Met with Cambridge Animal Rights last night to decide best actions in defence of the swan and against the rowing toffs. We’ve decided to cancel the demonstration on the 19th May and go for a really big action at the CAMBRIDGE  BUMPS on Saturday June 16th. We are also cancelling the henley regatta trip so we can cocentrate on big mobilisation on June 16th. The animal rights group will be doing their own independent action and we will take ours. The Bumps are when allthe toff rowing clubs play bumper boats on the Cam with total disregard for wildlife. For us in Class war this is an ideal opportunity to see the toffs face to face nd tell them what we think of them…….tons of letter in the Cambridge Evening News very bitter at the toffs maiming the swan and their attitude to evyone else in the town. We can expect a lot of local support from narrowboat owners and we will hold a rally on one of the bridges over the Cam. Make every effort to come comrades. YOU WILL NEED TO BE IN CAMBRIDGE BY 11 AM.


A PROTEST march is planned after aggressive swan Mr Asbo was moved from the River Cam to “protect rowers”.
And campaigners demanding the return of the bird will call on the help of Trenton Oldfield to return it to its home.
Anarchists group Class War claims the cob was the subject of an “illegal rendition” when it was moved to a secret location to keep rowers from Cambridge University safe.
Ian Bone, an organiser of the protest from Class War said: “We are fed up with toffs from Cambridge University thinking they can do what they like – even riding roughshod over nature.
“For us the swan is heroic and has shown exemplary class consciousness by attacking Cambridge University rowers in the main – although there was some other casualties.”
The group said it will ask Mr Oldfield, the swimmer who brought the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race to a dramatic halt, to join the march.
The protest planned for June 16th comes after River Cam authorities were granted an emergency licence by Natural England after a series of attacks on rowers.
The cob and his mate were moved by volunteers under the orders of the Conservators of the River Cam.
Some rowers in Cambridge welcomed the move.
But Class War has described the act as “disgraceful” “It is the nesting season and all he was doing was trying to protect his young. The rowers knew he was there and could have simply stopped rowing if they had any respect for nature.
“Instead they just wanted to have their fun at the expense of this creature.
“This was an illegal rendition. They took the swan in the night and won’t tell anyone where it is.
The group has contacted Cambridgeshire police asking for permission to hold the march. If refused, they will hold a static protest in the city centre.
Natural England confirmed it approved the relocation to around 60 miles away last Wednesday, treating it as an “emergency licence”.
Mr Asbo has been championed by Robin Middleton, known as “Battleship Bob”, who lives on a boat moored at Upware, who will also be invited to the rally for Mr Asbo.

*****Any comrades living near  Cambridge get in  touch



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  1. Reblogged this on Jason E Cooper and commented:
    I see a day out in Cambridge is coming up!

  2. David Kiltrochan

    You know there are plenty of non-privately educated people in Cambridge who have made it there through hard work. Or are you implying that they have somehow managed to bribe their way in through other means?

  3. I presume you also have no clue about the swan. Perhaps if you weren’t so deluded and actually realised what this one swan did then you’d actually see sense. It attacks anything that moves. None of the other swans do. Rowers are some of the only ones affected because they’re down at water level. The swan has been moved to a place where he will be calmer and not disturbed by any boat. Good luck with achieving nothing with your life.

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  5. Cambridge Rower Not From Eton But State Education And Proud Of It

    Mr Bone, out of genuine interest, how would you attempt to solve these problems in a constructive, long-term and non-inflammatory way? Short term protests get attention but are unlikely to be solutions in the future. You don’t appear to suggest how these wrongs could be righted, and without that criticisms are not contextual or relevant.

  6. Asborower

    Right. So here I am, working every day to earn money to pay my way through education to better society, without loans or rich parents, from a modest background, and train daily to row in the Bumps for my college team which has no rich sponsors and a bunch of old, rag-tag boats, maintained and rowed through hard physical dedication and fund raising. While we may be miffed at times that some other colleges that have more than us, we prove that money isn’t the drive behind rowing by simply training our arses off with what little we have, and beating the others with our 20 year old boats. That’s our fight. If you want to war against eltism then maybe tackle the larger institution and the hikes in fees, rather than attacking something that, further to NOT representing elitism, is actually the great leveller; the antithesis of your argument – you would interfere with the hard work of a group of young people of various socio-economic backgrounds get to fight it out in an already anti-elitist competition. And for arguments sake, rowing is a hobby that probably costs less per month for th eaverage joe who wants to do it than your average smartphone bill. Don’t assume the unknowing masses will aggree with you, because it is obvious with just a little knowledge, that Bumps is one Cambridge institution where class is irrelevant. By the way, we love the swans, and are very careful; we didn’t ask for Mr. A to be removed, the conservators did it by their own judgement. I’m not sure what it achieves bringing him back, when he is probably in a more peaceful and appropriate environment for his fairly unique psycological nature. To suggest that a swan can show ‘exemplary class consciousness’ is clearly impossible and simply makes your cause seem all the more a joke. I am not quite sure who you are helping; it is those who would benefit from, for example, reduced fees (they do make it hard for the poorer classes to continue in education, for example); or is some attempt at personal infamy? The people, out of interest, who would benefit from reduced-elitism are, ironically, the one’s whose hard work you will be interfering with if you disrupt Bumps. Think on it.

  7. NonBritishNonStudentRower

    Mr. Bone:
    I have really been trying to make sense of your arguments, unsuccessfully. Firstly, it is quite clear to me (having been on the river with an 8s boat “attacked” countless times by Mr. Asbo), that the swan was relocated for its own safety. Although we managed to avoid its charges most times, more than once it was too bold and ended up hit by a few blades. You do realise that this is big bird against a 600kg+ boat… So yes, you could say that it was a bit selfish to move the bird from its natural habitat for the sake of a sport, but a quick look at the river will convince you that it is not like river Cam swans have been eradicated. Still, I can understand that debate.
    What I cannot make sense of, is how you relate this to elitism. Sure, Cambridge University may be packed with the British upper class students, but there is also people working their way through university with great effort, who also like rowing. In any case, how does this relate with moving the swan?? Your argument really falls apart there. Wildlife is affected by a million other human activities in much bigger ways than one pair of birds having to relocate. Did you ever have to “relocate” a mouse or a spider from your house Mr. Bone? Did you feel elitist?
    Before I finish let me assure you that, although I do not share your cause against elitism, I respect your right to express it. I am not trying to undermine your cause, so neither should you. And if you are just trying to have a little fun playing revolutionary, maybe you should think about doing it without ruining other people’s fun. The May Bumps is a city event, and if you come to your protest, you will see how many people who are not students line along the river bank to have a nice day out and cheer the crews.

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