When Jimmy Hill and the other sassenach talking heads from the BBC used to lob up at Glasgow’s Hampden Park in the 1970s for the Scotland England game they were greeted by empty whisky bottles and pissed filled tins of McEwans Export lobbed up at the directors box where they were hanging out.

    And this is before corporate boxes colonised every major football venue in the land. Time to liberate them all!

  7. Miss Jean Brody

    Lot of comments from Oxbridge students from state school backgrounds claiming an egalitarian system, merit based, etc. One kid said 60% of students at his uni were from state schools.
    I call bollocks on that. Utter bollocks.

    “Five schools ‘send more to Oxbridge than 2,000 others'”

    “The Sutton Trust charity said its school-by-school data on university entry showed “stark” differences.”
    “Four independent schools – Eton, Westminster, St Paul’s Boys and St Paul’s Girls – and state-funded Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge, together sent 946 pupils to Oxford and Cambridge between 2007 and 2009.

    By contrast, 2,000 lower-performing schools combined sent a total of 927 students to the two elite universities, getting less than 6% of available places, the Sutton Trust found.”


  8. Just anonymous

    Looking at the comments here I would say the argument between toffs and class war fighters are about equal, the former insisting that they work hard to achieve and the latter expressing their well founded jealousy.
    Main problem, the left and anarchists, cannot or will not argue, and one can infer from comments over the weeks, they rely heavily on calls for censorship, which seems to be a problem with lefties if separated from the Guardian. If you had to rely on argument, on evidence, analysis, you would be fucked – easier to criticise the person, attack strawmen, attribute positions to them they don’t hold, shout wanker/racist, and demand censoring comments you cannot agree with. Learn to confront other arguments or be sidetracked.

    • Scragweasel Brainbender

      “well founded jealousy”. Why are these rich bastards convinced the entire working class are jealous of their wealth. Is the victim of a street robbery jealous of his/her attacker now that their money has been taken.

      No, there is a justified outrage that the wealth that has been hard earned has ended up in the pocket of a freeloader. And so it is with the scum sons,of oxbridge and the rest of their ilk. A redistribution of OUR wealth is llll lllllong overdue and there are millions of us waiting in the shadows for the right time. THEN

  9. Anonymous

    @ Just Anonymous. No offense mate but this isn’t some Oxbridge debating society site. We don’t want to argue with the Tarquins and Jemimas and the “I worked jolly hard to get where I am” crew. We just want them gone.

  10. Cantbishop of Archery

    Brainbender, the politics of envy & greed is the sole motivator and raison d’etre of this clique. It does not matter whether it is power or pasties, all they are after is the best one FOR THEMSELVES, and they will employ every trick in the book to maintain that privileged state.

    • Scragweasel Brainbender

      Comrade cant o arch

      I was reffering to the posters here who assume that if anybody believes that that the current old boys network or elitist public school system is unfair, they must be jealous because they havent pulled their socks up, earnt a place at oxbridge and gone on to make a billion on the futures market.
      Cant they get it through their inbred skulls that WE DONT WANT TO BE PART OF YOUR INCESTUOUS CLUB. We just want what is ours. What has been conned out of us over too long. We want to see tgem beg for mercy while waiting for madame guillotine to drop.

      • INCUBUS

        Bang on mate- the ‘jealousy’ argument put forward by ‘Tod Pali…oops, ‘Just Anonymous’ is the one used by the upper and middle classes to undermine the obvious fact of the inequality built into their system, and to trivialise our rage against grotesque injustice. They know exactly what they’re doing, imposing their values of material greed on to us and having us believe that it is a matter sheer ‘luck’ to be born into an elite, rather than being the manipulative, theiving, ruthless, inbred, unscrupulous scotes they really are…

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