Had communication from two ‘working class students’ at Cambridge who are going to protest against ‘elitism and snobbery and bullying’  by……………………BURNING OUR COLLEGE GOWNS OUTSIDE TRINITY COLLEGE ON JUNE 16TH

Fucking brilliant………this could go global………I would urge other working class students to join in and BURN YOUR GOWNS

From today’s Cambridge Evening News:

Anarchists have vowed to hold a Cambridge University “gown burning” in a protest over “elitism” and the removal of notorious swan Mr Asbo.

The news came as campaign group Class War announced the route it hopes to take on June 16 – past boat houses and ending up at the control desk of the college May Bumps.

Hundreds were expected at the protest, but now Ian Bone, spokesman for the group, claims up to 4,000 protesters will join him for the rally.

They want the return to the River Cam of Mr Asbo, who was relocated 60 miles away after authorities Natural England and the Conservators of the River Cam ruled his aggressive behaviour was a threat to river users and to himself.

Class War is also calling on Manor School pupils to join the march after the school’s headteacher Ben Slade branded Cambridge’s attitude to the Arbury as “snobbish”.

Mr Asbo

Mr Asbo

Mr Bone told the News: “We will be inviting students from Manor School to organise their own march into the city centre after their headmaster’s ‘snobby city’ speech.

“There will also be a burning of college gowns outside Trinity College at the start of the march.

“Two students are going to burn their gowns.”

The route they want to take will begin in Trinity Lane at 11am and go along Trinity Street, Bridge Street, Thompsons Lane, Park Parade, Jesus Green and then past the boat houses before eventually crossing the Green Dragon bridge and marching on to the towpath to confront the control desk of the historic rowing race.

Mr Bone said: “The phone hasn’t stopped and we have revised our numbers up to 3-4,000. We expect this to be by far the biggest demo ever seen in the city.”

The rally is likely to see protesters heckling college rowers from the riverbank as it coincides with the start of the Bumps races.

Mr Asbo was removed from the Cam after rowers complained of being repeatedly attacked by it.

Mr Bone said the march was “against elitism of Cambridge University in all its many guises”.

A police spokeswoman said: “We are aware of a potential protest being held on June 16 in Cambridge during the Bumps.

“We are liaising with the organisers and Cambridge University and will allocate resources, if necessary, once we know further details’



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  1. Saint Ian of Deluded

    First person to throw Bone into the river wins a slap up curry from a local food outlet of your choice, plus the chance to become an overnight youtube sensation.

  2. LillisJaneKsy

    Would the two students to burn their gowns in “protest against ‘elitism, snobbery and bullying’” at Cambridge University be able to possibly elaborate upon their account of this?

  3. Bill G

    Born Poor, Stay Poor says the Independent today.
    Seen a rash of these stories lately, with Oxbridge politicians admitting the system is rigged and unfair – but so many students still childishly deny it.

  4. b

    We need to work on our side’s ‘narrative’. Absence of social mobility – horrendous? Yes indeed, it is. Exclusivity, snobbery – yes we hate these… Why should we eat shit? Co-option of people from working class families to become part of the middle class? Well it still happens in one or two families per million. Fuck that. We don’t want to become like our enemies. BUT…burning gowns? Sorry, I know it will look dramatic on Youtube, but I don’t support it. To the working class students at Cambridge University – bloody good on you! Work hard, kick arse, and don’t sell out! Get research funding! GO FOR IT, MATEYS! You know damn well you’ve worked a lot harder than all the students from rich (whether snot-nosed or ‘professional’) backgrounds, overcome more obstacles, and you’re cleverer through and through.

    We all know some students tore up their exam papers etc. around 1968, including at Cambridge University. That was then. This is now. What are the working class students at Cambridge supposed to embrace if they burn their gowns and drop out? Life as desperadoes? Perspective, comrades!

  5. The Voice

    Well they could always hold their own graduation get to together instead of attending the official ceremony and then receive their certificates through the post and thereby level another snub at the college authorities.

  6. Anonymous

    Tom, you know that the graduation ceremony isn’t obligatory to attend, right?

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