It’s a lotta IFS……….but if Huhne has to resign his seat I will stand as Class War candidate in the subsequent by-election…..and i will fight a fucking rumbustuous campaign comrades,no holds barred and a fucking good laugh to boot. One of Eastleigh’s most famous sons is HEINZ  once of THE TORNADOS…….and I will adopt TELSTAR as my campaign tune and tour the streets and estates with it announcing my arrival. It  will be a high profile fight between the coalition partners with Labour limping in a poor third last tie with 5,000 votes…..so my aim will be to knock Labour into 4th place. If CW beats Labour then that’ll be a mighty opportunity to move forward on. By the election I’ll be   a pensioner -unlike i suspect any other candidates – and will be able to talk to my fellow ancients about how fucking tough it is tolive on a pension in austerity times. Its  a mid term by-election – anything can happen. I expect about 5 right wing candidates – UKIP/BNP/NF/NEW DEMOCRATS/INDYPENDENT –  and no leftie ones. Thats  a big gap in the market for the fed up Labour vote.,,,,,,,,,’ beneath the stars…..I play my guitars………..just like  Eddie……….oooohh….ooooh….wah……oooh’.  If you live anywhere near or want to helpout in any way get in touch………..it will be a fucking good laugh.



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  1. I don’t live anywhere near Eastleigh so can’t help out, but fucking good luck!

    If you win, don’t you have to swear allegiance to the Queen, though?

    (I think that’s why Sinn Fein never take up their seats in the commons.)

  2. M

    I live a mile from Eastleigh, let me know if there is anything i can do.

  3. ramon mercader

    Yes, but perhaps the Benny Hill theme tune might be more appropriate. We could raid the proceeds of the class war jumble sale to buy you a second hand milk float.

  4. james walsh

    The labour party (an oxymoron like the swp and the HRE) are the centre of our true class enemies- go for it 🙂

  5. gitanex

    They’re big on petanque in the area as I remember. So swap the fedora for a beret and get your boules out and “fanny” the opposition!

  6. Bukharin


    Anarchy is the ideology, not of the proletariat, but of declassed groups, inactive groups, lacking a connection with all productive labour: it is the ideology of a horde of beggars (lumpenproletariat), a category of people drawing its recruits from among proletarians, ruined bourgeois, decadent intellectuals, peasants cast out by their families and impoverished; an amalgam of people incapable of creating anything new, anything of value, only seizing what they have got their hands on through their “confiscations”. Such is the social phenomenon of anarchy.

    Anarchy is the product of the disintegration of capitalist society. The complexion of this misery is brought about by the crumbling of social bonds, the transformation of people who were once members of a class into atomised “individuals” who no longer depend on any class, who live “for themselves”, do not work and who, to hold on to their individualism, acknowledge no organisation. That is the misery produced by the barbaric capitalist regime.


      Oh, I thought ol’ Billy Bukharin got a bullet in the head from his erstwhile mate, and highly ‘atomised individual’, Joe Stalin? Ah well, better luck next time- ya chump!

  7. enkay VD

    Bring on the Anarchy pointyhead the peasants around here are getting well pissed off.

  8. Kelly

    I once ate one of Chris Huhne’s nuts. He did urge me to indulge in another but one was enough. It was a chocolate brazil, just in case you were wondering…

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