Lookin for evidence of child abuse. Quite why Charles would visit such a remote cottage in the Highlands to attend on Mr. Savile is unclear.


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  1. Inspiration for The Dirty Old Man Of Lochnagar.

  2. b

    Anyone who’s got access to decent press archives – try searching on Prince Charles, children’s home (Haut de la Garenne), Jersey

  3. William.

    Jimmy Saville- Apparently there may be a number of high profile arrests in the coming weeks, well according to the news this afternoon. The worrying aspect of this ‘search’ is whether it will be carried out efficiently, or will there be a police ‘blunderer’ who could so easily and inadvertently, I must add! destroy evidence!!!! It was Bill Oddie who said that the friendship between Prince Charles and Saville was one reason why the BBC did not wish to pursue the Saville pedophile ‘thingy’ at the time. Clearly in that example a

    cover up!!

  4. Anonymous

    Bit off topic, I’m in need of serious replies from this. Looked at the police comissioner reps in the area, I don’t agree with any of them. If I go to my ballot and write’ Fuck the police’ or ‘a.c.a.b’ Will the police break my door in?


    • Why even bother mate? The whole thing is a rigged scam- fuck all people know who is standing, so the Freemasons and the State get their candidate in, if you’re so worried, don’t do it…and yeah, many local Cunstabularies have been known to ‘have it in for people’ on the flimsiest of pretexts. Like most forms of protest you run a risk, so it’s your call. Me, I’m avoiding being on the electoral roll altogether, Ijust ignore the council bureaucrat who keeps knocking on my door…

  5. Anonymous

    I am not going to jump on the wagon that slams all who came in contact with Saville nor will I tar them with the same brush.

    Prince Charles may well have been drawn in by the “charity fund raising work” Saville did. All whose life paths crossed and, indeed, all who were friends with Saville will not necessarily be child abusers. It merely puts their taste in friends in question.

    The man was not at all liked by folks in the Glencoe and Lochaber area. Mind you, his housekeeper, Julie Ferguson from Oban, thought him wonderful but she’s one of those know-it-all social, climbers blinded by a person’s fame. I don’t, however think she would have, for one moment approved of his child abuse or colluded in any way: to the contrary, I reckon she would have gabbed..

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