Video resurfaced of  Max’ I know where the bodies are buried’ Clifford naming Thatcher favourite  and cabinet minister ALAN CLARK as ‘interfering with 14 year old girls’. Hardly a surprise…….in his autobiography Clark delights in his marriage to a 16 year old when he was much older and refers to her as ‘my victim’. I’m sure Mrs. thatcher found it all highly amusing.



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  1. In 1992, Clark revealed that he had had affairs with what he referred to as the ‘Harkess Coven’ – the wife and two daughters of a Judge. This apparently broke a gentleman’s agreement with the Judge to never mention the affairs in public, and the wife and one of the daughters (by then in her mid-30s) went to Max Clifford, who arranged interviews with the Sun and the NOTW. Clark had begun grooming the daughters when one was aged 12 and the other 14. Here’s a quote from Clifford’s autobiography (page 166):

    “Josephine claimed Clark exposed himself by showing his erect penis to her and Alison when he collected them from school in his car. She also said he rubbed himself up against them throughout their teenage years.
    “Clark’s loyal wife Jane rounded on the family. ‘If you bed people of below-stairs class, they will go to the papers,’ she said snottily. Clark immersed himself in self-pity and said he felt wronged and ‘bitterly traduced by people whom, many years ago, I held in affection and trust.’

    • b

      I think Clark said something about the poignancy of “doing something for the last time” and also said that he was more “eclectic” than just someone who bedded a lot of young women – which may have been references to his sexually molesting children whenever he got the chance, references made for the amusement of his social peers who if they hadn’t already stayed in his inherited castle, would jump at the chance of being invited there. He was also a serious admirer of Adolf Hitler.

  2. William Gladys

    Not all that brave of you Max Clifford old son. Clark is dead, defunct, deceased, gorrn oorrrf the boil, cold as mutton, thoroughly worm eaten. Do us a favour by having the courage to name those who are still alive – assuming you do have names of those hiding behind establishment prejudice and are not on your books!!?.

  3. Infantile Disorder

    In his diaries he refers to “Class war Anarchist scum” so the Tories very own
    borderline Nazi was certainly aware of, by far the greatest political group the world has ever seen !

    • gitanex

      Something that is never mentioned ; where are the paedophiles in the Labour Party? Are they better protected or is the Conservative Party the natural home for the priveleged to practice child abuse?

  4. lucy benton

    well money talks and scum like this pay to keep their dirty little secrets hidden.

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