‘Right we’re planning on a public protest at Monument Metro Station on SUNDAY 7TH at 1:00 PM. If you have a hi viz wear it to the protest, if not just wear what you want and come along. Whether you buy a ticket or not we’ll be following the checkys around on the Metro, updating the facebook page and advising passengers to help in lowering ticket prices. Please note that although checkys can’t touch you if you don’t have a ticket police can and probably will. Hope you can all come along and protest peacefully’

This is the most imaginative thing going in politics at the moment. I  laugh my socks off at the  geezer’s broadcasts –  of course if the autonomists were doing it they’d give it fancy names like ‘autoreduction’!!! Good luck Tuesday all.


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  1. Alan on Tyneside

    Now rescheduled to Sunday 7th Oct. Just looked at the attend list; nearly 200 already & only five names I recognise. Working class self-organisation.. Y’nah. 🙂 A.

  2. Rock solid geezer- they make us pay some of the highest fares in Europe FFS, and buying tickets for your pooch !?? In North London before they got rid of the bendy buses, the cops and inspectors regularly used to mob buses, treating everyone like cunts, paid-up or not- proper gestapo shit. They do the same with DVLA traps for drivers, now that people are too skint to pay their insurance…

  3. Anonymous

    Hit the d-e-c-k

  4. micky stig north

    ben potts – pure legend

    • Alan on Tyneside

      Still think we should print a list of demands for Sunday; like;
      a) Checkies only allowed at poshies’ stations such as Tynemouth, Monkseaton, Ilford Woad, Jesmond…
      b) free travel for everyone who isn’t a poshie.
      c) free travel for all pets including giraffes.
      d) “Mobility scooters are mint” – let them on the Metro!
      e) Also bikes.
      f) Music & a ‘refreshment’ section on all metros.
      g) Maximum fine for anyone who still manages to get caught is two quid. (Excluding poshies).

  5. Alan on Tyneside

    Fucks sake 🙂

  6. Decka

    Your doing a good thing as the system stinks. good luck everyone

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