DSCN1106Me and lads at Alton Town in August when all we hsd to worry about was Alresford Town………..but now……


and where will Sylvester go?

Fucking international brewing conglomerate Molson Coors have given my home town team ALTON TOWN notice that they will be evicted from their ground at the end of this season so they can sell off the land to developers to build houses. Talk about an unequal battle – Molson Coors operates out of Canada and the USA and is a big donor to the Republican party and now picks on a tiny Sydenham’s league side. Click on the Alton Town FC for more details and to sign petition. However you can help in these ways – DIG UP ANY SHIT ON MOLSON COORS….like do they pay UK tax? If you live anyehere near get in touch ‘cos I will be organising some local actions. Is there anyone who’d like to help film the whole thing over the next few months and has some time and a camera?



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  1. Cowgirl

    Bad news! Coors was much hated and boycotted in the states back in the 80s for their hard right corporate activism. Union busting, extreme Anti choice funding, you name it. Can’t imagine the Coors family has changed.
    Make them regret they ever came near Alton Town.

  2. ianbone

    cheers cowgirl that’s very handy….turns out that chairman who’s a brilliant one man band, welcoming supporters, picking up litter,shouting encouragement ..has had a stroke but now recovering……….Coors – by any means necessary!

  3. Greg

    Signed. Nice e mail back from the chairman

  4. b

    Have a look here: Loads of shit on Joseph Coors, who died in 2003, including how he backed the neo-Nazi Roger Pearson. A current director of Molson Coors is Iain Napier, the British scumbag who is chairman of cancer company Imperial Tobacco and who was CEO of Taylor Woodrow. Maybe have a good look at that property deal and what building company is involved?

    • Ned

      Another whole can of worms with the Pearson link – how the obviously unacceptable subject of the ‘Aryan race’ gets transmogrified into the more subtle discourse of Indo-European Studies with its appearance of ‘academic respectability’. There was a good article in Anarchy magazine (at the time it was in its Black Flag/armed struggle phase, post its countercultural/autonomist incarnation) called ‘Jackboots and Sporrans’, about the Scottish Nazi, Robert Gayre, where Roger Pearson and The Mankind Quarterly are mentioned. Bet they’re all into rugby…

      • b

        Yep and ‘evolutionary psychology’ rather than ‘sociobiology’, and the lovely ‘bell curve’, sold as if knowing that it’s rarer to get 3 than 5 with two dice makes clear that some of us are born inferior to others. Charles Murray, bell curve merchant, links to the Mankind Quarterly. Murray was pushed a lot in the Sunday Times, which was also the conduit for the ridiculous Laffer curve (the less tax the rich pay, the more they’ll be socially responsible). Mankind Quarterly also links to Ottmar von Verschuer and through him to Josef Mengele, but… the key hero of the British elite isn’t German; it’s Malthus. Scratch the surface of ‘green’ planning and the term ‘food security’ comes up very fast.

        Viscount Lymington in the 1930s, author of ‘Famine in England’, also called for nothing to be done about TB in the lower classes. Very reminiscent of Prince Philip, who said if he’s reincarnated (what a fucking loony), he’d like to come back as a killer virus. Lymington looked down his nose at the British Union of Fascists, because they involved themselves in the electoral process. Before I start rambling…Lymington and the ‘English Mistery’ are where the ‘Soil Association’, certifier of what’s ‘organic’, has its roots.

      • Ned

        Shades of the Blood and Soil Association…

  5. Anonymous

    As a fellow non league comrade i can sympathise with this.. shame on Coors..

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