1. They don’t know how to celebrate – much prefer victimhood whining.
2. They don’t do anger – much prefer ideas.
3. They like the idea of the working class as an agent for social change – but they don’t like actual working class people.
4. They wouldn’t sell any papers.
5. Won’t do anything to upset Ed so near to a great Labour victory – on a socialist programme comrades
6. Owen Jones doesn’t think class hatred is big or clever
9. Must preserve the leadership from an unnecessary massacre.
10.Nobody told them.
11. They don’t do funny.
12. ‘My boss might see me’
13. John Rees was giving a talk on ‘ How the million march stopped the Iraq war’
14. Oh I can’t be arsed….. that’ll do


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  1. tony cliff top-railway

    Richard Seymour was still working on his major Guardian article….”No tubes to Trafalgar, The enigma of Neo Thatcherism in a fractured post Blair conservative consensus conjuncture.” (1000 words by Monday or else)

  2. Tomc

    All of the above

  3. Too divisive a decision, it might have caused a split.

  4. b

    They just don’t get it: the real consciousness in the minds of real working class people of where we really are, and our anger about that. (Thatcher did get it, though. This may be why her carcass will – ostensibly anyway – ge cremated.)

  5. paul s

    Problem with this Ian, is that we were. You had a nice chat with 2 of us at the Chandos, before the events, remember thtat laugh we had about the bloke askng about ‘THE sQUARE?’. Oh, how we laughed, anyhow, be sure you’re be glad to know we sold about 250 Socialist Workers, on the night. The special proved popular, cheers!

    • b

      I’m for unity of all left-wing, anarchist, ultra-left etc. Thatcher haters -because this is down to earth, real, and aware – so…nice one, Paul S! (Well, apart from the paper-selling 😉 )

  6. kentanarchists

    Reblogged this on kent Anarchists and commented:
    A great day! But was too Working Class for the modern day Middle Class Lefties! LOL

  7. Giles rupert Bronstein

    I saw two rather shifty looking sparts there as well, did they realise that they were being contaminated on all sides by petit bourgeios anarchos ?

  8. Dora Kaplan

    It’s harder to organize a ‘cadre cover up’ when you sexually assault someone in public. That’s enough to keep the big players at bay. Talking of which, Prof Callinicos is now facing an international ban on all away fixtures. Amusing letter below:


    Dear Organizing Committee,

    I was very surprised to receive your communication. You ask me ‘to withdraw [my] decision to attend’. But I only made that decision in response to an invitation to participate in your conference. So what you are in fact doing is withdrawing your invitation, as is indicated by the fact that you have already deleted me from the conference programme. I think you should take full responsibility for the decision you are actually taking.

    I understand of course how important the issue of rape and sexual violence is in India, especially after last December’s gang rape and murder in Delhi. It is also a very important question in Britain, and for me personally, as it is for the Socialist Workers Party. We are strongly committed to women’s liberation. We took the rape allegations against a leading member extremely seriously; the controversy over how the party handled these allegations is indicative of that seriousness. The special conference that we recently held to resolve this controversy has set up a committee to review our procedures, and we intend to use this to reinforce our efforts to combat the oppression of women.

    It is not for me to judge how grave the danger of disruption to your conference is. But an appeal circulated by an academic at JNU does not reflect well intellectually or morally on those agitating against my presence at the conference. This document is a farrago of nonsense that treats allegations as proven fact, cites tendentious opinion pieces as ‘reports’, and includes the laughable assertion that ‘the journal Historical Materialism is allied, and … is known to be principally operated by Socialist Workers Party members and supporters’.

    Since this is a conference sponsored by Historical Materialism, let me remind you that I am a longstanding supporter of the journal and, along with Marxist intellectuals of many political tendencies, a member of its International Advisory Board. I have tried to support HM’s development both in Britain and internationally. Your decision damages HM’s commitment to promote Marxist theoretical development independently of organized political alignments.

    So I regret your decision – not just for this reason, but also because I value my long-standing connections with the Marxist intellectual left in India. In taking this decision, based directly or indirectly on interested misrepresentations of debates inside the SWP, you run the risk of compromising your own intellectual and political integrity.

    This is to say nothing of the personal inconvenience and expense you are exposing me to by withdrawing your invitation a week after you had circulated a programme that included me as chairing one session and speaking at another, and barely a week before I was due to fly to India. This is quite unacceptable in what is meant to be an academic conference, and it is also not how socialists should behave towards one another.

    In comradeship,
    Alex Callinicos

  9. arranjames

    14. Alex Callinicos considers celebrations a waste of valuable time that one could be sifting through statistical information on the production of material goods between the years X and Y

  10. Anonymous

    Ahhh !! Wanted a jolly in India -they’re a bit sensitive towards apologists for rape at the moment

  11. proletarian

    Shud’ve tossed her into the sea along with her mate Bin Liner.

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