THE BLACK SWAN OF…………………..LAUTREMONT!!!



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    We’ll need entire herds of black swans this summer-

    ‘Scotland Yard confirms August unrest has led to increase in stock of baton rounds as security measures upped before Olympics’


    Of-course, in the financial world a ‘Black Swan’ is an unexpected social, political or economic event that sends the markets into a downward spiral…

  2. Keith

    Great “black” has been attached to other critters in the past in relation to anarchism, but swans – I think this is a first. As a small kid I was wary of swans as i had been told that they could break your back with a sweep of their mighty wings. I was told by the same bastard older brother that rats jumped for your throat, but king rats jumped for your heart. Go to it comrade swan.

  3. Geoff

    Anyway, how come the queen owns all our fucking swans. And, while i’m at it, since apparently all our prisons are Her Majesty’s prisons, would she ever be put into one if she broke ‘the law’?

    • climate action

      Fellows of St John’s College, Cambridge are also allowed to eat swan. I’ve heard that they do this once per year.


    Ironically the eating of swans is a royal perogative and up until relatively recently, a mere peasant caught killing one of them could be charged with a treasonable offence. This all harks back to the days of being hung for poaching a rabbit or a deer and the Tudor enclosure of the common land…The Queen as Seigneur of the Swans, has a Warder of the Royal swans. Other perogatives include gorging on sturgeon and whales as royal scoff.

    For the best roast swan recipe, get hold of the Hampton Court Palace royal tudor kitchen cookbook… This swan would, I suppose, be excluded for political reasons, while the rest are fair game in my book, treason or not- the revenge of the hungry serfs…

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