Cheers t0 all who came to Cambridge yesterday – top day out.  Cheers especially to the FREEDOM PASS ANARCHISTS who mobilised a 100% turn out in the over 60s. ……….to the Shefield four -it was great chatting to you – to comrade from Bury with the poster…..to the comrades from Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Willsbridge, Croydon, Thurrock – top work allof you. Special thanks to Simon fromKeighley with his banner and inflatable Mr. Asbo and raging passion – great to see you again Simon.

Animal rights campaigners dressed as swans

 And well done to Lee Culver and Cambridge Animal rights for getting out on the river as promised in their boat and ‘siginficantly disrupted the Bumps’. There were three arests in the boat . There’s a good account here:


Next event:  Occupations of public school grounds on Tuesday October 2nd during Cameron’s tory party conference speech in  Birmingham.Think local.


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6 responses to “DIDN’T WE HAVE A LUVERLY TIME………

  1. anonyma

    Just wanted to say I don’t usually comment on blogs but this one was like a breath of fresh air. I will miss it. Maybe Incubus could keep us informed and entertained from now on?!

  2. paulsheffield

    Ian, I have followed your protesting for so many years and it has ment so much to me my friend, I followed Conflict for many years and they wrote a song I want to share with you.
    Eight years of hard labour now seems suddenly to fade
    Away we stand defeated, at home the police invade
    Prosecutions hit an all time high, A.L.F. friends locked inside
    Our own they turn against us. Well you’ve got what you want, now shut you mouth

    Fuck you, fucking fuck off, can’t you see what you’re destroying?
    They sit back fucking creasing up as we squabble assisting all of them
    You are what you think and that’s nothing, can’t you see what we say is you?
    Scurrying around like angry ants, banging our heads on the same wall

    Stop; don’t think that we are very close to getting there – where?
    They give us tiny victories to keep us all content
    To trick us into false achievement, the realisation difference
    Look, everything we gain is what they let us have
    Abort the system all you like, but the board game’s titled ‘power’
    And who’s got the board game in hand

    The story continues, big business thrives
    The world is endangered every day of our lives
    They build their arsenals of armies, tanks and guns
    Do you still consider life as simply being all fun?
    Next time you see protest, ask yourself why?
    People shout and scream, they want peace more than a dream
    We simply want to live in the way we choose
    One day there will be no rulers of the roost

    So you stand back with your ideals, your rightful personal opinions
    Taking what you want from me but don’t say I haven’t given
    I won’t be stuck on the Christmas tree; I won’t dictate what you should be
    Now I just dream of being free
    And tears fill my eyes when I think of what it could have been
    Keep at the battle although support may die
    Watch every move they make, but always ask why

    I’m now glad I stand your outcast; I know we saw it through the past
    And any move we made wasn’t judged by good results
    But by the stereotypes who made us their new cult
    We stepped across the lines the music biz neatly drew
    We heard the screams of “sell out shit”
    But didn’t have a clue
    Some sell their arse to the BBC; I’m so proud they don’t want me
    While they have their fantasies, their technicolour dreams
    Remember that reality always breaks through, proving life’s just what it seems
    There’s still the Government’s police force, complete with boots and gloves
    That puts a whole new meaning on the precious word love
    The boot still goes in in Ireland, treading on the hands
    Still misery and poverty, throughout the pleasant land
    Still the threat hangs above our heads known by many names
    That’s now nice and neatly packaged into harmless TV games

    So we’ll continue fighting

    Yes that’s right, we destroyed our own following
    Smashed the legs from the pedestal, amongst howling and hollowing
    Rose a movement standing so strong against all wrongs
    It’s a world where little changes but the importance of songs
    Has never been so great did it come too late?
    Some set out to destroy us perhaps they like the state
    Twelve years of Tory conditioning, police and state privilege
    Finally proved too much for those now broken and fucked
    But out of it came one important achievement, self-respect, dignity, the acknowledgement of trying
    There is no independence, and that’s how it’s going to stay
    Not many understand madness, no one understood Conflict
    Conflict is to clash, a battle

    The house that man built stills stands strong
    The Centro Iberico’s now defunct
    A nation of animal lovers coincide
    With the stupid bastards who help EMI
    Turning rebellion into money
    Its time to see who’s who
    But the serenade is dead
    This is not enough, the battle continues
    We increased the pressure from protest to resistance to the ungovernable force
    The Final Conflict. Our war of words.

  3. Danni

    Ian! Say it ain’t so! Please don’t stop blogging! 😦

  4. aye at the risk of becoming a pain in the ear given that comments are shut on the other entry:
    I ain’t gonna suggest like some that you “owe it to the movement” or what the fuck ever to keep blogging. fuck knows you’re the last fucker who owes the movement anything, and if you’re fed up with writing a blog in particular then you should jack it in. HOWEVER I have gotta agree with other commenters that this is where it’s at nowadays. if you wanna reach people then like it or not that means writing stuff on the internet (personally I don’t much like it and I ain’t much good at it, but I recognise its value as a weapon). yeah there’s a lot of bullshit and hobbyists and posers but there’s also a lot of real organisation, from local to international levels, that happens online now. websites like this are how a lot of people (specially young people) get introduced to radical politics these days, and that’s important even if only a few of them as yet are taking it to the streets. I hope you’ll find a way to make the most of that even if this blog ain’t it.



    OK, so as I understand it, a few people here would like to see me me to set up my own blog…Ian has been kind enough to let me express myself here over the past two or so years, (for 90%) of the time, so I’ve always thought he liked the ‘cut of my gib’, and where I was coming from.

    It has crossed my mind, though I realise it’s quite a committment and a responsibility, (and quite time consuming just as a commenter -distracting me from the book I’m trying to write!), however, I do miss blathering on. I can’t promise it would be anything like Ian’s prodigous, tireless output or his fearsome polemical style.

    If Ian would be so kind as conduct something of a ‘straw poll’ here, so I know whether it is worth embarking on, then I’d be most grateful.

    : the voice of the people is the voice of God

    “And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.”

  6. Greg

    Yeah shame youre stopping Ian –

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