“Nope, no march has even been floated. That report is just factually wrong.” Owen Jones commenting on John Rees interview in the Independent today. Rees has gicven the game away on the undemocrartic decisions he and German have taken – there will be a march on October 26th except no one but Rees and German know it yet.He has probably not told Owen that he has written the final declaration either. Better ask him Owen.

Rees: We are organising the biggest march ever in the UK
Owen Jones: Nope no march has even been floated.

Owen even Galloway couldn’t work with rees.

Far from organising the bifggest march ever Rees has organised the most hilarious cock up ever.



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    Yeah, I read this, my first thought was they’d heard that the massed ranks of the anarchist and autonomist movement were heading their way, so they shit themselves and decided on a demo rather than a hot-air party…

    ‘Floated’ is right, like a turd in the surf on Southend beach…

  2. Dora Kaplan

    ‘No march has been planned.’ That’s right, Owen. And nobody ever covered up sexual abuse at the SWP, either.

  3. vic surgical

    Oh c’mon theres got to be a march! Ive just bought the new Billy Bragg cd and learnt all the tunes specially.

    Maybe Owen, Polly, and me can go busking instead or play at Dave Miliband’s big leaving do! Lottsa free food, all welcome.Wipe your boots.

  4. MASS Strikes NOW!

    Forget marches they will achieve nothing

    people are dying we need action NOW!

    we need MASS strikes close down the country

  5. butchers

    This is what’s Rees’ racket said on friday last :

    “The People’s Assembly will be holding a 3,500-strong rally at Westminster Central Hall, 22nd June 2013, as well as meetings and rallies across the country. ”


    Inflated rather quick that balloon didn’t it?

  6. anyone

    Where are they now – The self serving lefty careerists edition – Part One.

    Clare Solomon; ???

  7. anyone

    If you’re freezing to death, don’t worry. Can’t decide what bills to pay or what bills you ignore? Don’t worry. Struggling to pay your bedroom tax? Don’t worry. Help is at hand though, that’s right there will be a march in 7 months time. Thank you Oxbridge lefties for showing us you really do care.

  8. anyone

    Oh I forgot.
    Here’s Iain duncan Smith being called a ratbag earlier today.

  9. Shoegazer

    This weeks SWP Party Notes urges their drones to attend this event in “large number” in order to “win people to an argument”.
    Could be read as “Right to Work was a non-starter, Unite the Resistance has going tits-up, let’s hijack this and wreck it because it wasn’t our idea but Rees’s”
    As Frazier would say – “We’re dooomed, we’re all dooomed”

  10. Nailed to floor

    I saw a plaintive comment on a Coalition of Blah FB page, ‘anyone else ever been charged four quid to go on a rally’? Ha bloody hah. See youz outside.

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