My mate John Duignan used to work as ticket collector at Ladbroke Grove station. He had several good  jokes. When people asked him ‘Where’s the nearest boozer?’ He would reply ‘You’re talking to him’……..soo…here’s a derelict boozer I snapped on our enjoyable jaunt  to Gravesend yesterday.



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  1. John Merton

    A sorry site: Another watering hole of the plebs gone to the dogs.

  2. smithy

    Shrimp Brand Beers were brewed by Russell’s of Gravesend. It is believed that the tiling and tiled signs date back to about 1913. This particular boozer (The Terrace) apparently closed in 2009.

  3. Aidan

    Got a nice tiled pub in Croydon – Tamworth Arms in Tamworth Road. Pics here: – it’s a Youngs pub.
    Its nextdoor neighbour is a 19th century Baptist Chapel. I expect there were some interesting conversations on the street back in the day

  4. Dirty_Squatter

    It’s still legal to squat pubs.
    There are many empty ones.

    Here’s a legal warning to use if you find an empty pub to squat:

  5. Ben Blasphemy

    My mates Dad was landlord of that boozer,we spent many Saturday mornings plundering the charity money to play pool.

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