Had a great morning walking round the north side of London Bridge. My mate Jason gave me ‘ I never knew that about London’ by Christopher Winn  so I followed his directions. Starting at Pudding Lane first stop was the church of St. Magnus the Martyr. Has the biggest swelling organ in  the country – ooh er missus – beautiful cream and gold interior and full on statue of the great dane himself. Then passed the old Billingsgate fish market – with fabso carved fish on roof – to All Hallows Church on Tower Hill. They have an exhibition of bibles on – including those of Elvis Presley, Ronnie Kray,and the japanese pilot who said ‘Tora, Tora,Tora’. Reggie is in the same display as William Booth – ‘what’s the connection’ I asked. ‘The Blind Beggar’ said the woman ‘Exactly 100 years before George Cornell got shot William Booth was stoned by a crowd outside the pub by angry drinkers’. I kid you not. In the undercroft there’s London’s only bit of roman road you can walk on and the crows nest from Shackleton’s ast ship and all sorts of random stuff. On to St.Olave’s favourite church of Samuel Pepys and Mother Goose buried outside.There is a Japanese duo playing violin and piano in a deserted church…..this is getting better and better. Visit the secluded garden at St. Dunstans on the Hill and head for home. Round corner into Byward Street and see new Fullers pub ‘The  Hung Drawn and Quartered’ with big quote from Pepys about Colonel Harrison’s demeanour when facing execution – the fifth monarchist regicide. It’s definitely a sign. I have been thinking for ages aobut a film on Venner’s fifth monarchist uprising in 1661 butdone as a modern  Occupy rising since both were outside St.Pauls. Think Kevin Brownlow’s Winstanley done present day. Any film makers out there?  Head hom knackered and only got to page 15 of the book. Brilliant morning out.


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  1. Dave Lamb

    Just shown this to my lad. He is going to do the walk next week. Cheers.

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