Beniha Laing and  Wesldey Gray were yesterday sentenced to a total of 64 years for being part of a  group that fired a gun in the direction of a police helicopter during the riots. Helicopter was not hit and no police injured.
As usual after the riots  and long slog through the courts the political groups who cheer lead the revolt are nowhere to be seen in solidarity….they want victims anyway not people who took the fight to the cops. I have not seen this case mentioned anywhere…………and there are at lesst 10 others with nearly as long sentences. People with Malcolm X posters on their wall can’t be arsed to give support to ‘gangsters from Brum’……they’d much prefer an Alfie Meadows. If these geezers were Black Panthers there’d be a poster on every wall. And we wonder why are slogans are hollow an we are not trusted.
Meanwhile a copper who did kill someone is still collecting his police pension………..
Beniha Laing
Wesley Gray


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16 responses to “LONGEST RIOT SENTENCES………….

  1. Anonymous

    What do you mean by solidarity Ian? Plenty of people are involved in prisoner support through groups like LDMG for political cases, but were overwhelmed by the sheer number of cases coming through after the riots. Many had to make a tactical decision about prisoner and legal support because there simply aren’t enough volunteers, and because the state implemented a furious fast-track justice policy.

    When you suggest “solidarity”, what are you suggesting? It doesn’t seem to me that your particular brand of solidarity – media-focused protests and pantomime stunts – is good to man nor beast. People turning up to support Alfie Meadows through legal support and fundraising is better than 20 anarchos stood outside a riot trial. Better still would be a consistent stream of volunteers for legal support so we didn’t have to choose between student rioters and August rioters. But solid, on the ground, boring work, sitting in courtrooms and hanging around police stations for 8, 9, 10 hours at a time isn’t as fun as chasing schoolkids round Eton or hanging around Tory party conference with fake guillotines, is it?

    Frankly it’s a bit rich for Ian Bone of all people to slag off those who prefer sloganeering to practical class solidarity.

    • ldev

      Fuck you. Either put your name to your post-or piss of you sad troll twat!

      • ramon mercarder's favourite axe

        Most people don’t want to give support to gangsters anywhere. They also don’t tend to take much notice of people who talk like teenagers with behaviour problems. Have you ever considered that people may not support you because they think you are just out of touch with normal people and their concerns?

      • Tom Ferrour

        @ldev, But if we use our real names we get blacklisted!

  2. 100% agreed Ian, I will recommend to those I know to express in whatever way they wish, that they show some solidarity. I agree that people bleet on about the revolution, Malcolm X, Black Panthers etc. which is all well and good in it itself but most of those who do, when it comes to the crunch of an uprising they are nowhere to be heard (Minus a fraction of a tiny few!).

    We have Counterfire who unless it was not organised via social media with an iPad and directly linked to the insurgents of the West Bank and Gaza, it is not worth the light and then we have our good ol’ friends the SWP (The same people who dismissed the Brixton rioters as the ‘lumpenproletariat’, but nowadays pay lip service to it!) and SP (Formerly ‘Militant’ [sic] and we all know what they do to rioters!) mind-numbingly going on about ‘seizing the means of production’ (Because once that’s passively done…lol, we will all be left in peace by the state won’t we?) but neglect the fact there are those that are unemployed and therefor unable to ‘seize the means of production’ and the countless numbers of the labour/liberal/pacifist lot for obvious reasons (Besides being middle and upper class pricks!) and the other dick-heads who dismiss the uprising (Because that’s what it ultimately was) due to the fact that ‘they were not political’, ‘not overtly political’ or ‘not political enough’. I say to those privilleged wankers, go and boil your head you fucking moronic bastards!

    The August 2011 insurrection was messy and these things are unfortunately messy (I am not one of these romantic fantasists who thinks the masses are going to run down the Mall and storm Buckingham Palace just like the Winter Palace in 1917!) I agree that those who robbed the Malaysian kid are wankers and my sympathy goes out to him but there is a bigger picture and the August 2011 uprising was more than that.

    Solidarity with the rioters!
    Solidarity with Beniha and Wesldey!
    For Working-Class Pride and Unity, Class War NOW!

  3. Archangel

    The trial was well publicised during the summer. Did you support them then Ian? You are now retired. You could of travelled to court to support them, or you could of spent the time you wasted on your Cambridge protest to support them. Did you?

    Of course not. Have you ever supported prisoners and the people going through courts as a result of putting words into action? I mean real support, not just mentioning it briefly on your blog. Probably not.

    You make digs about people prefering Alfie Meadows to these two. Kind of playing the game of either them or us. Why is Alfie Meadows less worthy of our support? The only difference is that Alfie Meadows actively asked for peoples support. This is probably also why Marion Price has been offerred support (from some circles) and Laing and Gray haven’t.

    And in reply to The Obscene Turtle. The 2011 riots were not an insurrection. They never attempted to take power or destroy power. No alternative was offered and they descended into a glorification of the trappings of consumerism. It has a valueable lesson for anyone who thinks all we need is a big riot to bring in a new world. The idea that after one large riot everything will be OK and workers councils will magically spring up after the riot, like mushrooms after the rain, is fucked and has been proved to be fucked.

  4. lol

    it’s a real shame these brave working class lads, standing up to organise their hyper-violent drug dealing gangster mates, have been banged up for so long. What brave revolutionaries they are, ushering the new anarcho-future into being with the example of their actions.

    What a joke! You really want to support this scum because they shoot at the police?

    • Uncle Sam

      One day this comrade could be quite lonely on his perfect little barricade.

      We’ve just had the Tories and their Annual Festival of Delusion, Spite and Greed, now this.


      Scum indeed–like the jailbird Iron Column I suppose, where every rebel heart is.

      Those guys are inside because they were part of the biggest collective awakening and welding together of the poor in this country for decades.

      They’re in there for us. We’re out here for them

      End of.

      • lol

        then you are totally delusional. These gangsters, that engaged and made money from pimping, extreme violence and wholesale flooding of poor estates with highly addictive drugs are not ‘in there for us’ and I am most certainly not out here for them. How you can delude yourself that these parasites, that grew rich on the misery of their victims are somehow worthy of people’s support is beyond me. You really think these are working class heroes as they tried to lure policemen to be murdered? Having been banged up for a long time removes this scum from the poor estates they terrorised. Fuck these parasites and the delusional idiots that somehow think they are worthy of support.

  5. What the fuck makes anyone here think any of these people want ‘support’ from any bloody politicos who spend a hell of alot of time ripping each others throats out over the finer points of ideology, activism and holier-than-thou hoss-shit?
    ‘No alternative was offered’ -shit, sorry about that, we’ll try harder next time and we’ll try to avoid ‘glorifying consumer stuff’ by looting it, even though it’s rubbed in our faces 24/7. Giving solidarity is a luxury to some, an impossiblity for others and a necessity for family and friends.
    As they say on ‘The Road’- ” it’s all about the money bro'”-To each according to his need…Every shoplifter is a class war prisoner too, and an uprising is an uprising is an uprising.

  6. Archangel, basically what you are saying is that it is wrong to take from big businesses? So what if the rioters wanted something for free? Whilst everyone goes on about the recession and how it is affecting them (Me being one of them), what most people seem to be forgetting is that for most of the rioters, they have been living in the recession their entire lives! So fuck if they want to take something. There were peoplethere taking baby milk for their kids that they would not have otherwise been able to afford but I suppose because they can not quote Kropotkin or have a clear vision of ‘workers councils’ then their kids or themselves must settle for either nothing or less.

    As a working-class person myself, I don’t need to be told what way I should liberate myself and as a class, we don’t need to be told the almighty shining correct path to a revolution. Only we can liberate ourselves! I am an anarchist not a fucking Leninist!

    As for not attempting to destroy power, do you know the individual motivation of each rioter? I think wanting to get at an institution, especially one which is hassling you every day (The police), makes you want to destroy that institution. Yeah, maybe they did not have red eyes or have workers’ councils in their minds but they hated the system and wanted to have a go at it. how do you expect we get to the point of workers’ councils without seizing control of the streets?

    Archangel, do you praise the efforts of the revolutionaries in Egypt during the ‘Arab Spring’? Now, many people who condem the rioters during August 2011 praise the Egyptian revolutionaries without realising that the battles on the streets of Egypt were accompanied with looting. But I suppose it comes down to the old liberal chestnut of supporting any non-pacifist struggle aslong as it is not on their own doorstep. You say we are not going to get workers’ councils this way and maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong but one way we certainly will not get it is by sitting around talking about it, waving our fucking hands in the air and hoping for a nice, passive, perfect, pure and clean passge to liberation (One that has been mapped out by some self-important, pretentious twat!) in which the police, army etc. just stand back and allow us to take control of the streets without confrontation! As for no alternative being offered, what should they have done? Elect an organising committee, have a planning meeting and draw up a manifesto and then go and riot? Please…in a spontaneous situation, such things most certainly do not come into play!

    Also, no one said that everything will be OK after the riots, certainly not me anyway.
    Who gave you the mandate to decide the meaning of insurrection?

    Anyway, in reply to ‘lol’, drug dealers are scum, no doubt about that but as far as the “standing up to organise their hyper-violent drug dealing gangster mates” comment goes, A.) Are they drug dealers? and B.) If they are not drug dealers and they just happen to have mates that are, why blame those two lads and tar them with the same brush as their mates? Also, no one said that they were revolutionaries.

  7. Ian Bone is a fucking idiot

    “If these geezers were Black Panthers there’d be a poster on every wall.” – what the fuck are you talking about you dolt? These geezers were clearly not black panthers carrying out a protest, just feckin murderous thugs shooting at police for fucking fun.
    No doubt you’d be giving them solidarity and not calling the police if they turned up at your door in the middle of the night too eh? You’re an utter prick.

  8. Name and address (to be) supplied

    These young men have not been given prison sentences, they have effectively been give death sentences; 30+ year stretches are ghastly and inhumane and turn these men, whatever their previous characters, into dissidents (in fact pretty much into gulag inmates). Well done Ian for highlighting what appears to be two egregious examples of burgeoning totalitarian justice and the state’s creation of two new political prisoners.

    @The Obscene Turtle – good points and sad, essentially the state is getting away with the obscenity of handing down such monsterous sentences because there is no longer any opposition movement anymore (not even a cynical, hypocritical or discredited one).

  9. @ ‘lol’, can you confidently say that those two lads were drugs dealers and pimps or are you just assuming it? I would really love to know just how you are privvy to such information? Because I have checked shit loads of the more conventional media outlets and found nothing to indicate that they were involved in what you are accusing them of!

    ‘lol’, you really seem to have the middle/upper class notion that if someone is working-class and commits and act of violence and maybe from a council estate then they must be gangsters. Burry your head back up your media imagery filled arse!

    Next time maybe they should consult the almighty revolutionary powers in Hamstead.

    Now fuck off you wanker!

    @Ian Bone is a fucking idiot, how do you know their motivations? Besides, are you trying to say that the Black Panthers never lifted arms to the police?

    @Uncle Sam and incubusblog, well said!

    No to middle/upper-class bullshit, yes to class war!

    Also, solidarity with the other 4 accomplices!

  10. *Hampstead, I appologise in advance for not being pure and perfect and making a slight spelling mistake!

  11. Uncle Sam

    Even the best of friends may fall out big-time but it is hard to see why drug dealers should want to shoot at the police. The law of supply and demand, the bedrock of the market, means that any drugs bust is going to put up street prices. There are better and better-known ways than shooting of avoiding being busted yourself, and highly and regularly rewarded previous intelligence will help to ensure that the bulk of your stash is somewhere else and that you have had time to put a paid patsy in your place to take the rap. If a rival has to be driven off or otherwise removed then this also may be made a lot easier by an exchange of information and funds with the fuzz. The import scene is another case of symbiosis, with smuggler bosses tipping off customs regularly about the odd wretched mule so that the quantities seized remain acceptable while in between and underneath the hoohah and the jailings and the commendations everything ticks along nicely. With regional variations this seems to be more or less the scene worldwide.
    Police forces everywhere in fact are in one way not unlike a domestic animal that gratefully follows whatever master will give them a comfy sty and a full trough. Times enough the same police in various countries have shown themselves to be willing servants of both democracy and dictatorship, of the rule of law or what passes for it on the one hand and naked state terror on the other. Mindful of this, in fact, in 1939 the late Albert Meltzer and others together sought assurances from Scotland Yard that in the event of a successful German invasion the Met would destroy any of their records that could help the Hitler gang smash civilian resistance to their rule. Such assurances were not forthcoming.

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