Best night out since the poll tax riot…………

thatcher axe


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    • Alan

      There is a God after all. The wicked witch is dead. Our country would be a lovely place to live in. if it was not for her.

  1. Anonymous

    finally!no more ‘watching from the foreign office’s window’ at remembrance day.

  2. Anonymous

    Anyone dancing in Trafalgar?

  3. Dave

    Way too sombre Ian, you sound like a newsreader!

  4. b

    These good lads and lasses are listing some of the street parties that will be held across the country. Unfortunately, you’ve got to be on Facebook or Twitter to get their info, which I’m not. Is there a list of parties on a website anywhere? I would like to go to one with my family.

  5. Lorca

    was just in my local caff – suddenly a big ribald cheer went up and the waitress ran excitedly into the kitchen to tell all the other staff! might buy a bottle of moet tonight with all that dole money i get!

  6. Tough Love

    Time to crank up the profanity filter.
    It won’t be worth watching TV for the next few days.

  7. at last, apart from the odd tory who will attend the funeral?

  8. Mr Cosypie

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  9. tall chris

    We only needed one cut, Thatchers’ throat!

  10. HK

    Top news! .. hope the rest of the scum follow suit anytime soon!

  11. Vlad the Inhaler

    Sorry, but this ranks nowhere near the grief I felt when my hamster died.
    God rest you, Hammy, wherever you are.

  12. vic surgical

    Oh no! I am fkng heartbroken and on the edge of joining her…. Only the thought of Ed Miliband carrying on her life’s work keeps me from o/ding on the Harpic I keep by my bed.

    Oh, black ties at the BBC, a Guardian sensitive tribute and a Tony Blair sobbing breakdown awaits…Music, I need music!

  13. Anonymous

    08.04.2013 12:47

    not sure who’s organising it but this facbeook group has 5000 folks in it and lists

    People have requested that we include a list of alternative parties/gatherings in city squares around the country… so here they are… Let us now if want something included…

    England – – –
    London – Trafalgar Square
    Bristol -City Centre, opposite the Hippodrome Theatre.
    Brighton – Clock Tower
    Bradford – Centenery Square
    Burry St Edmunds – Chequer Square
    Birmingham – Victoria Square
    Carlisle – Club Victoria
    Coventry – Fountain on the Precinct.
    Cambridge – Mid-Summer Common
    Doncaster – Town Centre (from Hatfield Colliery)
    Falmouth – The Moor
    Hastings (East Sussex), The Town Centre.
    Hull – Queens Gardens
    Liverpool – St Georges Plateau
    Leeds City Square.
    Leicester – Clock Tower
    Luton – St Georges Square
    Manchester – Albert Square
    Oxford – Bonn Square
    Norwich – Forum
    Nottingham – Market Square (something about Sneinton?)
    Newcastle – Monument
    Plymouth – Armada Way The Sun Dial
    Portsmouth – Pompey – Guildhall Square
    Rotherham – All Saints Green (or Orgeave)?
    Sheffield – Devonshire Green
    Sunderland – Stadium of Light (atop Munkwearmouth Pit!)
    York – The Naivesmire
    Worcester – Elgar Statue
    Warrington – Market Gate.

    Scotland – – –
    Edinburgh – The Mound
    Glasgow – George Square
    Dundee – The counting house

    Wales – – –
    Wales – Cardif – City Hall
    Wales – Aberystwyth – ????
    Wales – Swansea – Castle Square

    Northern Ireland – – –

    Republic of Ireland – – –
    Dublin City Centre – Temple Bar

    Thailand – Nong Khai
    Italy – Venice – St Marco
    Spain – Barcelona – Plaza Real – midnight!
    New Zealand – Aotea Square
    Norway – Oslo – National Theatre Station (outside)
    Sweden – Stockholm – Sergels Torg 6 pm saturday after.
    USA – – –
    Denver – Colorado – 16th Street Mall

    12 countries and counting… Lets make it a Global Party!

  14. Greg

    On the positive she was earnest and forthright compared to the devious shuffling creeps round westminster now. Er,, but thats it.
    Divisive, cruel, and left a socio-psychological legacy of selfish ‘I’m alright Jack and fuck everybody else’, that is still abundant today.
    Not only is there a State Funeral in the offing, just to rub millions of peoples faces in it, but the State propaganda machine of the British Broadcasting Corporation in current full flow, with a constant stream of sycophantic tory politicians They are seemingly the only ones allowed to reflect. (Galloway has just tweeted ”tramp the dirt down” )
    Although it can be argued she was a puppet of Crown employees behind the scenes, she managed to cream off millions of state money for herself, racist daughter and feckless son

    • b

      It’s a shame she didn’t get exposed in her lifetime for her personal corruption. Her friend ‘Tiny’ Rowland, the former Nazi, revealed that she got kickbacks from loads of arms deals, all paid to her loanshark, racketeering, mercenary services providing, weapons smuggling son, the Rt Hon Sir Mark.

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  16. grumpy red

    Interesting to see the Grauniad, New Statesman, and even the INdependent have shut their comment sections…while all over are syncophantic lies of ooooh wasn’t she farkoing wonderful, no she was not..Me as a life long hardcore socilist who lived on buses, marched for peace, picketed for miners, and watched it all decency be replaced by farking greed can only say it finally felt like the first day of spring….hope there’s a special hell for her, and I hope she rots there for ever…

  17. Ding dong the witch is dead


  18. From Dublin With Love

    Details of Dublin Party here

  19. Tory tosser

    It is said that Cameron indulged in erotic fantasies over Thatcher when he was young.

  20. Van Helsing

    A stake through the heart! A stake through the heart!

    It must be done tonight I tell you!!

  21. CLASS WAR (London Brigade)

    Good Fucking Riddance, now chuck her down a live volcano as there isn’t an old miners pit deep enough to throw her into.

  22. Ding dong the witch is dead

    Campaign to get DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD to number 1. Start it now.

  23. FUCKING YES! GET IN!!!!!BEST NEWS IN AGES!!! Throw her carcass in the nearest landfill- #nostatefuneral

  24. scherben909

    At last she can reunite with Savile and Pinochet

  25. kentanarchists

    Reblogged this on kent Anarchists.

  26. Anonymous

    Jock Purdon’s Miner’s Tale always comes to mind whenever I hear Thatcher’s name: I’ve said it once, I’ll say it twice and I’ll say it all times mere, I lay the blame for this pit strike at maggie thatcher’s lair.

    She radicalised a generation who loathed her and the tories to death.
    Anyone too young to remember her should listen to New Model Army’s first couple of albums to realise what a destructive affect she had on our country.

  27. b

    Where will they bury her body? They’ll need somewhere with round-the-clock security.

  28. Anonymous

    See you there Ian.

  29. F. Boyle aka Scottish Representative

    The price of a state funeral…

    For 3 million you could give everyone in Scotland a shovel, and we could dig a hole so deep we could hand her over to Satan in person

    OR realistically she’ll be buried at the bottom of a man-made lake by the number of people queuing up to relievingly ‘water’ her grave.

  30. Dear Death, there are still a lot of rich people out there…

  31. maria

    I felt sheer euphoria, relief and danced in the street when I heard.

  32. Evening all

    Let the good times roll….

  33. Wonderful news. The evil old fucker has finally snuffed it.

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  35. herbivacious

    the kindest words we could muster
    We paid our taxes to build our roads, complete with tunnels to save the toads.
    We paid in full so trains would run, for cargo, commuters, and days in the sun.
    We stumped up brass so we`d have gas, to warm our elders till winters pass.
    When folk were afraid to walk at night, we gave our dues for electric light.
    We gave our lives for the good of our nation, in return for health and free education.
    Up jumps Maggie all smiles hair and teeth, but behind the persona a treasonous thief.
    She stole milk from our children, sold our gas to Sid.
    Maggie Thatcher milk snatcher, sold to the highest bid.
    After selling our water the tyrant whore.
    With Ronnie in hand gathered weapons of war.
    The saughter of men, her hands were unclean.
    Sipping Bacardi while the boys were at Goose Green.
    So don`t shed a tear or care for her passing for the rest of her kind need fucking gassing.

    Peace, man.

  36. During these days of savage cuts, the hypocrisy of splashing out on a state funeral is astounding. The old bag herself was all for private contract tendering, so why not open it up for bids? I have an old Astra Estate and with the back seats down, the coffin should at a pinch fit. Should they want an open top job, there’s a roof rack with a couple of bungees.

    £50 plus all the vol au vents I can eat at the reception afterwards.

  37. The Shadow Speaks!

    What gets me with the last 24 hours is the view that this was all the fault of one malicious individual – a woman too! – and if we are rid of her we are rid of all our problems, so we can appear in public for a few hours and show our jubilation like naughty children in the fridge when their mum’s gone to the shops. It’s all a bit like the fall of Saddam, without the use of shoes.

    But that’s not what happened. This is about something much more complex – failure of Keynesianism, breakdown of post-war consensus, seduction of working class as property-owning consumers, the failure of the Labour Party to spot any of this – what Jacques and Hall called the “Great Moving Right Show”, where no-one with any profile or substance calls for the renationalisation of utilities etc because that’s off the “sensible” agenda now. And what Cameron and Gideon are doing is going places that even Thatcher would have hesitated to rush in, so the right wing of the Tory party are as much in power now as they were in 1979, with maybe even more catastrophic effect. I don’t remember food banks in the 80s.

    So I think the time for real celebration will be when a real mass party with serious electoral (or other) power has these things back on the agenda (with a few extras like destruction of the aristocracy for good measure), and the Thatcherites across the spectrum are hiding in foxholes in the shires.

    If anyone can tell me that these things are all just round the corner then I’ll feel like celebrating.

    Only saying….

    • ramon mercader's favourite axe

      Shadow, there’s a lot to agree with there. But the problem with mass political parties is that they’re never democratic. They’re always run by and on behalf of an elite political class. People like Tony Benn, Ken Livingstone, Owen Jones etc. always become part of the problem, not the solution. If we want to establish any meaningful change to our lives we will need to form democratic organisations which are run by the people who are in them. Obviously this is easier said than done. The people that depend upon a wage for a living in this country are completely fragmented culturally, socially and economically. Most people don’t join a union or vote in elections, or even bother with politics because they know it’s a waste of their time and their money. So there’s very little opportunity for people to develop an awareness of class politics or a sense of togetherness or of solidarity with people that have the same interests as them. I know it’s not a very fashionable idea (in fact it’s heresy) but I think we should be using existing organisations such as the Labour Party as a vehicle for meeting people, discussing common ground and helping to radicalise them through proper class struggle and class struggle politics. You can’t build a revolutionary movement without any people. ALARM found that out pretty fucking quick. So I wouldn’t harbour any ‘revolutionary guilt’ about establishing links with non-revolutionary organisations with a view to promoting class struggle, solidarity and libertarian socialist ideas. Back on topic, the parties to celebrate Thatcher’s death are a fantastic opportunity to do exactly what I’ve just been talking about. So go to one, or organise one of your own.

  38. Texted gag doing the rounds:

    “Thatcher has only been in hell for 20 minutes, and she has already shut down 20 furnaces”.

  39. ...---...

    I distinctly remember that poster, and the ’15 year stretch’ one with the hanging, going up in Northerntown where I live.
    Very eye catching, would like to see more TBH, there’s no spice on the streets.
    Cameron riddled with bullet holes would be good.

  40. ...---...

    Now she’ll be reunited with Jimmy and Augusto in the hot place – they can really woop it up now!

  41. Patrick Magee

    Gotcha! 🙂

  42. Pwhisto

    I wish I had the heart to ‘Rejoice!’ at her death, like I promised my workmates I would do, but she kept on living till after I’d retired, so now I can’t afford to buy drinks for everybody in the boozer, sorry.

    If only she’d died in the 80s, or been kicked out then, ‘Thatcherism’ might have died with Thatcher. John Major came along and tried to continue in her devilish work, failed, then handed over to Tony B Liar, the most right-wing ‘Labour’ prime minister ever. He wasted the best opportunity for a fair society since Attlee.

    Britain had had consensus politics ever since WWII: Attlee had built upon our staunch wartime co-operative spirit and established democratic socialism, which Tories didn’t try to demolish completely, not until Thatch.

    She legitimised small-minded, selfish greed, demonised all egalitarianism, turned many of our people on to a ‘greed is good’ mantra. Those needing help were ‘lame ducks’ unworthy of pity, whether homeless people or struggling industries. No such thing as society? No, not when she’d divided the nation as she did. Muck used to be brass, in the days when industry underpinned the great British Empire, but blue-rinse lower middle-class Tories like Thatch loath workers, so they didn’t mind the decimation of our traditional industries. Besides, the bankers will create all our wealth, she believed: see how well that’s worked?

    If they’d ever found Hitler’s grave, we could’ve danced on it; but it wouldn’t have undone the holocaust. So I’m glad Thatcher has died; I loathed her absolutely, but it’s too late. When I look around my country now, the land she laid waste, I don’t feel like partying — I want to weep.

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