After appealing to the Spanish people to accept austerity measures King Juan Carlos flew secretly to Botswana for a week’s elephant hunting. What a man – shooting an elephant. Fortunately he tripped at his luxury hotel, broke his hip, had to be flown back to Madrid where the elephant hunt became public. Juan Carlos has previous -in 1956 heshot and killed his 14 year old brother. Still….elephants, brothers, bears (he shoots them as well) are no bar to being scene as a ‘progressive monarch’……….ARE NOT ROYALS THE SCUM OF THE EARTH!



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  1. smithy

    Would be surprised if Franco’s heir didn’t like shooting things.
    Shame there isn’t a word that rhymes with ‘elephant hunt’ to describe him.


    Aristo-shits do seem to have a deep love for killing defnceless animals for sport- See how the Grand National took two more horses lives for no other reason than profit and ‘sport’- It’s no surprise that by the 3rd day of rioting and looting in August over 50 betting shops in London were attacked: Ladbrokes alone confirming that over 20 of their shops had been subject to violence…
    Still, if the bookmakers will cluster their scam outlets in the poorest areas, I guess it’s to be expected-

  3. Keith

    Many child abusers are also animal abusers; so it is logical for big game abusers to abuse human populations. Of course many “republican leaders” are monarch in all but name; genocide comes as second nature to the Assads of this world.

  4. k2

    Shame it wasn’t his neck and back too, he deserves no less. Maybe next time eh.

  5. Brainweasel Scragbender

    APart from some of the finest art, food, amazing cultural and intelectual contributions of course.

    But apart from that, yeh basically sod all

  6. Anonymous

    Spain is the place where anarchism has been implemented to its most advanced stages in a european context, the people are fine their leaders are scum, less of the zenophobia and more solidarity

  7. Keith

    The fiesta of cruelty were comon in this country until recently with open cock fighting & bear baiting extending into early Victorian times, hare coursing & hunting with dogs more recently & bags of cats thrown onto Elizabethan fires for the amusing racket. The Spanish (read mainly the Castillianos & Andalucians) are coming of age – again cruel regimes are mirrored by animal cruelty – with the Catalunyans dead against (often racially stereotyping Southerners as animal cruelty barbarians).

  8. Greg

    ‘S alright. Hes said sorry for leaving Spain.


    King Juan Carlos has said “I am very sorry. I made a mistake and it won’t happen again,”
    In other words- he won’t make the mistake of falling off his high class escort while pissed and wankered on coke, or letting the media find out he’d broken his hip inflagrante delicto, and it won’t happen again cos next time he’ll go to India to throw hand-grenades at Bengal Tigers instead -under an assumed name, paid for out of his own pocket rather than the soon-to-be-more-unemployed Spanish working class…Ordained by God? Really?

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