Here’s a bit from his obituary from the  Independent:

‘Morrison staked out a position for himself on the right wing of the political spectrum. His highly restrictive attitude on immigration – on which he mercilessly harried Roy Jenkins – was representative of a strong stream of opinion within the party, as was his strenuous determination to root out social security fraud. He was fiercely opposed to any proffered schemes for proportional representation, and urgent in his pleas for the restoration of capital punishment’    

 They unaccountably missed out  nearly everyone in the tory party knew he was a serial paedophile -but  hey what do you expect from an Old Etonian. He was admired by Norman Tebbitt who ensured his undeserved pomotions in the whips office.

I was born in Hindon in Wiltshire, mum and dad were married at Fonthill Gifford. One New years day – I guess 1952-53 – my dad took me to watch the local hunt meet up. My dad pointed out to me a very fat huntsman who had to have two horses to hunt lest on collapsed under his great weight. By now dad  had seized my hand and was making a beeline for fatso like an assasssin in a Bourne movie. ‘ You fat Tory swine’ shouted my dad. The huntsman turned and gave a very slight  acknowldement with his whip as if my dad had shouted ‘God Bless you sir’….indeed I am sure that’s what he thought my dd had shouted. Dad was by now hoiking me off to The Lamb at Hindon where I learned the huntsmsan was known as JOHNNIE MORRISON.

Johnnie Morrison was Tory MP for Salisbury, self described ‘SQUIRE OF FONTHILL’, owner of the 10,00 acre FONTHILL ESTATE, and benevolent provider of jobs and homes to hundreds of farm workers, foresters, chauffeurs and scullery maids…………most of whom would indeed have shouted GOD BLESS YOU JOHNNIE MORRISON such was the deference he was held in. My dad had his wartime experience to mould his political views towards equality and the Labour Party but the war exempt farm labourers would ask ‘if it wasn’t for johnnie morrison….’ i don’t doubt that Morrison would happily have insisted on his rights of ‘droit de seigneur’ if he hadn’t been too fat to have tried .

Morrison was father to Charles Morrison  tory mp for Devizes and Peter Morrison tory mp for Chester. Johnnie himself was given the hereditary peerage of Margadale now passed to his grandson. Peter Morrison – who had no experience of life outside of the Fonthill estate, Eton and Tory party somehow managed to develop extreme right wing views on morality while flouting them in his personal life. Is it any wonder that a man from such a background would see his ‘droit de seigneur’ as young working class boys in care homes as an alternative to scullery maids?

These feudal aristocrat landowners stil dominate our county tory towns today as local MPs –  the Beynons in Newbury, the Draxes in Dorset. The present lord Margadale is a johnnie boden type marketing the FONTHILL ESTATE for every angle……….holiday lets, stud farm, racehorses, timber,organic veg………….maybe ‘HOME TO  UNCLE PETER’   could be added.


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  1. Uncle Sam

    Latterly, the grateful poor of the countryside would follow the hunt in their battered Allegros and Escorts, hoping for a distant sight of a fox being torn to pieces by the hounds, which no doubt helped to reassure them that they weren’t — quite — at the bottom of the rural shit-heap — but also reminded them that their employers were men and women of little mercy.

    The bread and circuses of Merrie England …

  2. SmashyButNicey

    Would appear that for decades permitted the inhabitants of its children’s homes—male & female—to be regarded as a freely available sexual resource.

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