The Rebel worker group in Chicago – set up by Franklin Rosemont amongst others – once published a beautiful piece of writing ‘THE FORECAST IS HOT’ – reprinted here in HEATWAVE. It is a blistering, visceral incendiary rant. there were others THE INTERNATIONAL APPEAL TO THE PROVOTARIAT from the Dutch Provos. Why don’t we get writing like this anymore?
All we get is worthy boring whining – look how ‘orrible they are torpor inducing banality. Anyone who produced anything half decent would clean up.
On his way one day Franklin Rosemont remarked ‘ on the delerious promenade of the anteaters at the zoo’. Who’d put that in a political text these days. DOWN WITH TORPOR INDUCING SAME OLD SAME OLD.



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2 responses to “‘THE FORECAST IS…………BANAL’

  1. Fucking right.

    No passion, no HATRED, as this emotion is no longer considered ‘appropriate’, almost a thought-crime in itself- and with every revolutionary falling over themselves to appear ‘rational’ and ‘reasonable’ while the rich scum are disembowelling our class, inch by inch, until they do it mile by mile, when we’ll all be fucked- Nobody acts with passion, because fewer people think or write with it- Ignoring the fact that there’s a race on, to construct a total surveillance sociey before the rickety house of capital starts to collapse- you can see the results already- fuck all graffiti, stickers or direct action, now protests are all based on a passive, middle class, consensus-based ‘process’, (spilling out from the academic non-hierarchical practices of the liberal universities, afraid of ‘offending people’) -neutering class analysis and drowning anger in the bureaucratisation of revolt.

    The same on demos, where the most ‘radical’ thing people do is film the cops with their phone, as actually confronting the state without the mediation of technology has been drummed out of people, people who are perhaps too anaesthetised against feeling any RAGE at having been exploited, because they do not consider themselves as part of one class dominated by another, elite class- just a spineless mass of atomised, ‘democratised’, ‘unique’ individuals who do not experience any social solidarity-(See the pissy-pants reaction to the riots of ’11).

    The same goes for revolutionary organisations’ which is why they cannot organise a piss up in a brewery, because they have no real HATRED to direct them, to motivate them, except towards each other over the usual petty ideological shit.

    Look at it this way; We have so many things to express our collective HATRED over, the blatant conspiracy to conceal organised elite paedophile rings, the blatant thievery of the banks, the murderous assault on EVERYTHING our grandparents and great-grandparents fought for, the killing of the disabled, the homelessness, the war-crimes and criminal wars fought in our name-all of which could be exploited for our cause, not cynically, but because they are symptoms of a global system that will ultimately exterminate our fucking species, golden opportunities to put the BOOT in all being missed…But what the fuck are people doing? Waiting for the next pointless shitty TUC march, waiting for the Left-wing of the State to take the initiative as usual, waitng for the next ‘outrageous’ Tory policy to piss all over us? If we’re not part of the solution, then we’re part of the fucking PROBLEM, and we deserve everything that is coming to us. Meek and mild, walking into the metaphorical gas chambers- filming ieverything on our stupid smart phone as we go…

    Roll on the summer, roll on the raw power of working class HATRED, for the hot months, for the when the bubble bursts and the first things to go will be the CCTV cameras, when the passion for creative destruction outweighs the misery of an empty commodity-life…For a Black Bloc on every block…

  2. Dora Kaplan

    Talking of institutional banality…if anyone want’s a real laugh take a look at the latest rubbish provided by Dickie Seymour over at ‘Lenin’s tomb:’ The Statement of the demoratic renewal platform of the SWP. It’s hilarious stuf, including such comic gems as, “there is an ungrounded fear of frank public debate in the party. The entrenched scepticism about the internet, though justifiably repudiating cyber-utopianism, is symptomatic of this phobia.” Indeed comrades! Fight imperialism, fight capitalism, fight the internet, fight the printing press, defend democratic centralism and the legacy of Tony Cliff!

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