Dame opportunity beckons….

‘I work for ITV Daybreak and we would like to speak to you about the
planned party to celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s death, due to take
place in Trafalgar Square on Saturday evening.

On Friday morning’s programme Daybreak will be looking ahead to the
party and we would like to talk to you about your views on it.’

Don’t fret comrades I ain’t doing either – how could I beat the high of Jonathon Ross?
If anyone fancies doing either I can forward them your details.


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  1. Owen Jones Jnr.

    I’d love to do it because I know unwashed rage and mass hatred is a VERY VERY BAD thing (think Paris Commune) and just upsets decent aspirational families who might one day tick Labour. With no illusions and of course the immediate nationalisation of the top forty monopolies, off shore hedge funds, Waitrose…and Dame Shirley Williams.

  2. I think you should’ve agreed, but only on condition that the interview would be conducted at the Ritz, while you jumped up and down on Thatcher’s actual deathbed…

  3. Dora Kaplan

    “Daybreak will be looking ahead to the party…we would like to talk to you about your views on it.’ Me arse. They would like to hammer you for ten minutes and then give you one and a half seconds to respond.

    Mind you, we’ll all be less than ecstatic when Tommy Sheridan turns up for the gig instead.

  4. Duncan

    Can’t believe you turned this down Ian! There was a bit on you in the Daily Mail as well.

  5. Greg

    Meanwhile Ding Dong the Witch is Dead is No 2 in Capital Radio Charts.

    However they have removed it, and are refusing to play it -kind of ironic as a couple of weeks ago they were bemoaning the fact that the Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen was censored and not played in 1977…

    • I read that ‘ding dong’ is number one nationally and on Amazon!?…Have to say that Capital’s hypocricy is a prime example of middle class duplicity- not unlike Ed ‘forked-tongue’ Miliband-Arselicker praising the Great Satan herself.

      • Greg

        No 10 nationally, No 1 on Amazon, and No2 on Crapital. Odds have been slashed on being No1 nationally by next weds

        Oh for the old days of TOTP then we could have had her mate Jimmy Saville announcing it as No 1 on the BBC

  6. with an ego as big as yours ian im suprised you turned them down.should have done the mathew wright un…….i recken you would get a fair hearing on there…………he,s some kind of hawkwind fan and ex stone henge festi attende.

  7. Peter Good

    TV studios are not healthy places.

    Much more productive to invite them to attend a strategy meeting in Trafalgar Square itself. A back drop of a few guys poring over charts and pointing with measuring sticks.

    Make a pitch for “responsivle rioting”. Be polite to policemen. A best chant competition. Clear up litter as you go. Be tolerant towards the media – their job is to undermine morale. A plea for some “style”: bricks with ribbons, canapes to share, suntan lotions are recommended (high temperatures forecast for the weekend). As celebrants will be on extensive CCTv make an effort to look your best.

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