The Kronstadt Agreement was signed yesterday signalling an end to 140 schism going back to the Marx/Bakunin split at the First International. Details of the 46 page accord will be released soon. Signng the accord were two veterans of the class struggle – Ian Bone and Andrew Burgin – representing tens of thousands of activists.

Of course compromise was needed on all sides……anarchists may no longer wear black clothes….but c’mon it’s only clothes….and flags (did i mention that?)



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  1. Carlos

    You represent tens of thousands of anarchists? Let me rip to pieces my anarchist club card

  2. TC

    If you intend to represent the masses then turn on your spell checker and cast off your chains.


    A feel a blue plaque moment coming on…

  4. anna j.

    “Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends/one likes to push a plow/the other chase a cow/but thats no reason why they can’t be friends”

    From “Oklahoma”

  5. Dora Kaplan

    Comrades Bone and Burgin show shining path for disciplined cadres. Petit bourgeois deviationists and revisionist runing dogs beware.
    Soon glorious pair will appear in brave journal of people’s posadist revolution, ‘Proletarian Democracy.’

  6. Hmmm…Strikes me that Mr. Burgin has the hat, Mr.Bone, the spex, but both are missing the beards and a train station…

  7. Peter Good

    The Anarchists who put so much faith in Lenin must be turning in their gulag graves, The Anarchists who fought in Spain, the Anarchists who rotted in Castro’s prisons, the everyday activists who find themselves shit upon by some party line….I’m going for a lie down now.

  8. Peter Good

    Phew! Thank goodness for that. I’ve had a stiff camomile tea and am feeling a bit better now.

  9. martin

    Ive just been sickin my own mouth=-)

  10. An early April fool’s post?

  11. Awesome ! Now I don’t have to split May Day between the two sides of my family!

  12. Pham Binh

    I’m a Marxist and I’ll sign. Unfortunately I’m an army of just one.

  13. ellgieff

    I’m assuming the date on this post is spoofed, and that it’s actually an April Fool’s joke.

  14. congratulations u carry on ha ha h ah aha ha
    as before we wont be listenings – stuff the commie wankers

  15. go to bed old white men you need some good sleep and don’t speak for the people.

  16. i dont give a fuck about people who live yesterday

  17. occupycjnielsen

    While it seems a bit laughable that a leaderless social idea would agree to an accord of a constructed, hierarchical social movement, the fact that any attempt was made seems interestingly promising.

  18. rafael fernandez

    Basicaly the thing that bring, and brought apart the communist and the anarquist is the existence of the State, while the communist argue that the State has to be preserve as a necesity in the first stage of the new order or mode of production to coerse the remaining of the bourgeoisees and the counterrevolutionaries and considering that after fulfilling its task it will fade awade, the anarquist want the State to be suppress immediately after the success of the revolucion with no need to use it against the remnant or the bourgeoisees


  19. Bill Murphy

    This is great Junkie Ginge and all the gang have signed up :))

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