‘but stroll you down the avenues of the rich and look through the magnificent plate windows into their voluptuous homes, and here you will discover the very identical robbers who have despoiled you and yours. Then let your tragedy be enacted here! Awaken them from their wanton sport at your expense! Send forth your petition and let them read it by the red glare of destruction. Thus when you cast “one long lingering look behind” you can be assured that you have spoken to these robbers in the only language which they have ever been able to understand, for they have never yet deigned to notice any petition from their slaves that they were not compelled to read by the red glare bursting from the cannon’s mouths, or that was not handed to them upon the point of the sword’



October 22, 2012 · 8:51 pm

6 responses to “A DAY MOURNFUL AND OVERCAST…………….

  1. gitanex

    “He who goes out with revenge in his heart must first dig his own grave”. Revenge is never, ever enough.

  2. Yeah, but it’s the thought that counts!

  3. Northern A

    I fucking love this banner

  4. Northern A

    Last year my favourite banner was on the student demos in Leeds, “Shit’s going down, let’s get rowdy!”

  5. JJ

    From Quebec ” When shit is fucked, fuck shit up”

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