“Class warfare” has broken out in Brixton over a new branch of Foxtons opening in the area.

From today’s Evening Standard:

The estate agent opened on Brixton Road last month, causing some residents to complain of “gentrification”.

But now protests have taken a more extreme turn after abusive graffiti started appearing on the shop.

Last week employees were shocked to find the words “yuppies out!” painted in capital letters across the floor-to-ceiling window.

It comes after someone scrawled “yuck” across the glass the week before.

Residents today appeared to be divided on the issue with some saying Foxtons’s arrival is good for the area while others complain that established residents are being priced out.

It comes amid an on-going debate over the gentrification of Brixton, which has seen house prices and rental values soar as Brixton Village and other improvements have led to a new wave of people being attracted to the area.

In Brixton Market, Nour Cash and Carry recently won a long fought battle against market bosses to stay open after they were told their rent was set to rise by 22 per cent.

Writing under the name of “Fx”, one resident wrote on Brixton Blog: “It is a sad sight to walk into the indoor market in Brixton and find only young white capitalists laughing at the miseries of lifelong Brixtonians!…The graffiti is only a warning that Brixton won’t take it laying down.

“Brixtonians have a long history of defending their rights and culture and despite the shiny few coins they might get thrown at their feet by new developments and yuppie bars coming in, they won’t be fooled into giving up their borough for their history and culture to disappear!”


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  1. It fits with the Tories’ “urban social cleansing” agenda- and that includes the local Labour Party, whether they know it or not.

  2. The Don

    To be fair I seen a fair few young black capatalists there as well last time i was in brixton.

  3. Mike B

    Brixtonians? What a load of bollocks.

  4. scherben

    Off topic, but vile shithouse exploits kids’ deaths to attack poor

  5. b

    Ah, the Tory party! I just saw a BBC headline saying “Philpott: Osborne questions state ‘lifestyle subsidy’. It caught my eye, because I wondered whether it was a call for capital punishment – but no, the message is that welfare claimants are all akin to child murderers, and paying them welfare rather than letting them starve in the gutter or take whatever slave-type job might be on offer (until it’s withdrawn and they starve in the gutter), is tantamount to ‘respectable people’ paying taxes to support psychotic child-murderers who want to have sex on their child victims’ graves.

    This underlines a point that’s been made on this blog time and time again, and needs to be made, if people are ever to wake up: the ruling scum hate us with a vengeance. ‘Hate’ is a strong word, which some people use for attitudes that I’d prefer to call strong dislike or whatever. But here ‘hate’ is the right word. They hate our guts. They get off on the idea of us being subhumans. It doesn’t matter whether a working class person is an anti-social psycho child killer, or a socially-minded and community-spirited kind and nice guy. We’re all the scum of the earth for them. Every last one of us. We’re not people, so the question as to what kind of people individuals among us might be doesn’t arise. We’re scum. We’re only worth being kept alive if we skivvy for our ‘betters’. For reasons that are pretty obvious, most people in the middle strata don’t even begin to understand this.

    • b

      And an interesting new usage by A N Wilson (or caption writer) in the Daily Mail: “The way in which Mick Philpott lived, was the direct consequence of his being able to live scot-free at the expense of the taxpayer

      “Live scot-free”.

      ‘Scot-free’, a phrase usually applied to people who deserve to be punished for something but manage to avoid being punished for it, is here applied to ALL welfare claimants, who obviously all deserve to be kicked in the teeth every day of their lives from birth. For what crime?

      • Az

        A friend of mine popped round today for a chat. This friend often (unknowingly) takes a reactionary center-right stance but is open to reason and generally pretty liberal. I could tell he was troubled by something and asked what was up. With out hesitation he went on to describe how he’d seen Osborne’s statement somewhere in the press and felt he had a point. Mixing his repulsion and disgust for the tragedy he let it trigger a disgust for ‘types’ like Philpott going on to espouse a new and shocking kind of liberal fascism (he even used the word breed) resembling antisemitism . All the while guided by the way the case has been reported by the propaganda machine and cynically exploited by the political right. Fucking awful.

        There’s more of this sort of thing round the corner. I fear people such as my friend, who find it all pretty hard to get there heads round, are a ripe substrate, warm and moist ready to receive a seed of a NEW kind of 21st century fascism. I’ve heard more and more thinly veiled eugenics, its in their nature, some people are different there’s nothing you can do…etc dangerous bollox. All wrapped in a kind of faux liberalism. Society needs weak scapegoats more than ever as Capitalism looks less and less of a goer and people (liberals included) that bought in to the whole free-market social mobility shite feel more and more nervous.

  6. Greg

    Well the queen is state subsidised -and has 775 rooms in Buck palace. These include 19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms. She doesnt have to pay the bedroom tax , and when she or the queen mum, forget which, gawd bless ’em, tried to burn down Windsor castle and her kids that time, not a fucking dickie bird from the politicians. Its one rule for them and another for the rest of us

    • Jabez

      Spot on Greg. There is a CAUSE on Facebook raising the issue of a Royal Bedroom Tax. The Queen is referred to in the media and elsewhere as THE ‘Tenant in Perpetuity’ – she does not own Buck Palace. I believe ALL our elected MP’s have been emailed about the CAUSE.There are dozens of VACANT bedrooms at Buck. P – so if the law remains in its present form SHE must also cough up. The alternative is for the Royal VACANT rooms to be occupied by the homeless. Ha ha what a hope!

    • Bernadette H

      the poor queen only got a 5 million pound rise the other day!!!!

  7. Mr Cosypie

    Living a state subsidy lifestyle? Sounds like the ruling class to me. But they would never harm our children would they? Or Children in Iraq or Gaza. They are the rich, they are liars and mass murderers. Such hypocrisy and bullshit!

  8. Roger Jenkins

    George Osborne was quite right to point out the detrminetal effect of a life on benefits on the moral compass of people. Look at Mick Philpott, a disgrace to mankind, a piece of vermin who thought he did not need to work because he could rely on benefits given to him and his ‘wives’. This is what happens when people have no discpiline in their lives, but instead rely on state handouts

  9. @b, you talk about psychotics, this is how Osborne operates-

    ‘The Chancellor George Osborne has been photographed getting into his security car which was parked in a disabled bay at a service station on the M4. Treasury sources insist he did not know where it was parked when he got back into it.’


    …and talking of hate:-

  10. Jabez

    “Brixtonians have a long history of defending…”, Really!!?? But I remember when the area was ‘cleaned’ up by an idiot council because of a visit by a moronic royal – the people of Brixton did bugger all about it! If they had re-spread rubbish just before the bleeding royal arrived, I would have respect for them.

  11. b

    George Osborne parks in a disabled bay. That was the original story.

    Now it becomes ‘George Osborne’s driver (stupid oik!) parks in a disabled bay while Osborne nips into a service station to get a “McDonalds lunch”‘.

    I haven’t checked (I’ve had a shit this morning, thanks!), but I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one national newspaper is referring to McDonalds as “Britain’s favourite restaurant”.

    Presumably the publicists running the McDonalds account got to Osborne and offered him a backhander if the story could be changed to include mention of their company, and how ‘easy’ it is to buy ‘lunch’ at when you’re driving somewhere.

  12. b

    @Az – interesting info about your friend’s response to the Osborne-on-Philpott story, especially the change he let the story trigger in his attitude. He can’t be the only one. Totally agree with your second paragraph.

    @inc – I don’t get out much, and although I’d seen headlines on Philpott in Tesco’s etc., it isn’t the sort of story I’d usually read about, and the first article I read on it was the BBC one reporting Osborne’s response! I was going too much by the Daily Mail in calling Philpott psychotic, especially the children’s graves bit, which may well have been made up. The letter from prison that he wrote doesn’t support it. It shows he’s a fucking arsehole, not that he’s delusional.

  13. Santo Trafficante

    Total number of families on benefits with more than thirteen children = 10.

  14. Coined

    I see the Bitcoin has been doing rather well lately – not that any of you are interested in a decentralised, open source, mostly anonymous currency that can be sent across borders without the involvement of any financial institution or government whatsoever.
    Nah, you wouldn’t want to know about that.

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