Loyal: Morrison with Baroness Thatcher in 1990
Sir Peter Morrison PPS to Thatcher and vice- chairman of the tory party linked to 600 attacks on boys in North Wales care homes over 20 years. William Hague was secretary of state for wales at the time and must have known – as must Thatcher.


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  1. It aint a conspiracy theory anymore

  2. OK to name the dead ones. I hear Cameron’s cabinet isn’t a paedo free zone.

  3. Name and address (to be) supplied

    Well done to the Daily Mail (and to this blog), it has only taken just shy of 20 years for you all to catch up with the last genuine editor and journalist this country has managed to produce – Simon Regan (RIP) and his team at Scallywag.

    Scallywag broke and continued to update this story (and dozens of others) from the late 1980s to the mid 1990s. Scallywag was adamant William Hague was then made leader of the Conservative Party in 1997 as reward for his successful cover up of the Wrexham boys homes scandal.

    According to Regan children were sometimes brought from Wrexham to be raped at parties in flats around Pimlico by leading members of the estalishment and by royalty … all “made up libels” of course, and Regan went on to die in poverty and discredit whilst the public school muppets from Private Eye who dismissed him (and denied there was a state-sponsored persecution of Scallywag) have all gone on to have their own TV shows on the BBC. So I’ll let Simon have the last word on this one, I know who I trusted:

    “At the time we ran a story entitled ‘Boys for Questions’ and named several prominent members of the then Thatcher government. These allegations went to the very top of the Tory party, yet there was a curious and almost ominous lack of writs (instead our offices were burgled and all files stolen).” (interviewed in 2001)

  4. Anyone remember the ‘Satanic abuse’ cases in the nineties (Orkney, Rochdale etc.) ? I’m beginning to think that they were falsely constructed to throw people like Regan off the scent- as some sort of mass psyyops deception, or if anything else, a way to harvest ‘fresh meat’ for the care home system…We are truly governed by sociopaths, that’s for sure.

    • Ned Seagreen

      ‘Here and Now’ magazine in the 80s/90s had a good take on all this stuff – ‘The Professional Conspiracy’ and all that – trouble is, so many contemporary anarchos are implicated in all that stuff (social workers, teachers, etc.) they don’t want to engage with it. Aside from that, nothing wrong with exposing a load of Tories from the patrician and parasitic wings (not that the two are separate – the parasitism of the patricians predated and paved the way for that of the second hand car dealers and double-glazing salesmen).

    • Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV) was one of the most high-profile victims of the “Satanic Abuse” scams, when Channel 4 Dispatches mistook an art video for proof of abuse in the P-Orridge home’s basement. They didn’t have a basement, but it led to Gen moving to the US to avoid the possibility of charges.

    • Phil

      They were completely bogus as anyone can discover for themselves by studying what pagans really believe in, and what magic is really about. The whole sad affair was cooked up by evangelical social workers in the states initially, and it turned into mass hysteria with people digging up school football pitches to find “satanic tunnels” etc etc In the Orkneys somebodies furry ski boots where taken as evidence. Common sense flew out of the window.

  5. Voice agaist social work abuse of power

    We as a nation sweep what does not sit right in the public view well under the carpet. Social Work and their abuse of power must be implicated in these care home abuse of vunerable children . We are all guilty when we shut our ears and minds to what is happening at this very moment. There are many ways families and children are being abused by out so called “careing system”.


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    Of course Hague knew after all he likes to share single rooms with young men doesn’t he !

  8. unlimitednow

    Scallyway Magazine tried to expose this in the 90’s as per comment above. Andrea Davison and Pete Sawyer were behind the exposure. In 2009 the Police were forced to start a new investigation into elite child abuse when Duncroft girls came forward. An investigation they quashed. in 2010 Andrea Davison had the evidence of systematic child abuse stolen by the Derby and North Wales Police

  9. Somthins wrong in this country,we need a revoloution to get rid once and for all,now we know why paedos are allowed to roam free,they have friends in high places,prob still do.

  10. Anonymous

    We don’t need a revolution Joe, we just need people to do their jobs properly. We have enough problems without people calling for a revolution.

    • Sorry bud but i think these scumbags have gotten away with it, for too long ive seen them do nothing for us,they take everything and give nothing back,and no amount of peacfull protesting will do anything,they had thier chance now its time the pple have thiers.Hang em all.

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