Happy event last night was Andrew Burgin and Kate Hudson’s wedding reception. Andrew of STWC and COR and Kate of CND. Andrew is one of the few people who retains amicable relationships with all sections of the Trot left and anarchists but they took no chances by stipulating ‘NO FIGHTING’ in the wedding invite. On arrival there was a huge red on black hammer and  sickle dominating the hall with Andrew and Kate embroidered on top.So – who was there?  I spotted  Jenny Jones, Walter Wolfgang, Jeremy Corbyn, John Rees,Lindsay German, Chris Bamberry, the Housmans crew and Andy Meinke from Freedom. The truce was impeccably maintained. Andrew an Kate made lovely affectionate speeches and both looked beamingly happy. Andrew said the registrar had allowed them to insert passagesfrom Andre Breton and Berthold Brecht into the ceremony but not Trotsky. ‘I think that bothered me more than Kate’ he quipped. The best woman quoted extensively from Engels on ‘the family’ denouncing marriage as a bourgeois convention and stating that in any marriage the woman represented the proletariat and th man capitalism. And then Andrew announced his bombshell to the assembled Counterfire/COR  listeners ‘Me and Kate have joined RESPECT’!!!!!  Oh my aching sides!  They have joine Galloway’s RESPECT – the same Respect that they all belonged to a couple of years ago before Galloway got Rees/German chucked out. You could see Rees’ jaw drop.Andrew had gone back to’how had he and Kate’ started to romance?  STWC had weekly comitte meetings at 8.30 on Friday mornings for ten years.One morning Andrew turned up worse for wear.’God youlook rough’ someone said………….’oh I dont know’ said Kate ‘he doesn’t look too bad to me’….cue harps, bluebirds.

I write about Andrew not to turn the blog into a court circular of Left social engagements but because everyone who knows what a warm hearted generous spirited comrade his is  are all happy for him. I disagree poltically with Andrew on practically everything – dont get me started on the STWC leave alone the WRP – but myself and Andy Meinke have had many ahappy aftrnoon drinking and arguing politics with Andrew. One one occasion John Rees phoned him……’I’m driniking with ian bone and the anarchists’ he said delightedly. Andrew refuses to have hisfriends constrained to those he agrees with much to the annoyance ofmany of his comrades.. There was once a libertarian strand in the forerunner of the SWP – the International Socialists –  exemplified by people like David Widgery and Peter Sedgwick and Andrew in his generosity of spirit, disarming willingness to talk about the personalas well as the political represents the best of that tradition. And the geezer has put the kind of effort in to his politics that puts others to shame and retains a smile on his lips and awarm heart. Happy honeymoon mate. RESPECT!


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  1. Tomc

    Yeah nice guy to deal with when I was buying some books

  2. sameshitdifday

    but not like that stuck up Hudson – ‘professional’ patronizing authoritarian bourgeois clique activist – nice work if you can get it eh?.. Hard to believe she ain’t state. Good luck to the guy.

  3. Anonymous

    No idea about these two people but Farringdon in the Morning Star tipped two winners (again) today, Mr Moss at 4/1 and Henry Hook (Hookey!) at 8/1. Cmon you tankies.

  4. Absolutely. I am from the Green and Green Left tradition and have always found Andrew one of the most open and anti-sectarian people around. One of the reasons why I became involved in Coaltiion of Resistance. I am no longer in the Greens but remain actively involved with Andrew and others in COR. Wishing him and Kate many happy years. There was also a sizable Green delegation at the wedding, including COR Chair, Romayne Phoenix.

  5. A lovely tribute to the people concerned (who i know not) and a nice little testament to non sectarian revolutionary political coexistence and co-operation (does that sound a tad Brezhnevist? oops). I hope that kind of attitude spreads like a rash all over the place.

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