The loathing of Chavs as emblematic of our class is reaching new heights.Now tape measures round the belly when you sign on – no benefit today for you fatso, three months at the fat camp, get your cranium measured, your nose….how can you afford a tattoo, no money for tatoos,no fat kids in school, no school dinners for fatties…….no meals on wheels for fatties…no winter fuel allowance….no free bus passes for the knuckledraggers,no tattos on the train,………..bring back third class…..cattle trucks…separate casualty units – cant have nice mr monbiot sitting next to a tattooed man who might steal his hair shirt off his back



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  1. max

    From this year, no benefit unless you have a computer, all job searches have to be online with all your personal details registered online and held by numerous private companies and easily accessible to any semi competent teenage hacker. If computer says no you haven’t been looking at the right jobs you lose 13 weeks of benefit, which will also soon be paid monthly so more people will struggle to budget their finances.

  2. Greg

    True, theres more class based attacks going on by the rich and their lackeys manufacturing outrage, like the tories did with a so called ”underclass” in the 80s. If they want to call us fatties in some childish public school, Lord of the Flies type way, there arent many of them that aren’t ‘well fed’. Conservative councillor for York Chris Steward (a stockbroker and ironically a right fat fucker) is obviously envious of free food that isnt destined for his salivating chops “The fact some give food to food banks, merely enables people who can’t budget to have more money to spend on alcohol and cigarettes”. Still down with miserabilism, their day is coming…

  3. Too fat for work – Nicholas Soames, Eric Pickles, Mr. Blobby

  4. vic surgical

    “They call me The Fat Man, The Fat Man, because I weigh 300 pounds, but the Women they just LOVE me, ‘cos I know my way around…” Fats Domino, 1949.

  5. WillyNilly

    Seems like yet another government campaign to keep ‘the deserving poor’ and ‘the undeserving poor’ at each other’s throats. People leaving for work when the lights are still off in the house next door. ‘Strivers versus Skivers’. Not so long ago it was single-parent families that were targeted in this way, and there’s always that old chestnut, immigration. Working v Unemployed, Single Parents v Families, British v Immigrants – all
    designed to distract the plebs and keep them in their place. Of course, being rich, governments and their paymasters don’t have to rely on taxpayer hand-outs; well, apart from the banks, building societies, private industry, public schools, royalty etc. To be fair though, in an uncharacteristic burst of altruism towards the less well-off, the Tories did legalise loan sharking.

  6. It’s the World Farts Championship (Darts.Ed) ” The working class,,,probably the greatest comeback since Lazarenko” (Lazarus.Ed) “Probably, the greatest comeback since Tazarus” (Whatever you say, Sid. Ed.)

  7. Ned Seagreen

    So Lucy Parsons is still – in the words of the Chicago Police – “more dangerous than a thousand rioters”, then? (Don’t worry, I only left the quote up on my fb page for 12 hours before getting cold feet and deleting it. Strong stuff! And a memorable Class War cover – much less latitude these days…).

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