Mgcineni Noki – a brave,noble and courageous man

Hopefuly this photo of him urging on his comrades at the Marikana mine shortly before he wwas shot dead will inspire resistence in South Africa:

Photo: Marikana striker in green blanket shot dead by police is father and husband  Mgcineni Noki..........a name that deserves to inspire working class resistence throughout Africa...and maybe some fucking soidarity action here as well!!!!!
what a brave, noble  and inspiring man....Mgcineni Noki
There will be a speaker from the South African shackdwellers associaton at the anarchist bookfair.


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2 responses to “Mgcineni Noki – a brave,noble and courageous man

  1. Al-Jazeera is reporting that the Marikana workers have won a 22% pay increase and have agreed to return to work on Thursday…Direct action gets the goods- It remains to be seen if miners across the rest of the country will persist in their struggle-Lonmin may be trying to buy off the mine that brought the anti-ANC-union militancy home- but if Marikana’s victory is anything to go by…

    • Greg

      But today at an Anglo -American mine the police have opened fire again…complete cunts and would they if the miners were white ? I dont think so.
      Just found your blog by the way incubus good stuff !

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