SIR MATHEW PINSENT of the OLD ETONIAN ROWING CLUB  has stated that Trenton Oldfield was lucky that  Sir Stephen Redgrave did not get hold of him. ‘When someone tried to protest at Henley  a few years ago Stephen punched a whole in the side of their canoe with his bare fist’. OOOooooer…missus……………so comrades the challenge is laid down……….fiticuffs under Queensbery rules on the tideway at Henley….where’s Jeff Monson when we need him?   Such advocation of criminal damage by a  KNIGHT OF THE REALM is deplorable.We must not rise to the bait…………….FORWARD TO HENLEY   JUNE 30TH 2012………….


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  1. Northern A

    Haha, they don’t like it up ’em. So Redgrave commits criminal damage on canoes eh? Well let’s avenge our fallen canoe and spoil everyone’s day.

  2. Greg

    Punched a hole in their canoe ? Yeah right, made of papier mache was it ?

    • internethatmachine

      Yeh. If he had he would’ve broken every bone in his and and turned it into a pincushion of fibreglass splinters.

  3. gitanex

    How typical of the toffs! Redgrave the oik gets a bit of cash in hand security work !

  4. Dora Kaplan

    ‘Punching a hole in the canoe’ is upper class slang for anal sex with a fag or other minor. Cognate terms include ‘oriental embroidery’ and ‘making the eight.’ Oxbridge pederasts will never directly allude to the act of sexual abuse, and avoid legal problems by using esoteric euphemism in place of direct reference. For example:
    “Last year at Henley Redders got frightfully annoyed at some beastly roughs. When he got home he requisitioned a young Tarquin and punched a hole in the canoe, and right in the middle of the drawing room, too. His lady discovered him in flagrante delicto, and was incandescent. She still hadn’t forgiven him for making the eight with her youngest nephew last Chrsitmas. Dreadful business.”

    Hope this clears it up.

  5. Cantbishop of Archery

    Well, bugger me! You live and learn…

  6. Anarcho A

    Time to ask whoever’s got that anarchist tank to sort us out some Anarcho Destroyers or even Black and Red Carriers. Let’s see him break his fist on that before we fire the torpedo’s.

  7. Ungrateful

    As no doubt others will point out Sir Stephen is a product of the Comprehensive school system (yup we do beat em at their own game). The poshies love to show him off to show how rowing isn’t just made up of Etonians and Harrovians. However, if rowing was genuinely egalitarian it wouldn’t need to keep boasting Sir Stephen (and ignore the fact that his partner Pinsent is an Etonian ).
    Redgrave has gone native, not only accepting a knighthood, but sending his daughter to the very private Wycombe Abbey independent girls’ boarding school – and from which, of course, she went to row for Oxford University. So no doubt as a result of the ‘elite’ company he now keeps, he’s picked up their Etonian slang, and been busy punching canoes and making the eight ever since.

    • Anonymous

      Wycombe Abbey’s one of the best girlss schools in the UK…I’d rather send my daughter there than a comprehensive if I had the option.
      And Redgrave is paraded because he’s one of the best and most successful rowers, and British sportsmen, ever.

  8. climate action

    Image of large Moet delivery to 11 downing st:

  9. London Class War - Patrick

    I’ll take Redgrave on if he wants some, street fucking rules not his fucking queensbury ones, you want some Redgrave, do ya muggy cunt?????

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  11. b

    And from Zionazi Melanie Phillips at the ‘Daily Mail’:

    “(Trenton Oldfield’s) website entry should surely have been entitled ‘anti-elitism leads to imbecility’. Equating the excellence and superiority of Oxford and Cambridge with tyranny is not just stupid, but positively odious when one considers real tyranny in countries such as Syria or North Korea.
    In any event, elitism is merely another way of saying that some achievements are considered superior to others.


  12. b

    More from Phillips, an admired inspirer of mass murderer Anders Breivik in Norway, and recipient of warm praise from BNP leader Nick Griffin, is worth quoting:

    “(Anti-elitism) is the sacred dogma of all three political parties, along with the Church of England and the rest of the intellectual establishment (aka the ‘elites’).
    You what? Yes, it’s about time the excellent ones put paid to all this anti-elitist nonsense that the Tory Party, the intellectuals, parliament, the church, and the trade unions have spouted for so long! Am I saying it right?

    I like this bit too:
    “an education system that has brainwashed generations in the dogma of equality”

    This alumna of St Anne’s College, Oxford, gives her email address as m.phillips@dailymail.co.uk

  13. Imbecile

    That’s the spirit; after disrupting an open-to-all amateur sporting event like Henley Regatta shall we go and watch some millionaire remtards headbutt their way through a Premiership season

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