I’m making a film with Suzy Gillett. Suzy will direct and we’ll co-write the screenplay. The film will be framed by the  four days of the FIFTH MONARCHIST uprising in January 1661 against the restoration of the king and will feature other radicals – The Ranters Abiezer Coppe and  Lawrence Clarkson and the Muggletonian leader LODOWICK MUGGLETON. The whole action will be transposed from 1661 to the Occupy London camp outside St.Pauls last year. …..exactly where Venner’s rising began.

We have no money so no one is getting paid, shot in black and white with hand held camera – think ‘Winstanley’ and we aim to do the bulk of the shooting on the anniversary of the uprising January 1st – 4th next year around St.Pauls/London bridge/Tower Hill. We need our friends and comrades to help us  so if you are free on those dates and want to be in the film get in touch……will need 50-60 people for some scenes. We’ll be sorting out  a talk about Venner’s rising and the ideas of the film at the HUNG,DRAWN AND QUARTERED PUB early in November………..come and help out!



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  1. John Merton

    would love ot help,laways wanted to be an extra: i missed the chance with Lawrence of Arabia,

  2. John Merton

    ps greatt o see you are blogging again. Makes my broadband worth paying for.

  3. William.

    Yes great idea. I would like to participate but have to wait and see – health issues and etc.

  4. Anonymous

    I imagine you’ll get some people from the Occupy movement up for it but I’d join in if you need someone. If it all comes off (or even some of it!) let us know nearer December and put in the holiday days if I haven’t had the sack by then.

  5. Kelly

    I imagine you’ll get some folks from Occupy to join in but I’d be up for it if you need some bodies. Let us know nearer December if it all come off (or some of it!) and I’ll book some holiday off if I haven’t got the sack by then.


    The question on everybody’s minds is whether you’ll be taking a leading ranter role, given your natural public speaking abilities? And should people bring their own pikestaffs?

  7. London Class War

    You obviously have a character role for Patrick, yes?

  8. HG

    Thought your 1919 thing on youtube was pretty interesting.

  9. Tough Love

    Sign me up Ian for any reactionary part/extra as befitting my Libertarian Right credentials. Must now swot up on this uprising.

  10. Anonymous

    This sounds like fun. I’m up for it.

  11. Should be up for it if i’m not working.My Grandad would be proud he was the last known Muggletonian!

  12. brocasvennerwheeler

    I did some ancestry researching at the start of the year and found that I’m related to Thomas Venner. Thanks to his foolish attack on London, the family had to change it’s name from Venner, to Veneer. Wish I could be in the film, but I’m a bit far away in Sheffield. Need any info, or if you have any info…more than happy to correspond.


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