Patrick MacCroidan writes:

Where the fuck were the anarchists? Three anarchists took on members of Liverpool EDL right outside City Hall & those 3 Class War anarchists should be hailed tonight for saving members of the group REPUBLIC includuding Peter Tatchall from getting a fucking hiding of those nazi saluiting bastards. Where the fuck were the anarchists today?, Bunch of fucking wankers you are. There were some of us who gave those royal bastards what for. 3 of us took on a group of EDL Liverpool fascists right outside City Hall and won. Massive respect to those who stood with me against the EDL bastards and massive respect to our Irainain comrades who stood and fought those Liverpool EDL scum in Tooley Street. They are my comrades. Massive respect to Brian and all those who took over Gadaffi’s house, they showed today the spirit of anarchy against those bastard Royals. Out numbered 200 to 1 and still we showed those monarcharchist bastard sheep who were boss. You make me fucking sick sitting at home doing fuck all. Don’t ever look in my direction for anything in the future, your a bunch of cunts.


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  1. Movement Against the Monarchy - Patrick

    All respect to Republic yesterday outside City Hall, around 300 were there with several hundred outside on Tooley Street who’d been refused entry, a company called MORE-LONDON tried to seize anti royalist masks / banners from protestors but were prevented from doing so. On Tooley Street more and more anti monarchists were arriving only to find access to City Hall was blocked by both security and several lines of police. All the monarchists could do was constantly sing “God save our gracious Queen to every chant that rang out from us. We began hearing a small group of men begin chanting EDL with their raised arms with pointed fingers turning to hands in a nazi salute. It was great because the useless bastards made complete twats of themselves. They tried several times to approach our lines with a small group of us making ready to ave it with em. Peter Thatchell did his best to defuse the situation and for his trouble began being abused by the drunken EDL scum. We do not tolerate racist or homophobic behaviour from any royalist scum and made it explicitly clear to the flocks of Monarchist brainwashed sheep that we had the right to protest. It then began to piss down with rain and we cheered as many began to walk away from where they were standing for some 4 hours. At one point a woman from the West Indies named Gloria Brown approached our group having been sent over by the cowardly monarchists to antagonise, this was defused by a chant that went “GLORIA BROWN FOR OUR NEXT ELECTED HEAD OF STATE” the monarchist cheered then realising their own stupidity went deathly silent. Overall it was a good day for the anti monarchists.

  2. Movement Against the Monarchy - Patrick

    Anti-monarchy campaign stages historic protest at jubilee pageant

    Around 1200 republicans descended on central London on Sunday for a large scale protest against the monarchy at the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. The pressure group Republic, which organised the demonstration, described it as “the biggest republican protest of the modern era” and said it heralded a new phase in its campaign to rid Britain of the monarchy by 2025.

    Soon after protesters began arriving at the official protest site by City Hall, the private security staff employed by More London estates prevented access and confiscated placards. As a result, a second larger protest formed on Tooley Street.

    The protesters – who had travelled from across the UK to be at the demonstration – held placards saying “Citizen not subject” and “Democracy not monarchy”. Speakers including veteran human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell and Independent on Sunday columnist Joan Smith addressed the crowd throughout afternoon, calling on Republic’s supporters to get actively involved in the campaign.

    Republic’s chief executive Graham Smith said:

    “We predicted this would be the biggest republican protest of the modern era and it was. I’m absolutely delighted with the turnout and the fantastic support we’ve received. A highlight for me was seeing passers-by and tourists engaged in friendly debate with protesters. We were really getting our message across.”

    “I’ve no doubt that this protest – the first of its kind in my lifetime – will lead to a stronger, louder and more confident republican movement. We’re seeing a new generation of republicans emerge, one which is willing to challenge the monarchy on its own doorstep, right at the heart of royal events.”

    “The jubilee has been a great time for republicans – our supporter base has surged and our profile has increased significantly. Now we’re going to build on all that new support by stepping up our campaign to get rid of the monarchy by 2025.”

    Republic has organised another protest at the Queen’s service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral on Tuesday June 5. Protesters will gather at 9am outside the cathedral and will move to Whitehall at around 11.30am to great the royal carriage as the Queen makes her way from Westminster Hall to Buckingham Palace.

  3. Mike

    Respect to REPUBLIC for organizing a visible opposition to the pageant of power of the ruling class. As yesterday’s event clearly shows, this country has been firmly led into the territory of a police state. Yesterday protestors were refused entry to a designated area of public protest that had been negotiated with REPUBLIC in advance, with placards being removed. While other states with increasing disparities in wealth and power are seeing opposition radicalized, Britain, by contrast, seems to have sleepwalked into a bewildered acceptance that radical opposition is one that is described by mainstream media. Time for a change…..

  4. Ferran Tali

    Oh Gawd – I give up on Patrick MacCroidan: he thinks anarchists should be where ever he deigns to turn up and that they see him as a provider (of what?).

    Ian, have a word with him before he chucks all his toys out of the pram, otherwise before you know it Class War will become known as ‘The Pity Party’.

  5. Crippocrite

    All backseat drivers would learn well by a crash course in learning by doing.

  6. The MA'Mster

    Not to worry, there was after all opposition to the Monarchy and it pissed down with rain, so not to many smiling cheering royalists as there would have been if the sun had shone brightly. It was a super soaker episode – http://youtu.be/​1oCmmB2DPdc

  7. arrogant posh boys vs class politics

    “Where the fuck were the anarchists?”

    solfed were outside some shops stopping oridnary workers stocking up on pep pills and packets of mixed nuts. AF exist in a parrallel universe (the libcom internet search engine) and alarm, despite going through a recovery phase, is never going to top the dizzying heights of electing a secretary and treasurer at their first ever meeting.

    London needs a proper anarchist group. Something visible, active, political astute, willing to get its hands dirty and not afarid of a bit of graft (this last part is why london anarchists will never create a decent anarchist movement).

    We need to get rid of all the posh twats currently in charge – this includes the london anarchist scene

    • thuraltmedia

      Totally agree that London needs a proper anarchist group but…how the heck do we get there? After my stint as ALARM sec banging my head against the wall trying to get things moving, it was clear as anything that too many people like to pose as anarchists but only a few are willing to put in any consistent graft to get things done. Which is why I gave up in total frustration and walked away from it. Anyway, here’s the view from the Thurrock Heckler on the state of anarchism in London (and it is in a right fucking state!) – http://thuraltmedia.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/anarchism-and-us.html

    • Kelly

      What the fuck are you talking about? If there are posh twats ‘currently in charge’ then by definition it’s not anarchist! Why are you looking for a group to join? Get out and do something yourself, by yourself if need be. I’m not denying the need for comradeship or bigger actions and thoughts but what happeed to ‘bring what you expect to find’, literally and metaphorically.

  8. cw

    LOL @ Alarm. They lasted long innit? hahahaha

  9. Alan on Tyneside

    “working-class class-war scumbags”. Check out this arsewipe 🙂

    As me mate in Bristol says:
    “stop wanking yourself off and get a fucking haircut you middle class cunt”

    • climate action

      The history of the Hippie movement is the opposite of what that arsehole believes. It started as an attempt to change society. Cunts like him have taken up the brand while opposing what it represents. He says that nothing changes but before the English Revolution we used to be tortured to death in French when we were arrested. The reason why he should get a hair cut is not because of his race but because he opposes the action against wage slavery that that hair cut does still represent.

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    Firecrackers Thrown And Fights As EDL Supporters And Anti Jubilee Protestors Clash In Newcastle


  12. Anonymous

    ALARM is still going. Some people left, a whole load of new people just joined. It’s looking better than ever, actually! Watch this space.

  13. Jabez.

    Too true mate – we gave them a right ear bashing, at Tooley Street and they soon wanked off, presumably trying to get up the Queen’s rear end and join Marr.

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