Many people ask when I’m going to write part two of BASH THE RICH – I aint. But the book I really would have liked to publish was Darren Ryan’s account of his time in England……..which never got beyond the chapter headings but there exciting on their own – here’s what you’ve missed:

To give some idea ofthe excitement of those times with Darren Ryan alone here are his 62 suggested chapter headings – quite a variety of action dontcha think?

1.Darren arrives on stolen plane ticket
2.Meeting ‘Mad Mark’and ‘The General’
3.Darren’s first night at Wapping
4.Darren’s first Class War meeting – the fight with DB
5.Mile End ‘street work’
6.The National Front raid Mark’s bedsit
7.The protection patrol/racket on Burdett Road to protect asian shops from the National Front
8.The big fight with the NF at Wapping
9.24 hour anti-NF patrols
10.Conflict – the anarcho-punk scene
11.The big Coventry Conflict pub fight
12.The Conflict Tour
13.Free food rounds for Asian families
14.2nd Conflict tour
15.Writing Conflict mags and answering their mail
16.The South Shields boys
17.The Burdett estate and the Pakistani kids
18.Lisa from Manchester
19.The end of Mad Mark
20.Millwall football fighting: Arsenal/Liverpool/Midlesborough
21.The West Ham night game riot
22.Class War people
23.Getting CS gassed at the Main event skinhead gig by the Chelsea Headhunters
24.Oi! Gigs – the skinheads, 100 Club, Nicky Crane, Ian Stuart, the Last Resort, the Nazis
25.The Punk scene
26.The Notting Hill Carnival riots
27.Illegal living by any means necessary
28.Armed robbery/shoplifting/cheque fraud for survival and a living
29.Red Action
30.The Liverpool anti-fascist riot
31.Toxteth autonomous zone
32.Anti-fascist action – class war bootboys and bootgirls
33.The trip to Ireland
35.The loneliness of the whole thing – personal life and loves
36.Boxing with Peter Kent
37.Kick boxing with Judd
38.24 HOUR Class War activist
39.Joe Strummer – Rock against the Rich
40.The Joe Strummer 30 gig RAR tour of Britain
41.The Notting Hill by-election
42.Cynthia Payne – prostitutes madam
43.Maxwell Worrel and radical black politics
44.The East –End anti-yuppie campaign
45.The Joe Strummer Isle of Dogs gig
46.Anti-yuppie action
47.The ‘Pink’Un’ football newspaper
48.The Tichbourne Claimant – Darren claims to be heir to English aristocratic fortune!
49.Stamford Hill squatters – the battle of Stamford Hill
50.The pubs – the drinking
51.Soul crew – Cardiff City hooligans
52.The Community defence Force
53.Millwall football – more fighting
54.the train strike looting spree
55.The possibilities of the Class War takeover
56.The anti-poll tax movement
57.The Town Hall poll tax riots
58.The Trafalgar Square Poll Tax Riot

59. Thatcher goes!

60.Back to Aussie – in a hurry

61.Thatchers Britain – 4 riotous years

62.My part in Thatcher’s downfall


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One response to “RUCK RIOT’N ROLL

  1. doc conker

    Whatever happened to that film they waz going to make about the book? Did the guy bottle out or what?

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