So lets get this straight. All the politicians, journalists, the metropolitan elite, the police, the Tories know who the man Newsnight did not name is. But the rest of us are not to be told. ‘Nothing to see here…..move along…….ooh look theres Leonard Rossiter.’   Information is power and don’t they control it.


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  1. William.

    Hi Ian – your book is highlighted in our local library, where in 1984? you were quoted by The Times? as the most dangerous man in the country.

  2. Annos

    “I expect him to be arrested in the next few weeks. I am not so sure if the current government minister will be arrested for the same offence. ”

    • martin

      No one will be arrested, save some low-hanging fruit like Glitter or Starr. The masonic and establishment perverts will expertly cover it up, files will be closed for a hundred years or “lost”, “D” notices will gag the media and meanwhile our kids will continue to be buggered and even killed by these scumbags. The political cover-up after the North Wales care home scandal disturbed many journalists on the Independent and Guardian. Go read about it!

      Meanwhile, have you ever wondered why they just gave themselves powers to read your emails and texts, listen to your mobile calls and track everywhere you and your kids go on the new HD CCTV system?

      • Don’t forget too Martin, that a lot of the wide-ranging surveillance/mass observation measures are being carried out in the name of…child protection. You couldn’t make it up could you?- then again George Orwell had a fucking good go!

  3. Anon

    Looking at the psychological interview with Anthony Clare, Saville says that he has freedom, clout, power. Although crazy, Saville was surely too clever to think that abuse of children is a real mark of power.
    It sounds more probable that when he speaks of clout he means the clout gained from squalid temptation, blackmail, leverage, bargaining power – and that can’t be had from Joe Bloggs the ordinary pervert, it has to mean much bigger fish.
    That would give clout, for sure.

    • Tod Palin

      The interview with Tony Clare is the most important piece of information on the entire saga and Incubus must be commended for posting it. But it is not about Saville’s political clout, not directly. I knew Clare, and know he was well informed on ancient Greek ethical issues, and was leading stupid Saville along the script written by Plato in his dialogue, the Gorgias. Its the superman discussion with Callicles. Clare knew this and set Saville up to boast about his freedom, and as in the dialogue, it would reveal the weakness of Saville – he was at the mercy of his perverted desires. And I will add this, Clare knew he was a pervert and had the interview continued, stupid Saville would have boasted about it. Saville really was talking about his power to abuse children, not political power, and Clare had him.

  4. the journalists, police, etc, probably learned it from the same place you learned it, WordPress and Blogger and Twitter… which, by the way, dont agree with other, some of them name 4 different people.

    None of them actually go to the trouble of tracking down independent verification, sourcing, fact checking, cross referencing.

  5. According to the Express this morning, Steven Messham one of the main, known, victims of abuse, in the North Wales care home mass-abuse case, is going to be naming names to the cops this week (hey, it’s only taken them 35yrs to take the man seriously)- so we shall see whether the fall of a respected Lord and a serving Top-Tory Toff drags all the other vermin out from under their privileged stones, or not (including KC, PL and MP etc)…?

  6. Reblogged this on minorthreatrecordings and commented:
    Oh dear, looks like the British ruling class have been found out…

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