Charlie’s coffin went into the crematorium to the song ‘Stand by me’



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  1. ldev

    Which version of the song Stand By Me was played- Ben. E King-John Lennon cover. Or Oasis ?

  2. Reblogged this on Jason E Cooper and commented:
    RIP Charlie

  3. David P

    Referring to Bonnot but in the context of the blokes jailed for shooting at the police helicopter, you say “when he’s fighting the cops I’m with him – when he aint I aint”. So what’s all this about Charlie Richardson? If you think he was a working class hero, you need your head tested! He was a vicious enemy of the working class, and no better than the filth. The same goes for the Krays, the Noonans, etc.

    • Charlie and his gang members did do wrong but they also did a lot of good, did they go the right way about it… id say not but they got results, you have got to remember this was of time when even the police were beating confessions out of people, im not trying to big the Richardsons up or the Krays however, sometimes you have to take a step back from media feed and look at the big picture…. R.I.P Mr C Richardson xxx

  4. I have always been proud of my family,and my uncle chaelie was my favourite,any persom that knew him personally would say he was a real,no one or no write up in the papers will change my mind,so to all u haters that believe every word u read in the paper good luck. RIP Chalie Richardson

    • Joann, are you really related? only i have been led to blive that my grandmother was a sister of the richardsons? i find this odd as i cant find any proof of this, apart from original photos she had and my mum had… my grandmothers maiden name was Betty (elizibeth) hynds (not sure how you spell the last name, its said like the backed beans but not spelt the same…lol she married Richard Cooke…. im confusd so would be greatfull if you can fill any gaps for me… Sophie xx

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