Yes indeed our friends in the north are pissed up already.


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  1. Az

    Oh yes indeedy…..

  2. jenny bondage

    Pissed in Wales! Singing in the valleys! Cmon Queen and Tebbit, do the right thing, make it a hat trick. Make our day. Don’t stop when you’re gettin it on!

  3. From an Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) website-

    ‘The Anarchist group, Class War have arranged a mass party and celebration in London’s Trafalgar Square, for the Saturday evening following Thatcher death. No doubt, it will be one of the largest open air parties to be seen within the city of Westminster for many years! In Strabane, county Tyrone, individual members of the Irish Republican Socialist Party have promised to have an open air party, shortly after the news of Thatcher’s death, eventually filters through to the west of the Bann! The current British government have yet to announce if Thatcher will receive the speculated State funeral but no doubt English taxpayers will be very much against throwing away their hard earned money commemorating the death of the old tyrant.’


  4. Deano Poole

    Will be partying hard in Newport later!

  5. The Don

    what a perfect time to be visiting my mammy.of course I’d have me da too but he died at 50 from fucking up his lungs down the pit.off to Rossington Miners Welfare for a pint in a hour!

  6. Ding dong the witch is dead

  7. b

    Every time she spoke, she was using a voice that was much deeper in tone than here real voice. Maybe by an octave. She was trained by a theatrical coach. It’s really hard to imagine what that’s like, talking in a fake voice almost the whole time. Many leading British politicians, if not most, have received some kind of theatrical training, e.g. from RADA. Thatcher’s viciousness against the lower orders, the workers, the unemployed, and claimants, was totally genuine. Any young whippersnappers reading this, though, should remember that we eventually brought the bitch down, in the poll tax riot.

  8. Billy

    The North?!?!…….I can categeorically confirm that I have never seen so many people with a stupid grin on their face on the London Tube- It’s like a f*cking jamboree down here! (how many people are going to call in sick tomorrow?).


  9. Herefordian

    Rest assured there’s celebrations in the wannabe south-west too!

  10. anon

    All join in.

  11. Anonymous

    Indeed a moment I have waited nearly all my life to see!

  12. Hampstead Resident

    Meanwhile, with one eye firmly fixed on his future parliamentary career, Owen Jones is busy telling twitter not to celebrate. Such a nice chap ain’t he? I’ll definitely vote for him.

  13. jenny bondage

    If you want a REAL laugh, just read the FT Thatcher obit…”She transformed the UK economy”

    Just when you thought it was safe to cross the street…

  14. b

    I bet there are some very happy old boys and old girls in old people’s homes and elsewhere tonight! Hopefully some of them will get some partying in! You did it, mateys – the country has gone down the toilet, but you’ve outlived the bitch!

  15. good riddance to the biggest crook to live uncharged in Britain.The milk
    snatcher,a warmonger [Falklands],lining the rich’s pockets with privatization.
    tax cuts, etc.

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