Eleven  of us closed Osborne and Little yesterday and a big thanks to the comrades from the Midlands who came all that way and also fom Thurock  and  the comrade who could hardly walk for pain but it didnt stop her showing up……plus of course the redoubtable Freedom Pass anarchists. The plan – as incubuss spotted a few posts back- is to  rebuild Class War – but not the same CW as was. There will be no paper, no membership….CW will exist only to the extent of its last action and it’s next one. As comrade Martin Wright said many moons ago..’Action is the lifeblood, without action you’re just posing’. For the moment the way forward is as outlined on this blog  and in the new  Class War Commix as ‘a series of insolences’…..chasing Black Rod off St.Stephens Green – his very own garden!- for example. Intruding into the spaces of the ruling class – being where we should not be – in the same way as Hunt saboteurs have done for years or the same spirit as those who climbed The Shard.And of couse in the inspirational action of Trenton Oldfield in the Boat race.  We’ll try for bigger insolences – Henly regatta this year – can wedo that yet? If we do it’ll be in a different way.  Turning up to Henley as we did in 1985 but in the new policing climate of 2012 would only lead to arrests and failure………’a series of fiascos’…..been there done it. This time we’ll do it the EDL way – we’ll ask police permission for a march from Henley station to the bridge by the royal enclosure. If not allowed we’ll have a static rally in the High street – and march their from the station. That way we can gurantee  we will get to the belly of the beast and confront our class enemy without mass arrests. If you aint seen Henley before – the toffs en masse aint a pretty sight. In the meantime we will talk about revolution with explicit reference to everday life…..from pastys to jerrycans….and intrude wherever we can. Comrades in Yorkshire, Tyneside and Durham are meeting up on April 28th, we now have active contacts in the Midlands………check the photos we have a lot of fucking fun as well………..down with miserabilism………ALL HAIL – CLASS WAR..



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  1. Cantbishop of Bakery

    The sun shines on the righteous! Another sign. Cameron turns up in Indonesia and there is a sunami alert: another sign. You don’t need a weatherman…! Meanwhile, Georgie Porgy PUDDING AND PIE was locked in a bunker with corporate accountants explaining that tax deductible charity organisations were a tradition amongst well-heeled philantropists e.g Eton and the Bullingdon Posh Pie Club. They are counting their wealth in the darkened cave, while we are chomping in the sunshine of revolt. First the insults, then the results…


    On top of actions such as this (for those who are able to go!) I think a greater insolence still, would be caused by a whirlwind speaking tour of some of the most hard -pressed communities of our class- all under the banner of ‘We Have Found New Homes For The Rich’…A tour where Ian’s incomparable public speaking skills would be used to their fullest, and not just Ian -that young Dwayne from ALARM too (although, bless him, he needs to hone his style a bit more) and others, preferably not Londoners…

    Not as a recruiting drive or paper-selling exercise, but more along the lines of- ‘the rich bastards are skinning you alive-stealing your health service, your jobs, housing and benefits- What are YOU gonna do about it?’ – basically hectoring our own class into taking action for themselves- and being alerted to the fact that they have been largely conned into accepting a passive social role, being treated like children by the politicians, their bosses, cops and Jobcentre gestapo, plus some laughs at the expense of the bankers and MPs…Using the ‘privelage’ of ‘free speech’ and democratic principles to get ‘all up in the faces’ of the Rich…
    I realise that this would take some organising and cash- for publicity, accomodation, hiring halls etc and maybe a bit of a stretch…But imagine the impact, campaigning around the local elections (maybe a bit too late for them now)- and not asking ANYONE for their vote- Just rousing the rabble and barracking the odd local councillor at any opportunity. Propaganda by the word and deed, old school style! The posters alone would, I think, attract hoards of people…

    *******Once again Incubus there is no indication that any effort is required from yourself beyond cheerleading me on the internet as i embark on an exhausting whistle stop tour of the country. I much prefer to listen to someone who considers themselves a participant than a voyeur.


      Hang about mate…A ‘voyeur? You mean me and the good few thousand that read your blog…seriously…and ‘effort’? Why me in particular? Many of
      us lead complex, often constrained lives that mean we can’t all necessarily be full-time activists or go on every single demo going, that’s the reality. Anyway, I don’t think I really have to excuse or justify myself, prove my ‘radical credentials’ or show off my ‘campaign medals’ or ‘service record’ in the class war…

      Me- I’m a fucking nobody- But I’m nobody’s nobody…

      Oh, my giddy aunt! It was only a bloody suggestion.

      • y

        “Why me in particular? ”

        Perhaps because you are the one making the suggestion re: what others could be doing. However “constrained” our lives are we can all do our bit.

  3. Ray

    A couple of years back “East Ham Dave ” was a regular poster on this blog. He frequently wrote interesting and challenging stuff but never actually materialised. No one could claim to have seen him or even to know
    someone who had. Many comrades felt that EHD was a mere spectre in cyberspace. I never thought that. I always thought that he was real. During the student rebellion in the winter of 2010/2011 I was sure that he would finally break cover. As the flames in Whitehall and Parliament Square cast strange shadows on the buildings it was easy to believe that the figure occasionally seen flitting from doorway to doorway was indeed East Ham Dave. He never made contact and suddenly he was gone. I always knew that he would return. Incubus. Incubus. ARE YOU EAST HAM DAVE?

  4. Kelly

    Creative, funny, offensive lone wolf or en masse insolences, spreading the word via the actions …long live class war!

  5. Archarpo of Boreholewood

    Let us assume that Mr.Bone conducts a whistle stop tour of demographically optimised class war ‘hotspots’, rallying the class through his wit and eloquence, fomenting mayhem and revolt; Gandhi’s salt pilgrimage, Gladstone’s barstorming, sorry, barnstorming Midlothian campaign. What have we acheived? Jack Shit is the answer. A bit of a spectacle, perhaps a lot of a spectacle, and the opportunity for all the avatars of anarchism to tell anyone who will listen ‘I was there’ meaning ‘I was not there’ with the attendant litany of excuses, explanations, and other bullshit. It sounds dull and futile and bears all the trappings of populism, and the mutated consequences of fear & loathing on the campaign trail. there is probably a book in there somewhere for those who want to have their spectacle and critique it too, that is, everyone harbouring revoltionary fantasies from positions of constraint, a cul de sac of spontaneity if there ever was one.
    That said, I would support anyone who undertook this, in the hope that i may be proved wrong. Step forward East Ham Dave, Incubus et al YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT YOUR CONSTRAINTS, ANONYMITY AND STAGEFRIGHT. Oh yeah, your life and liberty might be at risk as well. Let you who is without fear cast the first pasty.

  6. Anonymous

    How many loud mouths from this blog backed up a geezer in his 60’s to take it to the rich?Key board hooligans…..


    What if I’m painfully shy, suffer from a physical or mental disability, have an aversion to ‘activism’, to being lectured about ‘doing my bit’, what if I’m skint, have kids to look after, what if the only way I can express support is through the internet? Do any of these things automatically invalidate my opinions or ideas?
    Why should I tell anyone what my particular constraints are? I don’t have to explain myself to anybody; I get enough of that already from a variety of BOSSES. Why should I be asked to lose my anonymity -especially by someone else who is writing under a pseudonym? Why should I be obligated to join any particular group or activity? Why should an expression of solidarity be denigrated as ‘cheerleading’- surely everyone else who failed to picket Osborne’s shop are in line for criticism as some sort of ‘dereliction of duty’?
    Being publicly shamed into participation is no incentive for me to join in -wherein lies the anarchist principle of ‘Free Association’? Somehow I doubt those that those of you here, who have suggested something in the past, feel similarly obliged to join any action purely based on the fact that you expressed an opinion on it…Plenty of people here had opinions on ‘Occupy’ and the student demos, but didn’t actually go on them. It doesn’t bother me, that’s their choice, for their reasons, and I don’t ask what they are, that’s their business.
    For my part, I think the obligation to sacrifice is always counter-revolutionary, belonging more to Stalinism and other buckets of ideological shit. ‘We can all do our bit’- who’s to say I don’t in my own way? Who are you to judge me, based on what, a failure to perform according to expectations? Do me a fucking favour.
    Who knows, maybe ‘East Ham Dave’ got made redundant and couldn’t afford an internet connection anymore…real life has this funny habit of imposing itself, and its constraints, on all of us, one way or another…Happy is the man or woman who has none, but then I somehow doubt they’d want to overthrow hierarchy and capitalism…

    ********OK incubus …. its only fair you have the last word……but that’s it now full stop.

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