Stuart Christie posted up a video  from  Edinburgh Anti-Cuts group ‘of the red and black anarcho-syndicalist flag replacing the union jack flying  over the Bank of scotland’. Here’s the first comment: 

Charlie Mowbray: Aw c’mon, the red and black flag is not just anarcho-syndicalist, it’s used by anarchist communists as well and I believe it was used for the first time by Malatesta and co. during the Benevento insurrection.

Whatever happened to well done lasses and lads?   Fucking Jesus!


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11 responses to “OH GAWD – I GIVE UP ON ANARCHISTS

  1. I wouldnt call myself an anarchist but fucking well done whoever did it !

  2. Northern A

    It’s also the flag of the Beano

    • Charlie Mowbray

      Oh gawd, I give up on Ian Bone
      Of corse well done, but it was a comment on a facebook page so not for general use, so fuck you Ian, get on with your electioneering and swanning about!
      Charlie Mowbray

  3. ldev

    Charlie Mowbray will wear a t-shirt saying ”I’m a bigger Anarchist than you..”

  4. Northern A

    It’s all very removed from what real people think about and what I like to call intellectual wanking.

  5. Roy Eldridge

    I can sup my pint etc but when it comes to anarchists , by ‘eck I know what “real people” (whoever the fuck they are), think
    And go fuck yourself ldev

    • Ramon Mercader

      Chumbawamba sound pretty good with the Oysterband. That video made my day – thanks K2. Maybe we could get them in for the Platinum Jubilee? Just a thought…

  6. Forgetful Cat

    “it was a comment on a facebook page so not for general use”
    There’s something desperately sad about someone who can nitpick about the minutiae of anarchist history, but doesn’t seem to understand how facebook works!

  7. Ha ha, I think we can trump that… We put up the video on our facebook page Now or Never magazine and the first comment was all about ‘it’s not a proper anarchist flag’ ‘red… represents oppression’ etc. I’m off to watch Life of Brian: “follow the gourd, it’s a shoe… it’s a sandal… splitters” etc

  8. Unm

    Called Syndicalist, Communist, and Individualist,
    There once were three cats of Kilkenny …

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